Colorful Rainbow

In advance, collect some clean, dry and crushed eggshells. In each of several bowls, mix together two tablespoons of vinegar, a cup of hot water, and about ten drops of food coloring (using a different color for each bowl). Place some of the crushed eggshells in each bowl. Gently stir the eggshells until they absorb the desired amount of color. Spoon the eggshells onto paper towels and allow them to dry. To make a rainbow, use a paintbrush to spread glue in an arch shape onto a sheet of construction paper. Then sprinkle the eggshells onto the glue, using one color for each arch of the rainbow. Allow the glue to dry. To finish the project, glue cotton balls to each end of the rainbow to resemble clouds. Then brush an additional layer of diluted glue atop the eggshells. Very colorful!!


Trace shamrock shapes onto potato halves and cut them out to make shamrock stamps. Mix equal parts evaporated milk and liquid tempera paint. Pour this mixture over several layers of paper towels in a meat tray. Press the shamrock potato onto the pad and then repeatedly onto a sheet of art paper. The milk/paint mixture clings to the potato better than plain paint, making it stamp better.

Rainbow Stew

Submitted by Kathy--thanks!!

Rainbow Stew is used to help children understand the primary to secondary color process. The recipe needs to be made before the activity.

Use 3 saucepans to make the 3 primary colors. Over low heat, mix 1 cup of cornstarch, 1/3 cup of sugar, 4 cups of water and enough food coloring to make 1 vibrant primary color in each pan.. Stir until the mixture thickens. Place into a bowl to cool. Take to school the same day. Each child will get a zip baggie. Place a small dollop of each primary color in a triangular shape in the baggie. Push the air out, zip and tape the top so that this project can go home . Discuss the 3 primary colors then encourage the children to mix, through the baggie with their fingers, the first 2 colors(red and yellow) and discover what their new creation is.Continue through the spectrum of colors. I am going to use this activity after we look for that rascally leprechaun. We'll be making our own rainbow of colors! I have learned not to wrap this up and 'save' the recipe for a couple of days. The colors just don't want to blend. Good Luck. Kathy

Cut out shamrocks out of poster boards and mix green paint glue and shaving cream mix together and let children paint them. Let them dry...the next day the paint will dry with a puff effect and feels like velvet try it the children love it!
Submitted by Roben R.

Give your kids a little St. Patrick's Day magic. Janice suggests to put green food coloring in the milk and maybe even in toilet water! St. Patrick's Day morning, wake the kids up and act so surprised when you grab the milk out of the fridge!
Thanks Janice for this fun idea!

You need:
-green paint
-green white and or orange crepe paper
-a safety pin
-green card or foam sheet
- scissors

1. Cut the card or foam sheet into the shape of a shamrock!
2. Stick the pin through the shamrock!
3. Glue stipes of crepe paper onto it!
4. Wear it like a badge on St.Paddy's Day!

Submitted by Selette B

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