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Submit your rain ideas!!


  1. The Rain Cloud
    One sunny, summer morning
    (Make big circle overhead for sun)
    A fluffy cloud sailed by.
    (Make waving motion with hands)
    When all at once he saw a field
    (Shade eyes, look down)
    That really did look dry.
    "All out!" he cried, "There's work to do."
    (Cup hand to mouth)
    And stopped right in the sky.
    (Stand still)
    A million raindrop passengers
    (Make rain motion with fingers)
    Jumped out and called, "Good-bye!"
    (Cup hand to mouth, call upward)

  2. Rainy
    (Sung to tune "Bingo")
    There was a day when we got wet
    and rainy was the weather
    R-A-I-N-Y R-A-I-N-Y R-A-I-N-Y
    And rainy was the weather.

    Repeat each verse eliminating a letter and substituting it with a clap until the last chorus is all claps to the same beat.

  3. Little Raindrop
    This is the sun, high up in the sky,
    (Hold hands in circle above head)
    A dark cloud suddenly comes sailing by.
    (Slide hands to side)
    These are the raindrops.
    (Make raining motion with fingers)
    Pitter patter down.
    Watering the flowers,
    (Pouring motion)
    Growing on the ground.
    (Hands pat the ground)

  4. Thunderstorm
    Boom, bang, boom, bang!
    (Clap hands)
    Rumpety, lumpety, bump!
    (Stomp feet)
    Zoom, zam, zoom, zam!
    (Swish hands together)
    Rustles and bustles
    (Pat thighs)
    What wonderful noises
    A thunderstorm brings.

  5. Rhyme
    I like to see a thunderstorm,
    A dunder storm,
    A blunder storm,
    I like to see it, black and slow,
    Come tumbling down the hills.

    I like to hear a thunderstorm,
    A plunder storm,
    A wonder storm,
    Roar loudly at our little house
    And shake the window sills!

    ~Elizabeth Coatsworth~

  6. This great quiet-down activity sent in by Angela. Thanks, Angela!

    Rain Storm - A great quiet down activity for a group!

    Have children sit facing you on chairs - hands on laps, feet on floor. Lead the group in creating the sounds of a rain storm. Begin with total silence.
    1. The rain storm begins with drizzle made by rubbing hands together, palms and fingers flat, back and forth slowly, then faster.
    2. Big rain drops begin to fall, made by snapping your fingers slowly, then faster.
    3. The rain begins to pour down heavily, made by quickly patting lap with hands, faster, then faster.
    4. The rain is REALLY pouring down now as you add to your lap pounding, feet stamping on the floor. Just hear that rain pouring down!!
    5. Count to three, and have everyone CLAP all together, then immediately resume lap slapping/ feet pounding - LIGHTNING! (The kids like to do at least a couple of clapped lightings).
    6. The storm begins to lessen as feet stop pounding.
    7. It lessens more as hands stop lap slapping, and fingers begin to snap again.
    8. Fingers slow their snapping, then begin "drizzle" again.
    9. Followed by everyone stopping with total silence.
    Whew! The rain storm is over (and all the wiggles are out!) :)

  7. If I Were Rain
    If I were rain falling from the sky,
    I'd be like a tear falling from the eye,
    And after that I'd make a rainbow,
    Where on the other side would be a pot o' gold.
    The rainclouds would of bore me like a newborn child,
    I fall and fall while my friends and family made puddles on the ground,
    Where all raindrops are bound.

  8. Falling Rain
    Rain Rain Falling Down
    Gently splashing on the ground.
    Makes a puddle deep and wet
    soaked all over I love to get!
    In the rain I float a boat,
    But I won't forget to take my coat!
    To play in the rain there's no set age I'm told,
    you can't be too little, to young, or to old.
    So let's go have some fun with me and with you,
    let's play in the rain yes that's what we'll do!
    Submitted by D'Laynie--thanks!

  9. Rain Song
    The water goes up and the water goes down,
    And we hear the raindrops all around,
    its raining, its raining,
    its raining raindrops,
    all around.

    The sunlight heats the water,
    which rises in the air,
    The higher up it travels,
    The cooler is the air,

    The droplets come together,
    to form a cloud you see,
    and all at once its raining,
    down on you and me
    Submitted by Reve--thanks!


  1. Waxed Paper Rainbows
    Cut wax paper in the shape of a large rainbow. Then prepare red, yellow, green and blue crayon shavings. The kids love to do this, using craft sticks to shave the crayons. Sprinkle crayon shavings on one sheet of wax paper. Place another sheet on top of the sheet with sprinkled crayons. The teacher then places a linen towel over the top of the waxed paper sheets. A warm iron should be applied to meet the two pieces together. Cool and attach a string. Hang from the window.

  2. Rainbow Mobiles
    Precut rainbow arcs. Children can now paste styrofoam packing pieces. Next paint the pieces. Display the mobiles by hanging from ceiling.

  3. Rain Drop Splatter Pictures

    Bobbi submitted this great art idea----Thanks, Bobbi!

    Provide children with a black piece of paper and pastel chalk. Let them draw all over the paper. Take the picture out in the rain and let the rain splatter all over their picture. The chalk will get wet and blend.

  4. Rice Rainbows


  1. Rainbow Fruits
    Serve a different colored snack each day. Let them correspond to the colors of the rainbow.

    *lemon finger gelatin
    *blueberries added to yogurt
    *grape juice
    *grapes or blackberries
    *lettuce salad

  2. Make rainbow jello. You will need as many colors as are in the rainbow: red (strawberry), orange (orange), yellow (lemon), green (lime), blue (blueberry), indigo, violet. Make in 9"x12" pan and let each layer congeal before adding another. This could be done in small plastic cups with the children. Just let them add the jello liquid to cup, congeal, and do another layer the next day.


  1. Classroom Clouds
    You will need a 2 qt. glass bottle with a narrow neck (empty apple juice bottles are good); hot, soapy water and a match (to be used only by the teacher, of course!).

    Wash the mouth of the bottle with soapy water. Dry the mouth off, then hold upside down. An adult should then hold a lit match inside the mouth of the bottle for about five seconds. Remove the match and wait a minute or two to let the bottle cool. Then invite a student volunteer to cover the bottle opening with his or her mouth, and try to blow air into the bottle. Then take his mouth away from the bottle. What's happening inside the bottle? How do you think the cloud formed? Encourage discussion.

  2. Rain Gauge
    A rain gauge measures the amount of rain that falls in a certain area. To make a rain gauge you will need:
    a see-through glass or plastic jar with a wide mouth
    a ruler
    a waterproof marker

    Use the ruler to mark the side of the jar. Put a mark one inch from the bottom, another at two inches, another at three inches, and so on, up to the top of the jar. Place the jar outdoors in an area where it will be able to catch rain, but where it will be safe from being knocked over. Write down observations.

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