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Submit your own Halloween poems to me--I will post them here! Send your first name and age with the poem! Submit here.

Because of the tremendous amounts of email sending poems, costumes, and costume ideas, I cannot respond to all of them. If you send me a poem, please check back here in a couple of days to see your poem posted! I am totally amazed at the wonderful poems that have been sent to me. And most of them are written by young people! Such amazing talent! Please include your age and first name with the poem. Thanks and keep sending them in!

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  • Halloween is frighten full of scary sounds
    Kids are walking in the night with they costumes on
    And having fun as they journey on
    They collect candies and play trick or threat
    And walk through the neighborhoods and saying trick or threat
    When the moon is full and high in the air
    Gleaming bright everywhere
    There always some costumes that can give you a scare
    Costumes can be scary, frightening and cool
    It’s a time when children are in a good mood
    And the time they tell ghost stories
    And even talk about they favorite hobbies
    Halloween, Halloween a kid’s best night
    That can be filled with wonderful sights
    And give someone a fright.


  • Witches,vampires,warewolves and all
    October 31st is the night to be a skull.
    Just come out and trick or treat and you would have much candy to eat.
    Don't be scared, just have fun because halloween has just begun.


  • There once was a cat that lived in a witches hat that came out every Halloween night,
    From ghosts to goblins,
    And silly black bats,

    ~Miranda : )~

  • Come on Xivio on Halloween,
    There’s no doubt you’ll HAVE to scream!
    Footsteps running behind you in terror,
    Your heart beats fast and you stare into the mirror!
    You spy a zombie and give us a scream! Yes a scream!
    If you don’t scream, your not part of the team,
    Attack that zombie don’t look at your freakin’ hompy!
    Stab it! Grab it! Get messy and bomby!
    Ooh never mind it was only Tommy ._.

    ~Sophie <3 Xivio!~

  • Pumpkins shimer big and bright. The witches get ready for their flight. They ride into the night. Brooms in hand, wand in mouth, They fly the stary sky from north to south.


  • The vampires come out at night to kill the children of fright.
    Whom fear their deadly bite.
    And hide in the absolute darkness of light.


    Theres only one thing that scares us the most
    It's that creepy,crawly,flying thing, that we call a ghost.

    They scare alot at nite,
    And sometimes during the day,
    You always try to prepae for em,
    But they scare ya anyway.

    When ever they come near you,
    They always give you a chill,
    The kind of feeling you always get
    When you find a fifty dollar bill.


  • Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater
    Had a wife and couldn't keep her,
    He put her in a pumpkin shell
    And there he kept her very well.


  • The witches of Halloween woo woo
    There faces are covered in green woo woo
    They give you sutch a fright on halloween night
    The witches of Halloween woo woo


  • Don't go out on Halloween
    Tonight the king and queen of Halloween
    Are coming out to start a frat and drink some sprite
    So don’t go out on Halloween night so stay in bed and don’t lose your head
    Because then you’ll be died so don’t go out on Halloween!!!!!!!!!!


  • On Halloween night to hope there’s no withes and goblins cannibal’s at midnight or I will be eaten in fright.
    My mom says I wish there’s no witch’s and I’m cool and my dad says I’m
    so moody too and I say I’m awsomical too but moody and cool and awsomeical doesn’t cut it al see u some were far away from here al see you later wish me a good night!


  • Bats, goblins and ghosts too
    Whoever created this thought it through
    The smell of pumpkins fill the day
    But during the night creatures play
    Masks and costumes are just apart
    The best ones are the beasts at heart
    The ones that cry with howls and boo's
    The normal people have no clue
    They run among us
    But un-noticable thus,
    They made this thing
    And we shall call it halloween~


  • Five Little Pumpkin Sitting On A Gate
    Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate,
    The first one said,
    "Oh my, it's getting late."
    The second one said,
    "But we don't care."
    The third one said,
    "I see witches in the air."
    The fourth one said,
    "Let's run, and run, and run."
    The fifth one said,
    "Get ready for some fun."
    Then whoosh went the wind,
    and out went the lights,
    And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!


  • Spooks
    There's a goblin at my window,
    A monster by my door.
    The pumpkin at my table
    Keeps on smiling more and more.
    There's a ghost who haunts my bedroom,
    A witch whose face is green.
    They used to be my family,
    Till they dressed for Halloween.

    ~Sandra Liatsos~

  • Walk Into My Parlor
    "Will you walk into my parlor?"
    said the spider to the fly;
    "Tis the prettiest little parlor that you ever did spy.
    The way into my parlor is up a winding stair,
    And I have many curious things to show when you are there."
    "Oh no, no!" said the little fly,
    "to ask me is in vain;
    For who goes up your winding stair
    can never come down again."

    ~Mary Howitt~

  • Halloween
    Witches flying past on broomsticks,
    Black cats leaping here and there,
    White-robed spooks on every corner,
    Mournful moaning in the air,

    Goblins peering out of windows,
    Spirit-things that rap and run-
    But don't be scared-it's just October,
    Having one last hour of fun!

    ~by Mary Jane Carr~

  • Haunted House

    There's a house upon the hilltop
    We will not go inside
    For that is where the witches live,
    Where ghosts and goblins hide.

    Tonight they have their party,
    All the lights are burning bright,
    But oh we will not go inside
    The haunted house tonight.

    The demons there are whirling
    And the spirits swirl about.
    They sing their songs to Halloween.
    "Come join the fun," they shout.

    But we do not want to go there
    So we run with all our might
    And oh we will not go inside
    The haunted house tonight.

    ~by Jack Prelutsky~

  • The Scariest Thing

    Some things are scary
    Others are not,
    Like ghosts and goblins,
    And things that rot

    Cats and dogs are not scary
    At all,
    All they do is play chase
    And catch a ball.

    But the scariest thing
    Creeps around at night,
    Looking for victims
    To scratch and bite.

    It hides its face
    It's too ugly to see,
    It rules all the monsters,
    Both tall and wee.

    Those who've seen his face,
    Their eyes burst and bleed,
    They beg for mercy
    "Spare us, spare us," they plead.

    But he's not a giver
    He takes what he finds,
    All sorts of people
    Both sightseers and blind.

    You've got the picture,
    That he is the king
    Of everything scary,
    Every little scary thing.

    So watch out at night 'cause if
    By him you're seen,
    He'll give you an evil grin
    And say...

    ~by Mairi Tereas Gallagher~

  • Adorable Debbie, costumed like a queen,
    When out with her basket on Halloween.
    She knocked at the door of Mortimer Huff,
    Who goes to extremes with the Halloween stuff.
    Like Freddie Kruger and his glove, he's dressed,
    And Little Debbie is sore distressed.
    In round-eyed surprise she cowers in dread.
    "Twick or tweat," she coos, then bites off his head.


  • Once on Halloween
    It was quite a scene
    I heard a scream
    and ate a bean.


  • Halloween Night
    The Ghosts and Goblins roam the streets
    As Witches fly out to find some sweets
    The Vampires come up to play at night
    and wonder round till morning light
    Next are the Zombies walking down the road
    Acidently steping on a witches toad
    But now the light comes from behind the trees
    and all the monsters scury home like bees
    The Ghosts and Goblins go back to there woods
    Then Witches fly home with there faces in hoods
    As Vampires run back to there houses
    The Zombies get in to there graves and back in there poses.


  • 5 little pumpkins sitting on the fence, one fell off and bumped his head He rolled down the hill and was never seen again Now there's only 4 pumpkins sitting on a fence.. etc.. Then at the end now theres no more pumpkins on the fence.


  • Howl Moon Shining

    Scattered leaves,
    Creaking trees,
    Banshee winds,
    Scatter, creak, scream!

    Glimmering stars,
    Flashing lights,
    Glimmer, flash!

    Green eyes peer out behind you,
    No light around,
    There's no flashlight to guide you,
    The eyes look hungrily behind you,

    You're alone,
    No ones around,
    For miles and miles,

    You hear something move,
    Your heart beat thickens,
    Pounding against your chest,

    Something pounces toward you,
    You scream as you hit the ground,
    All the happiness is gone,
    There's only fear,
    A wave of coldness flutters through you,
    Shivers crawl all over,
    You can't decide whether to cry or scream,
    Deep inside you wish it were all a bad dream,

    An army of mist falls all around you,
    You can't escape,
    It's behind you...

    Scattered leaves,
    Creaking trees,
    Banshee winds,
    Scatter, creak, scream!

    Glimmering stars,
    Flashing lights,
    Glimmer, flash!

    Green eyes peer out behind you,
    No light around,
    There's no flashlight to guide you,
    The eyes look hungrily behind you,
    On the howl moon shining of Halloween Night.

    ~Submitted by Amelia P~

  • Witch

    Witch,witch where do you fly?
    Under the clouds and over the sky
    Witch,witch what do you eat?
    Little black apples from hurrican street
    Witch,witch what do you drink?
    Vinegar and good red ink
    Witch,witch where do you sleep?
    Up in the clouds where the pillows are cheap.

    ~Submitted by Katie S~


    I went to the doctor's, cause I had a cold and there was a propped up skeleton, all musty and dusty and old
    The doctor said 'wait here', and left And I was full of fear cause that skeleton's standin' there starin' at me
    And me, I shed a tear As those bones began to rattle and shake as in a strong earth-quake
    But everything else is still, as that rattlin' sound the room to fill
    As those bones began to rattle and
    And all my remaining breath to take

    ~Submitted by Christina~


    On Halloween,
    The witches cry,
    And fly across the sky,
    The ghosts go BOO!!;
    Black cats prowl,
    The green goblins howl,
    Scary Halloween to you!

    ~Submitted by Molly~


    Cats, goblins, blood and goor.
    I guess its Halloween once more.

    ~Submitted by Ayla~


    The thing creeps around you at night
    Waiting for you too see the light
    Sharpening it's claws ready to bite
    Don't be alone
    With the thing in site
    Because it knows where you are
    It waits under your bed at night and it's gonna give you a fright!!

    ~Submitted by Jessica~

  • On Halloween, the witches take flight
    On Halloween, little kids get a fright
    On Halloween, ghost throw their voices to sound like little children and when you open the door
    Boo!!!! to you because they come at your souls but remember,
    This doesn’t just happen ON HALLOWEEN

    ~Submitted by Ariana G~


    Halloween has finally come,
    to trick r treat and have fun .
    even make a Halloween bun!
    Halloween is a magical time
    with decorations your house will shine
    children knocking on your door,
    looking for sweets and more.
    OH wait
    Whats that white thing at your gate!
    You never know what’s sneaking around in your school!


    (p.s I’m not a ghoul, I’m cool)

    ~Submitted by Ciara, Age 10~

  • Haunted homes scare you away
    All you do is quiver in bed
    Lonely while they trick or treat
    Little did you know
    Only children is what they eat
    Watch your back or you might just find
    Evil ghosts
    Enemy ghouls
    Near you...

    ~Submitted by Charlotte , Age 10~

  • What a frightful sight
    On Halloween night,
    Witches brew
    And gablils ster
    Lets have some fun
    On this great Halloween night!

    ~Submitted by Morgan, Age 12~

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