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Turkey Art


Using a white piece of paper and crayons, trace around one hand of the child. Enclose the space left by the wrist and add legs. Draw wattle, beak, and eyes on the thumb (head). Color the feathers (fingers).


Collect one-half pint milk cartons for each child, rinse and dry. For a tall, thin milk carton, cut 10" x 2-3/4" piece for the walls, and a 5" x 2-3/4" piece for the roof from manila paper. For a short, fat milk carton, the wall piece will be 12" x 2", and the roof piece will be 6" x 3". Draw lines for planks on the wall piece. Cut out the wall piece and glue to the milk carton. Fold the roof piece in half and place over the top of the carton and staple in place. For a thatched roof, add pine straw, toothpicks, or pieces of straw cut from an old broom. Use crayons to add windows and doors.


Cut a circle from tagboard for the turkey body and paint it brown. When dry, glue a turkey head cutout on the circle. Using wooden clothespins, paint each one a different color (you will need about 6). When the paint is dry, clip the clothespins on the turkey body, resembling feathers. Tape two popsicle sticks onto the back of the body to make the legs.


Use craft glue to attach colorful feathers to a juice can lid. Glue popsicle stick halves to the underside of the lid for legs. Glue a turkey head cutout to the lid and add wiggly eyes. Attach self-adhesive magnet strips to the back.


Here is an art project I like doing with my prekindergardners. We make handprint turkeys. I paint their palm and thumb brown. Then I paint each finger a different color. We press their hand on a piece of paper. Then we add a beak, gobbler, eye ( a wiggly glue on eye is great), and feet. This makes a cute front page for a card.
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