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Activities for My Family

Submit your All About Me ideas!!

  1. Role Playing- Divide the class into groups. Act out and discuss scenes from family life. Examples: whole family raking leaves, family members doing individual chores, etc.

  2. Sets of family members- Have old magazines, scissors, glue and several sheets of mural paper. Draw lines on paper to divide each sheet into squares. Discuss meaning of a set. Have each child find a picture of a family in the magazine. Cut and glue to their individual square. Count the number of family members and write the numeral in the square. Share with class.

  3. Family Home Bulletin Board- Use house template for each child. Fold piece of construction paper and place template dotted lines on fold. Trace around template and cut out. Decorate front with windows, door, etc. Let children draw their family inside. Or write a few sentences or a poem about their own family. These make a great bulletin board. Have children bring in snapshots of their families. Arrange beside houses. Have a picture of the school in the center, with yarn connecting school and the families. "We Are Family" would be a good title for bulletin board display.

  4. Family Sharing Time- Ask parents to send two items for each member of their family--one to represent hobby and one to represent occupation. Use these for the child to tell about his mother, father, brother, etc. in sharing time. This could be done several times during family unit, ex. when talking about mothers, bring out the items sent about mother, etc.

  5. Family Visits- Parents could come in and tell about their occupations or interesting hobbies. This could be done individually or have a "Family Day" at school with refreshments.

  6. Family Collage- Cut pictures of people from magazines. Have the children paste them on sheets of paper to make a collage.

  7. Family Sounds- Tape different sounds from around the house that families hear daily such as a crying baby, brushing teeth, telephone ringing, doorbell ringing, toilet flushing, water running, electric shaver, alarm clock, etc. Play the tape and let children identify sounds.

  8. Family Trees- Make a family forest. Cover a wall with butcher paper. Cut out a paper tree trunk for each child. Glue the trunks on the paper. Let children cut out leaves for each family member, including grandparents. Draw or paste a photograph of each family member on individual leaves and then glue on the tree.

  9. Carolyn sent me this great idea! Thanks, Carolyn!

    As an introduction to "Time Lines" in Social Studies have students list at least six major events in their life and use these events to create a Time Line using the timeline generator at

  10. Maria sent in this great idea for an activity with "When I Grow Up..." Thanks, Maria!

    There should be a box provided to draw a picture. Small hats, and acessories of different careers will be provided as cut outs to help childen imagine aand draw.

  11. Heather writes, "For young children, tracing their hand and foot is fun. The parents especially like it because they love keepsakes of their children when they were young." Thanks, Heather.

  12. Treasure Box

    Decorate a shoe box. I covered the box with fancy paper and added lace to the cover and a heart. Every week (on Monday) a child took the box home in a special gift bag. The child had 4 days to fill the box with items about himself or his family ex. pictures of where they went as a family, a favorite tape, book or t-shirt, something from a favorite sport, one item from a collection of the child's, a favorite toy, friends from his/her neighborhood, etc. The child returns the box on Friday and then we all listen to the favorite items.

    This box can also be used by the child to share items about his family and this will help to promote deversity especially if the children in your care are of different ethnic backgrounds.

    Idea submitted by: Barbara. Thanks!

  13. Who is it All About?'

    Purchase a tri-fold bulletin board. Cover the back with color paper of your choice. Purchase borders of children. In the center, create a large room decor that states "Who is it All About" with a female child holding one side and a male chid the other. Have the childen bing a potrait from home of them with parental consent of course. The children will go through a concepy book ad create why it is all about them. Once completed the children will then tell why and place their picture on the bulletin board. Throughout the board each child will pre create a picture of why and place it somewhere on the board.

    Idea submitted by Jamaica B. Thanks!

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