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Submit your own Halloween poems to me--I will post them here! Send your first name and age with the poem! Submit here.

Because of the tremendous amounts of email sending poems, costumes, and costume ideas, I cannot respond to all of them. If you send me a poem, please check back here in a couple of days to see your poem posted! I am totally amazed at the wonderful poems that have been sent to me. And most of them are written by young people! Such amazing talent! Please include your age and first name with the poem. Thanks and keep sending them in!

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  • scared at night with a huge fright. you need light in spight or do you like the fright in the night


  • When the liitle cats crawl and the liitle witches fly just go trick-or treat and just remeber that the costumes are fake and you are real!! ~Alyssa~

  • A witch on a broom
    Can only spell DOOM!
    Death is near soon
    And that's quite a gloom!


  • The night was dark, the skies were gray when the jack-o-lanterns got up to play, they ran and rolled and played Hide-and-seek and at daylight went back to sleep.


  • Twas the night before Halloween
    And all across the land
    people were putting pumkins out to ward off evil spirits.
    Some had carved faces
    Others had none.
    Twas the sign we all used till the evil had gone.
    A darkness covered the land
    And silence began to follow
    As the people prepared for the next night of sorrow.
    The moon and the stars were so clear in the sky
    So at least we could see the witches fly by.
    Children were frightened and scared of the day
    When the evil dark witches could take them away.



    More than two thousand years ago
    A Celebration for the Dead, Returning
    The Night before the Celtic New Year
    With Costumes and Sacrificial Burning.

    With a Celebration of the Harvest
    And to Honor one’s Dead Ancestry
    It spread across all of Europe
    In the Seventh Century.

    “All Hallows Eve”, “Night Of The Dead”
    “All Souls Day”, for the Christians
    Nobody really knows for sure
    Where each of those Beliefs begins.

    The first lighted fruit was gourds and turnips
    With Scary Faces carved, embers inside
    To ward off all of the Evil Spirits
    Who roamed the streets and countryside.

    The Irish brought America this Tradition
    Of carving turnips and even potatoes
    But quickly learned Pumpkins were better
    Being bigger, wherein the garden it grows.

    Bobbing for apples once was popular
    Dating back to ancient Roman days
    To honor Pomona, Goddess of fruits
    As just one of their many Holidays.

    “Trick Or Treat” was for the Spirits
    To leave them a “Treat” outside your door
    If not they would play “Tricks” on you
    With all kinds of Evil held in store.

    All Cats were thought of as Spiritual
    But the Black Cat was the very worst
    Some thought them Incarnated Humans
    And many felt that they were Cursed.

    Beeswax candles were colored “Orange”
    And “Black” draped Caskets were the way
    Colors for those Masses for the Dead
    Back there in that Ancient day.

    “Fires” where Druids Sacrificed life
    Burned to the skeletal “bone”
    Formed what we now call “bonfires”
    A “new” word we thought we’ve always known.

    Worshipers danced ‘round those fires
    Wearing disguises on head and skin
    And throughout the years Halloween
    Has become steeped in Paganism.

    And today we spend fourteen billion
    And most people don’t even know, “Why?”
    Except for all those Ghosts and Goblins
    And fake Witches flying ‘cross the Sky.

    ~Del “Abe” Jones~

  • hoohoo hoohoo owls in the tree
    meow meow cats in the streets
    children in their costumes jumping up and down
    in this one spooky town
    haunted houses
    haunted costumes
    knock knock at the door
    BOO! a ghost at your door only to say trick or treat to you.


  • hallowen
    ghost , goblins
    spooking , treating , tricking
    we all hunt tonight.



    It's halloween night,
    don't be scared,it's all right
    the light of the moon will l be bright.
    At this time there are no witches on our sight!!!!!!


  • Hot and cold,
    Your fill of mould,
    Lollies in your tummies,
    You wont be able to eat your tea,
    Lollies in your bed,
    Lollies in your ted,
    Dont eat them all,
    Yuo might need to call,
    The doctor,
    The dentist or,
    Even Me!!!!!!


  • Hallow's Eve
    Witchs and Warlocks come out at night
    Beware be careful, they'll give you a fright
    Whispers of the dead crawl up your spine
    Skeletons dangle on the claws of a pine
    Your muscles tense and your blood runs cold
    The clock chimes twelve and secrets unfold
    Never has there been such a night of scare
    For Hallow's Eve is very, very rare


  • A pinch of this and a pinch of that,
    Maybe even some boiled slugs fat!
    I'll cook you up a feast tonight,
    When you eat it you'll jump with delight!

    I'll throw in a wolf's tail,
    And even a hot cooked snail.
    In go some human faces,
    Just for this soup I killed out a whole species.

    Stir it around once or twice,
    Then I'll add in some hot peppery spice.
    I'll serve you up this gruesome soup,
    Don't be afraid I'll only give you a scoop.

    An eye of a rat and heart of a bear,
    Toe of a frog and two strands of my hair.
    Tail of a mouse, Slice of veal,
    You'll be dying to eat this meal!


  • Trick - or - treat
    See the BIG smile
    on my face,
    Eating lots of candy
    Halloween Night
    written by Ashley DiEsposti
    age:7 grade:2


  • Halloween Poem
    Be aware
    Halloween is here
    Death awaits you
    Lock your doors
    Shut your windows
    Dreadful monsters have come
    To eat you.
    I don't know where they came from
    But Halloween is here
    So be aware.
    ~Jacob, Age 9~

  • October Night Hallows Eve
    October night is what I like with all my might. The reason why I like this is, What seems to be a fright,
    that so big it comes each year on the 31st which seems the first day of All Hallows Eve!
    So be witching skies romes away into the mist of trickery and fun.
    All trick or treater dwellers be careful of what you witch for, for this is what you yearn for,
    go ahead but bewitching hours started! Candy apples is whats the reward of facing this dark Hallows Eve
    so don't forget to brush your teeth! After you eat this tasty treat!!!
    ~Elizabeth, Age 12~

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