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Poems and Songs

Submit your Thanksgiving poems and songs here! Because of the tremendous amounts of email I receive, I cannot respond to all of them. If you send me a poem, please check back here in a couple of days to see your poem posted! I am totally amazed at the wonderful poems that have been sent to me. And most of them are written by young people! Such amazing talent! Please include your age and first name with the poem. Thanks and keep sending them in!

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Thanksgiving Day will soon be here
It comes around but once a year
If I could only have my way,
We'd have Thanksgiving every day.

Here's a song that Amanda contributed! See what she has to say:

We have taught this to our young 2's. They seem to like it and have even started to sing it with us (as much as young 2's will).
All it is, is repeating 3 times:

Thanksgiving Day is a happy day so we say thank you God.

another version is:
Thanksgiving day is a happy day so give thanks to God.

I know it sound so short but most holiday songs are just to hard for real young children.
Thanks, Amanda!


Turkey in the barnyard, what does he say?
Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble all day.
Turkey on the table, what do I say?
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy all day.
Turkey in my tummy, what do I say?
I ate too much on Thanksgiving Day!


I am a big, fat turkey
You can't have my head.
I'll sit with you at dinner.
We'll eat a duck instead!

Kat says, "Lol! Long time ago my step-father shot a big duck so we had it instead of turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. I should say we better keep old tradition for turkey not a duck cuz it is once a year. I dont dare to have a live turkey to be killed for food. haha!"

Country Gal says, "I rather eat chicken :-)"

Sherry sent this idea along the same lines. Thanks, Sherry!

Read Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey. After discussing the turkeys point of view, brainstorm alternatives to eating turkey on Thanksgiving. Give each student a turkey outline and a paper sign attached to a craft stick. The sign will read Eat more _____ Students then write and illustrate their alternative food.


Mmmmmm Good!

~Mary Ann Morgan~


Five fat turkeys were sitting on a fence.
(One hand up)
The first one said, "I'm so immense."
(Point to thumb)
The second one said, "I can gobble at you."
(Pointer finger)
The third one said, "I can gobble, too."
(Middle finger)
The fourth one said, "I can spread my tail."
(Ring finger)
The fifth one said, "Don't catch it on a nail."
(Little finger)
A farmer came along and stopped to say
(Pointer of other hand)
"Turkeys look best on Thanksgiving Day."

This poem was sent in my Sharon! Thanks!

**Note from me** When I taught kindergarten, we sang this poem but I can't remember the tune right now! :)

Five fat turkeys are we. We slept all night in a tree. When the cook came around, we couldn't be found...and that's why we're here, you see!

**Note from Jamie:
I remember sings the Five fat turkeys are we song as a kid. We sang it to the tune of Three Blind Mice.
Thanks, Jamie

The following songs were sent to me by Laurie. Thanks so much, Laurie!

Albuquerque Turkey
(Sung to Clementine)

Albuquerque hes my turkey
Oh hes feathered and hes fine
He wobbles and he gobbles
And Im awfully glad hes mine.
Hes the best pet
You could ever get.
Better than a dog or cat.
Albuquerque hes my turkey
And Im awfully glad of that.
Albuquerque hes my turkey
Hes so cozy in his bed
Because for Thanksgiving dinner
We had scrambled eggs instead.

Turkey, Turkey
(Sung to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Turkey, Turkey look at you
Please be careful what you do.
Thanksgiving day is almost here.
We eat turkey every year.
Go and hide out in the woods.
Well eat pizza like we should.

Im Glad Im Not a Turkey
(Sung to Thank You Mr. Busdriver, I can't think of the real song)

Oh, Im glad Im not a turkey
A turkey, a turkey
Oh, Im glad Im not a turkey
On Thanksgiving Day
Theyll stuff you and baste you
And then they will taste you.
Oh, Im glad Im not a turkey
On Thanksgiving Day

Mr. Turkey
(Sung to Are You Sleeping)

Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey
Nice and fat, nice and fat
I am going to eat you
I am going to eat you
Just like that.
Just like that.

One Fat Turkey

One fat turkey went strutting by
He shook his feathers and he winked his eye
He flapped his wings and his head gave a wobble
He looked and my and said, Gobble, gobble, gobble.

Turkey Gobble

When the turkey gobble gobbles,
It is plump and proud and perky
When the people gobble gobble
They are gobbling up the turkey

sent in by Jennifer--thanks!

The following poem was sent to me by Sara, age 13. Great poem, Sara! Thanks for letting me publish it!

Thanksgiving Morning

As I open my eyes in the early morning,
The sun shines through the window.
The smell of baking turkey fills the air.

I put on my slippers and crawl out of bed.
After opening my door, I see my mom in the kitchen.
I come out of my room and help to prepare.

Later on we all sit down at the table,
My family, friends, and me.
After saying Grace, we all pile food on our plates.

The last of the dirty dishes are washed,
And the left-overs are put in the fridge.
Everyone is so full; our Thanksgiving dinner was great!

Mary submitted these poems--thanks, Mary!

Thanksgiving Prayer
by Susan D. Anderson

I'm thankful for my mother, and
I'm thankful for my dad.
I'm thankful for my sisters, and
for all the fun we've had.
I'm thankful for my brother, Tom,
(even when he's jerky.)
But most of all, I'm oh-so-thankful
not to be a turkey.

A Thanksgiving Dinner
by Maude M. Grant

Take a turkey, stuff it fat,
Some of this and some of that.
Get some turnips, peel them well.
Cook a big squash in its shell.

Now potatoes, big and white,
Mash till they are soft and light.
Cranberries, so tart and sweet,
With the turkey we must eat.

Pickles-yes-and-then, oh my!
For a dessert a pumpkin pie,
Golden brown and spicy sweet.
What a fine Thanksgiving treat!

Five Turkeys

Five big turkeys sitting on the gate.
The first one said, "It's getting late."
The second one said, "Who goes there"?
The third one said, "There are farmers everywhere."
The fourth one said, "Let's run, run, run."
The fifth one said, "It's just Thanksgiving fun."

Then Gobble Gobble went the wind.
And out went the lights.
And the five fat turkeys were out of sight.

He's big and fat and he gobble, gobble, gobbles.
He spreads his wings and he gobble, gobble, gobbles.
But when Thankgiving Day comes around....
It's my turn, to gobble, gobble, gobble!


I am an American Turkey,
Of Red ,White and Blue.
My gobble is very happy,
And I am so thankful too.
Because I am an American
There is something I have to say.
Have chicken instead of me,
On your Thanksgiving Day.

Submitted by Dorothy--thanks!

Sung to the tune of "Are you sleeping?"

Turkey dinner, turkey dinner
Lots of food, lots of food
Come and get some turkey
Yummy yummy turkey
Pass the yams
Pass the yams

Submitted by Chloe--thanks!

I am thankful for...: I am thankful for family and friends
The love and care
That delicious turkey for all to share
Would you dare?
Joining a day with all my family
Lifting the oven door to take out the turkey
will i get to eat it?
My family agrees
That it will be a yes
But i have to clean up the mess..?!


On Thanksgiving you'll find me where there is mountains of turkery and pie, sweet yams and potatoes piled high to the sky. Football being watched, football being played and long Christmas wish lists being made. Grandmas sneaking tastes of cool whip to her favorite grandkids, and dishes to be done less work to the highest bids. And surely you'll find me with the ones I love most. Talking and yes, eating and making a toast. To this meal To this day To the years yet to come. To my family and friends and to all of the fun. And of course to you my very good friend, I hope your Thanksgiving Day is wonderful to the very end.



Paula writes, "This poem I remember from my childhood days in school."

Jackie sends a poem and activity:

Thanksgiving Poem

8 x 10 1/2 sheet of paper/ or card.
Trace your hand and decorate.
print or write this poem.

This isn't just a turkey
As everyone can see,
I made it with my hand
Which is part of me.

It comes with lots of love
Especially to say,
I hope that your
Thanksgiving Holiday
has been a lot of fun.


My turkey says "gobble"
as I see him waddle.
He walks in the grass.
I'm thinking he's a sass.
I told him "goodbye"
and he left with a sigh.
His beautiful feathers gleam at me.
It is now something that I will not again see.


The year has turned its circle,
the seasons come and go.
The harvest is all gathered in;
And chilly north winds blow.
Orchards have showed their tresures,
the fields, their yellow grain.
So open wide the doorway
thanksgiving comes again.


Thanksgiving is a time of year for family to gather and Holiday cheer.
the smell of the food makes my stomach rumble.
and the look of the turkey only makes it worse.
when the time comes to eat i'll be there first!


Thanskiving is here let out a cheer
you know you're happy let out a cheer
friends so dear come and celebrate
it's joy to the world and everybody else friends so dear come and celebrate
it's turkey stuffing and the good foods
come on down put on a happy face mood thanksgiving
thanksgiving you know you want to admit it
you love Thanskgiving.

I go to Northwest Elementary and i'm in 4th grade miss.Davies classroom thank you hope you injoy it . happy Thanksgiving!***


Thank you for this feast
we will have it in the east
there is much food to eat
we will have some meat

It is a family reuion
with some people from a union
we will have some toast
on the east coast
on this thanksgiving feast


For All We Have

A table with chairs, that welcome sight
Our family, our friends, pure delight

A caring kiss with a gentle smile
Each tender hug lasts that country mile

The presence of love so fills the air
This gift of God brings our hearts so near

Reflections of past bring nurtured thought
Great visions come by, what life has taught

In thankful ways we embrace this day
And often think of loved ones away

Those serving us proud are often gone
But their spirit remains, closely drawn

Our Nation should praise each special one
For all we have is through what theyve done

The freedom to have Thanksgiving Day
Keeps certain plates bare, please truly pray

~2003 Roger J. Robicheau~


Im thankful for our many guests
Family, friends, and all the rest
People who love and care for me
There are so many people I need to see
Visiting, eating serving and such
I can be thankful for so much


Turkey, ham, and pumpkin pie
Lots of geese fly south in the sky
Potatoes, berries, corn as well
Food that makes the meal so swell
Juice and water just to drink
Listen to the china clink
Eating before we need to start
Taking familys words to heart


Thanksgiving is a time of cheer
To celebrate the harvest year
Celebrating the work weve done
The mental battles weve overcome
Eating food thats good and bad
Remembering all the times that were sad
Telling stories new and old
Learning to speak up and be bold
How I wish it would never end
Letters we would never send

Mykala Senner 13

Holiday Letters

T is for turkey on Thanksgiving Day,
H is for "Hurry, I'm hungry!" we say.
A is for Auntie, she works and she mends,
N is for Native American friends.
K is for kitchen, the oven's on low,
S is for silverware, set in a row.
G is for Grandma, the one we love most,
I is for inside, where we're warm as toast.
V is for vegetables, eat them we try,
I is for icecream on top of the pie.
N is for never do we have enough dressing,
G is for Grandpa, who gives thanks for our blessings.


Five Little Turkeys

Five little turkeys sitting on the ground
The first one said "Oh, my we're getting round"
The second one said "I smell a pumpkin pie"
The third one said "But we won't cry!"
The fourth one said "Let's run, let's run"
The fifth one said "Thanksgiving isn't fun!"
Then in came the farmer and he turned on the light
and the five little turkeys ran out of site!!!

~Jans writes, "My three's LOVE this rhyme!!! We make construction paper turkey puppets (glued to craft sticks) and take turns acting it out! Helps with number recognition!"

We're having a good ol' fashion country
Thanksgiving dinner
pass around the pumpkin pie!
We're having a good ol' fashion country
Thanksgiving dinner
purty tasty me oh my!


I'm Thankful for You

Thanksgiving is a time
for focusing on the good in our lives.
It is a time for being thankful for the people around you.
It's a time for loving and caring and giving.
You are one of those people who I care about.
You are unique in your own way.
You make me feel good when I'm around you.
On Thanksgiving,
I'm thankful for you.


I searched the internet for a simple Thanksgiving poem to put in a card made by preschoolers. I couldn't find one that fit just right... So, I wrote my own...Maybe someone else needs it, too.... Here you go...

Thanksgiving Answer

In school today,
We had to think
Of what we're thankful for.

And for a kid
As small as me,
That was quite a chore.

I scrunched my eyes.
I thought real hard.
I stared down at my shoe.

And then I thought,
"Oh, wait! I know,
What I'm thankful for is

~Jamie Stogner~

On thanksgiving day i'm here to say i want a duck or maybe a buck, but don't have a turky, instead have some turky jerky.


Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving
gobble,gobble,gobble with a wobble turkey chop chop chop across the lock lock lock feeling fine fine fine until thanksgiving time



Everyone gathering around
Family coming home
Cutting the turkey
And serving the food
Then to sit around the table
Listening to everyone
Saying what they are thankful for
Spending time with the family
Is such a wonderful time

Everybody is thankful for something
Hoping that it is fun
Filling your tummy
Then watching the parade
Or maybe a football game
Soon it's time to leave
Until Christmas comes


Turkey poem

A turkey is a funny bird,
His head goes wobble, wobble, wobble.
He only knows one word,
Gobble, gobble, gobble!!


Tommorow is Thanksgiving Day,
There's not enough time in the day,
We work, and work, to get ready,
Nothing that we do can ever be steady,
Staying in the kitchen by the turkey,
Until tonight no one is perky,
Finally all the dinner is done,
Oh joy this will be so much fun,
My family just rang the door bell,
Thanksgiving Day is oh so swell,
We gather around laugh and talk,
And everybody takes a little walk,
Then its time to say the blessing,
After that people pass the dreasing,
After were done were talk some more,
We laugh so hard we fall the floor,
Every year i look forward to ths day,
Cause everybody is hear to stay,
After everyone is full and leaves,
They stick some extra turkey up there sleeves,
When they get home and go to bed,
There still chomping on some extra bread,
But then they try to eat somemore,
Even though they still snore,
And they try to eat and eat and eat,
Even the Thanksgiving special treat,
The pies and the fruit galore,
They usually eat it in the decore,
They wake up and the day is done,
And know there craving honey buns,
Now this day is officially over,
Its almost time to start looking for four leaf clovers.

Here is a Thanksgiving song, which is sung to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell:
//It's time to give our thanks//
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble-Oh
It's time to give our thanks.

//It's time to share with friends//
Hi-Ho a Pumpkin-O
It's time to share with friends.

//Thank you ANS//
Hi-ho a thank you all
Thank you ANS.

Being thankful
Lots of great sales
Thanksgivings Day is a month of tales
Family all together
Like the ones of our past
We're all together at last

I'm poor turkey you eat at dinner.
Eating me wont make you thinner.
I know I taste good.
Save me and eat some other food.
I was raised all this year.
Now my nightmare is here.
What can I say now.
I cant be like wow.
Until the next year.
My family will grow in fear.

I love Thanksgiving, its the best
I always wear a pretty dress
I eat corn on the cob with jello globs.
I eat sugar sweets I get cavities
I eat turkey with cranberry sauce
I help mommy bake n bake then I get a stomachache,
So everyone listen to what I say,
Don't eat alot on Thanksgiving day or you'll be stuck in bed like me,
and will have to drink cerase (pronounced ser-si)tea.

Turkey Turkey on the farm
Turkey Turkey I'll let you have me
Turkey Turkey you have charm
Turkey Turkey I see

Gabby Gabby on the farm
Gabby Gabby I see a turkey talking
Gabby Gabby I am nice and warm
Gabby Gabby goes walking

Gabby and the Turkey go to the park
The Turkey and Gabby come home at dark
~Gabriella King~

Thanksgiving Potluck Invitation Poem

Thanksgiving is near and the planning has begun.
This year, we are hosting, so its bound to be fun.

Our house is quite lovely though the dining room is bare
The theme will be casual, so don't fret what to wear.

At this year's feast, we thought we'd try something new
And ask if you'd help by bringing a dish or two.

The party will start at 1 and here's what we're thinking:
We'll handle the bird, mashed potatoes, yams and the drinking.

Joann will bring her famous stuffing and a jello mold to boot
While we hope Auntie will bring a beautiful salad of fruit.

Linda will cook up her southern green beans and stuffing
While Les will contribute by folding and bluffing.

Broccoli Casserole will be brought by Jackie and Jeff,
One more couple competing for the title of Top Chef.

We hope Mandy and Stephen will bring a dessert
They will also bring Nicholas, their little squirt.

Grandma Ruth should just come, no food or gifts required
She's busy enough these days and after all she's retired.

That should cover all the bases, we sure hope you'll be here
To celebrate Thanksgiving with all those you hold dear!
~Jennifer E~

With a Thanksgiving Day feast on the way,
Everyone must scream and yell, HURRAY!
As you gather with your family,
You will see everyone smiling so happily.
Youll then be glad to say,
What a Thanksgiving Day!

~Catheleen S., Age 12

There is a time for tis and time but on Thanksgiving day,
It is time two stuff that turkey fat!

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks. but mostly eat. thanksgiving isn't a time to play pranks.

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