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The Valentine Ghost

Mr. Fuzzy Bear of Animalville was a mixed-up, fuzzy-minded sort of bear who had a very short memory. But he was so good that his friends loved him anyway.

One afternoon Mr. Fuzzy Bear looked at his calendar. It was February 14th. "Hmmm," he thought. "February 14th is a very special day. I can feel it in my bones. But I can't remember why it's a special day!"

Mr. Fuzzy Bear sat down and began to think. He hoped he could remember soon because the day was almost over. If he were going to celebrate, he would have to hurry. "Let me see," he said, "today isn't Christmas because I haven't seen any Christmas trees around Animalville lately. No, it can't be that. And February 14th isn't Easter," he decided, "because Easter Bunny didn't leave any eggs here this morning."

Then he cried, "I have it! February 14th is Halloween! I'm so glad I remembered because I still have time to put on a costume and visit my friends!"

Mr. Fuzzy Bear hurried to fix himself a quick supper of corn pudding and honeycomb. Then he tried to find a Halloween costume. But he couldn't locate his witch hat and he had grown too plump for his skeleton suit, so he decided to wear a big white sheet and be a ghost.

Chuckling with glee, Mr. Fuzzy Bear cut two holes in a sheet and painted eyes on it with burnt cork. Then he wrapped himself in it and tiptoed out the front door just as the moon peeked over the hill.

"Oh, my!" he giggled. "This is a dandy costume. It is a bit scary, but when my friends find out it's only me, they will have a good laugh!"

He hurried down Peppercorn Lane to Granny Porcupine's house. It was a cold, crisp night. He began to shiver. "Brrrr, I can't remember a chillier Halloween!" he said.

There were no lights at Granny Porcupine's house, but he knocked at the door anyway. After seven knocks, he decided that she must be out Halloweening too. "I hope that Granny wore something warmer than a sheet," he said, "or she will catch her death of cold."

Mr. Fuzzy Bear hurried on down the lane to Paddy Opossum's house. Paddy was not home either. He stopped to see Mrs. Thump-Bunny, Dr. Raccoon, Mr. Slow Turtle, and Freddy Fox. None of them were home.

Mr. Fuzzy Bear began to feel very sad and lonely. "They're all having a Halloween party somewhere," he sniffed, "and I wasn't invited." Two large tears trickled down the sheet, smearing the burnt cork eyes. "Well," he sighed, "I'll try Aunt Susie Squirrel's house, and if she's not there, I'll go home."

Much to his delight, there were lights at Aunt Susie's house. But through the window he saw all his friends sitting in Aunt Susie's parlor. They were wearing their Sunday clothes.

"They are having a party," he thought, "But why are they wearing their best clothes? They ought to have on witch costumes and skeleton suits and such." He was so curious that he decided to knock on the door, even though he wasn't invited to the party.

Aunt Susie opened the door. "A Ghost!" she squealed.

Screaming with fright, Aunt Susie Squirrel's guests hid behind chairs, under tables, and inside closets.

Mr. Fuzzy Bear stepped into the parlor. "Don't be frightened," he said as he tore off his sheet. "It's just me!"

Slowly the guests came from their hiding places. Aunt Susie Squirrel frowned. "You shouldn't go around scaring your friends like this, Mr. Fuzzy Bear," she scolded.

"But it's quite proper to be spooky on February 14th," he said. "It's Halloween, you know!"

"Halloween!" chuckled Dr. Raccoon. "What a funny mixed-up bear you are! February 14th is Valentine Day!"

"Valentine Day? Why, I believe you're right. So it is," said Mr. Fuzzy Bear, smiling sheepishly. "How could I have made such a mistake?"

"It seems quite easy for you to make mistakes," laughed Aunt Susie, "but didn't you receive your invitation to my party?"

Mr. Fuzzy Bear hung his head. "I forgot to look in my mailbox."

Everyone laughed and laughed. Mr. Fuzzy Bear was laughing hardest of all. He was glad that he had such fine, understanding friends.

Aunt Susie asked Mr. Fuzzy Bear to join the party. They played "Mail the Valentine," and "Who's Got the Heart?" Later, there were strawberry tarts and pink lemonade for refreshments.

"This has been such a nice February 14th," said Mr. Fuzzy Bear. "There is just one thing that makes me sad though. I forgot to give you valentines."

"Think nothing of it," said Paddy Opossum. "You have given us something to laugh and talk about for years to come."

"That's right," said someone else. "We'll always remember when a ghost came to our Valentine party!"

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