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Dear Parents,

Childhood memories are very special to all of us...
I know that one of my favorite memories was receiving mail of my own!

Tommy Turkey Notes are sent by postal mail instead of email.
They are personalized with your child's name, friends' names,
where they live, etc. Also included in the envelope are stickers, a certificate and
a coloring page for even more fun!!

You have two options to pay:

(1.) PayPal- easy application to fill out from PayPal

(2.) Check or Money order for $8.50.
I will have to receive the check or money order before your order can be processed!

**Special Note: Only US and Canadian addresses!!**

The cost for the letter is only $8.50 with everything included!
(Tommy Turkey Note, stickers, certificate and coloring page)

Look at the examples below and then if you like what you see,
use the easy SUBMISSION FORM to start your order.

Tommy Turkey Note Examples:
Click to see original size

**Note: Look at the letters, find the one you like and remember its number so that you can put the number on your submission form. Any of the children's pictures may be placed on your letter. You choose the child's picture on the submission form.

Tommy Turkey Note 1
Tommy Turkey Note 2

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