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Submit your own Halloween poems to me--I will post them here! Send your first name and age with the poem! Submit here.

Because of the tremendous amounts of email sending poems, costumes, and costume ideas, I cannot respond to all of them. If you send me a poem, please check back here in a couple of days to see your poem posted! I am totally amazed at the wonderful poems that have been sent to me. And most of them are written by young people! Such amazing talent! Please include your age and first name with the poem. Thanks and keep sending them in!

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  • Halloween
    Halloween, Halloween
    Someone scary is always seen.

    ~Jaden, Age 12~

  • Its Halloween Its Halloween
    Witches are out in the night
    Gliding through the breezy night
    Its Halloween Its Halloween
    Be careful or they shall be a fright


  • Spooky and Cold
    I stand alone
    on the worst night
    can be.Gobblins and warlocks
    Face to face with shiiivering me.
    I gulp and swallow not a trail followed where I disappaperd into the night.


  • Halloween
    Halloween is fun
    but watch the fun
    some fun gets to fun.
    When it's fun you get food
    more like candy
    it is cool!


  • Five little Pumpkins sitting on a gate
    The first one said
    ‘Oh my, its getting late’
    The second one said;
    ‘But we don't care’
    The third one said;
    ‘I see witches in the air’
    The fourth one said;
    ‘Lets run, and run and run’
    The fifth one said;
    ‘Get ready for some fun’
    Then whoosh went the wind
    And out went the lights
    And five little Pumpkins rolled out of SIGHT


  • Skeletons, ghosts, and witches oh my!
    I scream and yelp as they all pass by.
    In masks and costumes they haunt the streets,
    As all the children yell trick or treat!
    This must be the special day,
    Were all the children go out and play.
    Tonight's the night we hear all sounds
    At 9 o'clock all zombies will be found.
    But don't be scared, go out all night.
    Because at 12 midnight, nothing will be in sight.


    My Halloween Poem
    Pixie, kobold, elf and sprite
    All are on their rounds tonight
    In the moons silver ray
    Thrives their helter play
    As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night
    Let loose upon the Earth till it be light…
    As for then... it shall be Halloween

    ~Jamoona, Age 13~

  • Halloween
    Halloween the scariest night
    When the darkness is cold with fright
    The thing children are scared of the most
    Is the scary word “Boo” from a ghost

    Scary things come to sight
    Witches on brooms
    Dead wives and grooms
    Seeing things at the night

    With the bats and ghosts flying
    The laughter dying
    Screams fill the air
    Chills here and there


  • Halloween is finally here,
    Time to spread some ghostly fear.
    Witches, ghouls and mummy cases,
    Lots of spooky and scary faces
    Come for you when you sleep,
    Fire burns ever deep
    You can scream and you can shout
    You won't escape, you can't get out


  • The Forbidden House
    The Floor screamed
    as I entered the blood stained room.
    Old Black cloth swayed in the wind.
    The mirror mimicked a bloody ghost's every move.
    "Get out of here now,unless you want to end up like them,"
    he said pointing at a fleshy corpse.
    I slowly walked out of the room.
    After I left,
    I heard the gohst cackle "Happy Halloween!"


  • Here we are at the pumpkin patch.
    There's a black cat, and a witches hat!
    We pick the pumpkins and away we go, telling ghost stories while the cold wind blows.
    Candy rats, chocolate bats, and lots of gnats.
    This is Halloween at the pumpkin patch!


  • The skeletal trees
    The full moon bright
    Make a man's knees
    Go weak with fright
    An old house filled with doom
    Just up ahead peers through the gloom

    Through the creaky gates
    He pushed slowly
    Then stops and waits
    At the huge old door
    Wishing more and more
    That he stayed home tonight
    After all it was hallowe'en night!

    Cautiosly he knocked
    And the door creaked open
    An old man stood
    Staring but then
    He ran screaming

    "Well," said the werewolf "It really is demeaning when a human runs screaming".
    "I only wanted a glass of water."

    So just remember when
    You meet a werewolf
    Whatever you do
    Don't run screaming
    Coz werewolves have

    ~Morgan Bee, 13~

  • Halloween
    Orange pumpkins
    Scary black cats
    Ghosts and goblins
    And witches hats
    Bales of hay
    Where scarecrow play
    Dark dreary skies
    And glowing red eyes
    Skeletons dancing
    Witches chanting
    All in fun
    For everyone
    Better have lots of candy

    ~Jade Bell, Age 10~

    Here comes halloween
    Wearing fancy costumes
    The scariest that you can be

    Walking down the street
    Knocking at every door
    Saying trick or treat
    So be prepared for the sweets!


  • Halloween night
    Fly vampire all night
    Scary vampire knock door by door
    And ask I wish for candy or I'll suck your blood ha ha ha I am a Batman
    Don't worry it's only happy

    ~Josie C~

  • Midnight
    Blue riches,white purities, mystic grays and glowing yellows.
    Starlets greet the cool sky guiding paths of dreams and wishes.
    Sonatas are played with twinkling bells guiding followers of gold to their silk
    Embracements. Whines and bellows from shadowed places,
    Bring all to sleep till dawns awakening.

    ~Catherine, Age 11~

  • Halloween night
    Black cats are on the prowl
    Dogs on chains start to growl
    In a tree sits an owl
    A wolf suddenly howls
    Ghosts are hanging in the trees
    Their sheets are swaying in the breeze
    Skeletons dancing everywhere
    Witches combing their long black hair
    Moans and groans fill the air
    The owls in the trees just sit and stare
    Bats are flying all around
    Lightning flashes to the ground
    Something screams an eerie sound
    I think that I'll just turn around
    I'm not so sure about"trick or treat"
    I hope my body can keep up with my feet!
    I'm screaming and running as fast as i can
    To the safety of my home once again!

    ~Jalen Bell, Age 12~

  • Not Last Night But The Night Before
    Three Wee Witches Came To My Door
    One In Black, One In Green, One Was Shouting

    ~Sweet Hunny~

  • Trick or treat, smell my feet, Give me something good to eat, if you don't, I don't care cause, I'll just pull your underwear

    ~Lois, Age 8~

  • There once was a pumpkin named Pat
    He was large and very fat.
    He looked very scary.
    People also said he would never be a fairy.
    And thats how he got to be on my place mat.


  • It's late and we are sleepy,
    the air is cold and still.
    Our jack-o-lantern grins at us
    upon the windowsill.
    We're stuffed with cake and candy
    and we've had a lot of fun,
    but now it's time to go to bed
    And dream of all we've done.
    We'll dream of ghosts and goblins
    and of witches that we've seen,
    and we'll dream of trick-or-treating
    on this happy Halloween.


  • Halloween is coming!!!
    Coming with witches,ghosts,and goblins!
    So run when you can..... they're coming for YOU!!!!
    Scream when you can they're coming for
    YOU!!!Hide when you can they're coming for YOU!!!
    While you run and scream and hide
    I will be in my room having a dream about eating ice cream!!

    ~Hannah & Kaelea~

  • Spooky Night
    It was a spooky night.
    All the kids had a fright.
    As they walked though the streets.
    Everyone gave them some greets.
    They walked up to the first door and they were kind of poor.
    They walked up to the next door and said TRICK-OR-TREAT give me something good
    to eat.
    And they all got a rice krispy treat!


  • The Scary Night
    On Halloween the ghosts are out and the screams are waking the dead.
    The witches are flying on their brooms,casting spells everywhere.


  • Freak
    Goblins and goo say hi to you
    You walk away and say,"good day"!


  • Hearing things and seeing things
    You hear and see witches flying.
    But in the other ear you hear babies crying.
    After that you see black cats in the road.
    Oh hear comes a toad.
    On the other hand you taste your candy
    and you say, "Hey, this candy might come in handy".


    Black cat black cat
    Dont follow me or
    I shall be stung by a bee.
    Yellow bee yellow bee don't follow me or
    I shall be stopped by a tree.
    Pumpkin pumpkin, don't bother me or
    I shall hit you with a cherry tree.


  • I love to go out on Halloween nights and give people quite a fright!
    I love to go trick or treating and eat treats
    Guess what!? I would like to put a hat on a bat!
    I would like to see a ghost eat toast.
    I think maybe a meanie weenie fire would scare a vampire away

    ~Nhien Tu Nguyen~

  • I'm making a witch'sbrew,
    Slinging the animals from the zoo,
    A little girl yells, a cow's bell,
    It's so good please don't tell.
    A cat's claw that tastes like war,
    A clinch of hair from the tidy law,
    A button from the wizard's cloak,
    A couple of muscles from the women's bloke,
    Now all these mixed together,
    It'll soon taste like shiny leather.
    All I need to make it more,
    Sling in an apple core.
    And now it's done, it weighs a ton.
    Now off I go with my witches brew,
    Down the street I'm coming through,
    I'm going by, the babies cry,
    I am looking around to find the wizard,
    To turn him into a long, green lizard!!


  • Whole World Hidden


  • Halloween
    Halloween Halloween
    All the candy that might come in handy
    Halloween Halloween
    All the decorations in our scary new nations
    Halloween Halloween
    Everyone has a jellybean
    Halloween Halloween
    You have to wakeup and put on your halloween makeup
    Halloween Halloween
    Everbody say trick or teat give something good to eat
    Happy Halloween!

    ~Sydnee Jones~

  • Halloween is spooky
    Almost everything is creepy
    Lots of children
    Leaping into the spirit of HALLOWEEN
    Odd creatures walk along the pathways
    Witches screeching
    Every creature
    Evil or good?
    Nobody knows what’s in the HOOD!


  • Halloween
    Halloween is the best
    Its a better time than the rest
    Ghosts, witches, and vampires too
    Jump out of alley ways just to scare you
    They give us all a very big fright
    While were trick or treating in the night


  • Halloween Rap
    Haunted Houses.
    It’s all about the ghostes.
    Spiders and cobwebs.
    Monsters with scary ugly heads.

    This is Halloween,
    A night with many glowing things!!

    Wicki Wicki witches.
    Frankenstein and all his stitches.
    Kids a grabin candy.
    I think I heard a banshee.

    This is Halloween,
    A night with many scary things!!

    Squeaky bats,
    A big black cat.
    Black night and a full moon
    Witches a ridin on their brooms.

    This is Halloween,
    A night of eerie howlee things.

    Jack o lanterns all aflame
    Trick or treaters playing games
    Goblins and vampire blood
    The Reaper’s out to getcha!!!

    This is Halloween
    Wicki, Wicki…… BOOO!!!!

    ~Brooklyn (12), Leo (9) and Mom~

  • Frogs,bats and a spider too
    These are the ingredients to make the witches stew
    But i better warn you it could make your poo blue
    But perfect remedy for the flu (bless you)

    ~Carla, age 9~

  • Its Halloween
    I dressed up as a big bean
    I hope Harry the scary man doesn't
    come and get me!!!!!!


  • On Halloween night when children take fright,
    A witch fly’s across the moon.
    I count my candy, say a prayer and hope I’ll get home soon
    My mom is hollering I said I’ll be right there
    When I got there I said…


  • Don't go out on Halloween
    Tonight the king and queen of Halloween
    Are coming out to start a frat and drink some sprite
    So don’t go out on Halloween night so stay in bed and don’t lose your head
    Because then you’ll be died so don’t go out on Halloween!!!!!!!!!!


  • On Halloween night to hope there’s no withes and goblins cannibal’s at midnight or I will be eaten in fright.
    My mom says I wish there’s no witch’s and I’m cool and my dad says I’m
    so moody too and I say I’m awsomical too but moody and cool and awsomeical doesn’t cut it al see u some were far away from here al see you later wish me a good night!


  • Bats, goblins and ghosts too
    Whoever created this thought it through
    The smell of pumpkins fill the day
    But during the night creatures play
    Masks and costumes are just apart
    The best ones are the beasts at heart
    The ones that cry with howls and boo's
    The normal people have no clue
    They run among us
    But un-noticable thus,
    They made this thing
    And we shall call it halloween~


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