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Submit your own Halloween poems to me--I will post them here! Send your first name and age with the poem! Submit here.

Because of the tremendous amounts of email sending poems, costumes, and costume ideas, I cannot respond to all of them. If you send me a poem, please check back here in a couple of days to see your poem posted! I am totally amazed at the wonderful poems that have been sent to me. And most of them are written by young people! Such amazing talent! Please include your age and first name with the poem. Thanks and keep sending them in!

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  • Skeleton Bones and Goblins Groans
    and then witches came along,
    with their magical powers stored
    in the cruel-looking wands.
    But the children are not scared from them all
    because they think they are Trick-or-Treaters all of them.
    The children scratched and pulled their dresses because they are jealous of them!
    All the witches, goblins and skeletons were very angry with them,
    but what can they do of their heart broken when the children cry,
    and made them the full day cry, cry and cry!


  • Speak of death
    smell of pumkin ashes
    lurke through nightly goblins
    ow ow ow
    googles and oooos
    slurp slurp
    tick tok im a a little coo coo clock


  • I see dead people
    I see ghosts
    I see creepy goblins
    I know you're there

    I see pumpkins
    I see dracula
    I see candy
    I know you're there

    When moonlight hits dawn I creep into the cage
    When we walk down main I lurk into your heart

    Please please don't creep on me
    cause well
    Its halloween


  • One Halloween Fright Fest

    Just one boy, no stars, no moon
    Alone on a Friday afternoon.
    Just when school slides away
    He prepares for his final day.
    The night creeps in
    And the horror and fun just begins
    On this night of Halloween.

    This is the night when witches are free
    Goblins, elf's and fairies go on a spree
    The evil and nice come together and befriend
    On this one night, to make it an end.

    Maybe this year all this nonsense will stop
    But maybe this year will just make another plot
    For the story of this little boy
    Whose name is Gary McTroy.

    He craves for candy, more and more
    Each house he goes to, door to door.
    He doesn't realize he's being followed,
    And a piece of poisoness candy he just swallowed.

    Their all up there laughing, witches and all
    They finally made this their last brall.
    Halloween can finally be fun for all!


  • It's the night of Halloween

    On October thirty-one
    When the sun, Goes to Rest
    It's the night of Halloween
    When Fun is at its best.

    Black cats and ghosts and princess fair
    Holding hands everywhere,
    It's the night of Halloween
    There's Magic in the air.

    Witch's shadow on the moon,
    Casting spells, flying her broom,
    It's the night of Halloween
    Quick! Change to your costume!


  • Your screams peirce the air
    We succeed for the scare
    Joyus times turn upside down
    Our laughs echo through town
    You fear our howl
    Your elders think not to scowl
    We try to hide our bright side
    You wish there was no darkness
    We don't exist with out your darkness



    The night was dark, the air was cold
    The cobwebs shimmered as the shadows grew bold
    The wind howled in foreboding and doom
    The owls hooted in the darkening gloom
    Ghosts and ghouls swam in dark haunted pools
    Pale green goblins slithered over slimy toadstools

    Gaunt, groaning ghastlies flitted in the misty sheen
    It was indeed the night of Halloween
    Halloween, the night when mean witches plan
    To vanquish humans, goblins, and the Headless Horseman

    Suddenly, the Headless Horseman appeared on the dark horizon
    Grinding out a curse into his purple Verizon
    The witch's eyes blazed in hatred and glee
    As she stirred a black cauldron under the gnarled, twisted tree
    "Can you hear me NOW, you headless crone?"
    She cackled toothlessly into her brand new iPhone.

    ~Arun- Grade 4, Carmel Del Mar Elementary School~

  • Halloween is nearly here.
    Are you ready to face your fear?
    Lots of thumps and bangs and screams
    Lots of noise and scary dreams.
    On your costumes to trick or treat
    We get lovely things to eat.
    Even though we will be scared
    Every spooky noise we've heard.
    Next year, will be the same and we just start all over again.

    ~Eireann, age 12~

  • Halloween, Halloween;
    Lots of fun on Halloweens
    Monsters and ghouls, goblins too;
    Ghosts and witches all say Boo!


  • My little pumpkin
    Gleeming so bright
    If only you weren't
    Such a big fright.
    All of the kids got scared away
    You even scared my dad, just the other day!
    Now that all of the other frightful goblins and gools, are out on a play
    Maybe you won't be thrown away.


  • Happy Halloween

    Halloween time,
    Oh what fun,
    A full moon is out,
    The old man's hat weighs a ton.
    A cackling of witches,
    A screeching of cats,
    The cauldrons are bubbling,
    Watch out for the bats!
    Fireworks are bombing,
    Floating in the midnight air.
    Everyone's enjoying themselves
    With not one little care.
    Tricker treaters are busy,
    Filling the streets, very keen,
    They all are rhythmically reciting


  • Spiderwebs here and witches, too.
    On halloween night the ghosts meet you.
    A full moon tonight? Mabye so. Uh Oh.
    The ghosts all come and you're all too scared, so you run away, unprepared.


  • The wind is howling
    The ghost are booing
    And witches spells are brewing

    Tis one thing I think of that these creatures that walk and stalk the night
    Halloween is on it's way
    Don't be scared there's
    No one there

    Just run through the dim lighted streets
    Hoping u won't trip over your on two feet
    No luck there
    They've got u now

    The sun is up the light comes back
    And so life itself
    Wake up
    Tis just a dream


  • Happy Halloween

    Halloweens for every one
    dressing up is alot of fun.
    Geting candy on Halloween is the perfect time to hear a scream!

    ~Sami, age 9~

  • spiders crawling up your spine like dracula and frankenstein.ghost come howling through the night but dont let that give u a fright.vampires will come to suck your blood will you go running through th mud.witches on broom sticks goblins in cars,but beware of the bats hanging on bars. if this isnt enough to give u a scare the come to my party,its a dare!!!!!


  • Do you like Halloween? If you do your in for a fright. Cause one halloween night 1 man lost his life. so at night when you sleep, you just might here a beep.and a owl "hoo". Cause hes coming for you!!!!!!


  • What Day is it away,away You go
    stay with me on halloween
    I'm scared and I'm not in laughter
    give me a chance I'm small
    I Want to grow tall so I'm not scared Halloween don't be scared
    but be cared with love
    p.s Witchs and brooms
    and straw and are more...



    It's Halloween Night
    And we're going to make a fright!!!
    Scaring all the children in the dead of night

    Laying in the Lane ways
    Running round the streets

    We will make a night
    That will never be quite right!!!!!!!!



  • Witches three
    and cauldron, black
    Of spells and charms
    there be no lack

    At dark woods edge
    upon a bleak height
    stoking the fire
    in the oncoming night.

    Gray is the sky
    black tree branches bare
    they sway, creak and crack
    nought else but howling wind there.

    Wolfsbane, thistle, coryander and brine
    only heaven knows
    what these three
    have in mind!

    Eerie whispered recitations
    incantations and rhyme
    nought else to add
    save more stirring and thyme.

    Witches three
    and cauldron, black
    Spirits roam -
    no turning back!

    At dark woods edge
    upon that dreary height
    fanning the flames
    in the onrush of night.

    -Edward Sagmoen (45 y/o)~

  • screaming of fear
    monsters are coming near
    closer and closer day by day
    coming to take my breath away


  • Spooky halloween
    nights creep up on you
    you wonder what
    will happen
    on this terrifying
    night closer and closer
    they get
    scared of everything around
    a shadow
    ponders upon you're
    you look close
    scared you walk
    and walk
    the night is getting old the sun
    is gone and the moon is
    out before you could breath

    someone shouts


  • Doomed to Have a Fright Night

    As the eerie witching hour draws near. All who approach will scream in fear.
    Wear your best costume, you trick we'll treat. See the graveyard, with tombstones lined up so neat.
    But beware of the monsters, mummies and ghouls. Dont' touch the spiders, like the other fools.
    At dusk, the ghosts and goblins will take flight, in a wicked celebration of Halloween night.


  • There was this cute little bat
    Its name was pat
    He always wanted to wear my hat
    But one day my hat got flat


  • skeletons and ghosts and ghouls grinning goblins fighting duels werewolves rising from their tombs
    witches on their magic brooms


  • Halloween Halloween are you here Haloween Halloween please get here go in the attic and get the ghost and goblins and other stuff to


  • October 31st is a funnest night,
    trick a treating in the dark without any light.
    still the moon is shinny so bright,
    and it give the chldren a scarry fright.


  • the witches fly scross the sky
    the owls go who who who
    the green goblins howl
    the cats they yowl
    happy halloween to you


  • Out in the streets in the dark cold night.
    There was a lot of skeletons that gave me a fright.
    As the sun came up and it got bright.
    The touch of the light made me go white.


  • witches witches wat a fright
    makes all the kids to get fright


  • Pumpkin Pumpkin big and round
    Pumpkin Pumpkin turn around
    Pumpkin Pumpkin hurry up a tree
    Pumpkin Pumpkin Smile at ME!

    ~Katherine - age 7~

  • Halloween

    halloween is a wicked night
    scaring my friends in the moonlight

    i really like halloween
    since it means so much to me

    i play dress up in costumes
    and sometimes i put on perfumes

    in the sky where sits the moonlight
    sometimes it gives e a really big fright.

    i love halloween
    for it is the most special day of the year
    oh i love this day to a certain amount of tears.

    ~Stevie-Ann, age 12~

  • HALLOWEEN Of all the eerie nights I've seen
    There've been none more than Halloween
    All things orange, all things black
    Ghouls and horror and lanterns, Jack
    A time for clouds all thick and grey
    A chance for night to have its day
    The kings of darkness do arise
    Their queens so aptly in disguise
    Witches preparing for the night
    With well-pressed hats and cauldrons bright
    "Tonight's the night"
    I've heard it said
    But this one's mainly for the dead
    All hail, All Hallows' Eve


  • The air is cool the season is fall soon halloween will come to all.On this night you will see you have never seen before.You may get scared so be prepared!!!!!!! ~Cheyenne, age 9~

  • My Halloween Poem

    The moon is full
    The wind doth howl

    The dead have risen
    The air is fowl

    Creepy and crawly they all come out
    To torment the kids who are about

    Searching for treats, they will not stop
    So beware of their grab and the sound of a chop

    Halloween is here
    It's the time to scare

    Stay out of the grave yards
    Because they're in there

    Get your treats and make haste to home
    Go right to bed and pray they've all gone

    Back to the yards for another year
    When they we return to give all a scare



  • Halloween what a fright
    Always bring a light
    Little kids screaming
    Little bells ringing
    Open the door
    What's in store
    Extremely exciting
    Evil is biting
    Now it is time to end this rhyme


  • Gouls and Goblins, ghosts, and bats,
    Trick and Treats and witches hats
    Scary creatures in the night
    Jack-o-lanters glowing bright


  • There once was this mean, old witch,
    that kept trying to be a scarey snitch,

    Then there was a scarey skull-shaped purse, that the person holding it, she wanted to curse.

    And when the purse, she could not get,
    it made her feet turn soggy with sweat.

    But when the sweat touched her broom that she rode,
    it made her turn into a toad.

    She just croaked and croaked,
    even though her shoes were soaked.

    I guess she was lucky to meet this demise,
    I mean, she could have turned into a bunch of flies.

    So, let this be a lesson to all you witches,
    think twice before being scarey snitches.

    I too learned my lesson, as you will know,
    because I still have sweat dripping from my toe.


  • The Witch

    A witch is black
    She is in Autum
    She is in a cave
    A witch is wind
    She is a long ragged coat
    A broom
    In Hocus Pocus
    And she eats MAGGOTS


    Black is dark
    It is the winter
    In a dark cave
    Black is rain
    It is new school shoes
    The new leather sofa
    In Twitches
    And it is ur sweets


  • Trick Or Treating

    Halloween is such a blast
    It comes and goes oh so fast
    I love dressing up and trying something new
    And see my friends looking funny, too
    Going from house to house saying, "Trick or treat!"
    And seeing all the candy, I'm going to be able to eat
    I have so much fun with my family and friends but
    I get so disappointed knowing that the day will soon end
    There is no doubt that I adore Halloween
    And the rest of the Holiday seasons will soon be seen


  • Black Cat

    In one spooky dark hat,
    Lived a black cat,
    That ate vampire bats.
    Sleeping under a dark hat,
    On a black mat,
    Lived a black cat.
    Getting fat,
    Eating bat,
    And mixing in some rat,
    Lived a black cat.
    On Halloween night,
    The black cat shook in fright.
    Thinking he saw a headless knight,
    In reality was a bright light.
    Hiding with fright,
    Only to come out for a bite,
    Did the black cat notice the bright white light.
    Moewing with delight,
    The black cat ate all the bats and rats until his heart felt light.


  • The Witches Head

    Beware the witch that lost her head
    She haunts this house; she'll haunt your bed
    She died one day casting a spell
    Trouble was, she couldn't do them so well

    She hubble-bubbled, toiled and troubled
    The cauldron churned and the explosion doubled
    So watch out for her she may fly by
    A headless witch, on her broom in the sky

    Here lies her skull - hair still in tact
    To remind you all of her grisly act

    She wanders the halls wondering where it be,
    Don't let her find it - she'll curse thee!


  • All through the house
    A cold wind blows
    Whistling, whistling

    Pull my blanket around me
    But is there a ghost?
    Whispering, whispering

    The fire went out
    There's just the glow
    Fading, fading

    I'm shaking now
    From my head to my toe
    Shivering, shivering

    There's a shadow outside
    Long and low
    Stalking, stalking

    Long fingers rap
    At my window oh please
    Scaring, scaring

    There's tap-tapping
    Is it the trees?
    Scraping, scraping

    I run out with a shout
    Where do I go?
    Running, running

    Down the long staircase
    Into the cupboard
    Hiding, hiding

    It's worse in here
    Oh gosh I fear
    Shaking, shaking

    The door creaks open
    Aaargh! Who's there?
    Screaming, Screaming

    I open my eyes
    With horror I see.
    Nothing, nothing

    I look all around me
    Surely someone was there?
    Worrying, worrying

    I creep back up to bed
    Dive under the covers
    Peeking, peeking

    No sound can be heard
    I slowly doze off
    Sleeping, sleeping


  • Halloween Night

    It's Halloween night,
    I am dressing up like a witch
    But who knows what we'll see.
    So far I've seen a ghost
    a skeleton plus a witch just like me!
    It's a spooky night
    that gives us a fright,
    until we feel like we have no might!
    At midnight when you have a lot of fright the ghosts say BOO
    while the witches stir their brew
    and the skeleton goes into the foggy dew,
    The full moon rises while the coyotes howl
    and the werewolf goes bow wow,
    All those scared trick-or-treaters go back to their house.


  • Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls,
    Grinning goblins fighting duels,
    Werewolves rising from their tombs,
    Witches and goblins, spooks and elves,
    With sprites and gnomes from elf-land delves,
    Tonight are flying here and there,
    Yes, up and down and everywhere.
    For this one night in all the year
    they rule the earth and bring great fear.
    But even there they goblins see,
    Spooks and gnomes, and all that be
    abroad upon weird Halloween
    when all the wizards may be seen
    where all the folks
    play most wicked jokes.
    They like the dark just as the light,
    for spooks never come within their sight,
    and in their dreams they lovely elves
    Show them bright scenes from fairy delves.
    The moon is full and bright
    And we shall see what can't be seen
    On any other night.
    So, if tonight you are afraid
    of any spook or any shade,
    for oh we'll know it is Halloween!!


  • I knew this girl, her name was May.
    And she could not wait for Halloween day.
    She bought her costume a month in advance.
    And she wore it at home when she had the chance.
    Until one day she heard a terrible lie,
    So at that instant, she had to reply.
    She had heard that Halloween was over.
    But she had already gotten her costume as a four-leaf-clover.
    She had nothing else to do but start a petition.
    And of course, with her parents permission,
    She pranced around her neighborhood,
    And a street called Brentwood.
    She got a few signatures on her sheet.
    She felt as if she were ready to trick or treat.
    Her friends and family were oh-so proud,
    now that Halloween was allowed.


  • Witches in flight,
    Ride through the night,
    Goblins appear, Halloweens here!
    In the morning you will find a key to a happy place!!


  • goblins ghosts and ghouls
    grab greedy little fools
    then they serve them up
    in their daily gruel


  • A voice from the dark is calling me
    a feeling of a cold hand nearing me
    something lurking behind me
    i can hear something scurry
    and i needed to hurry

    it was only a mouse!!



    The day is bright
    But the day is cursed;
    For night is near
    It's October thirty first.


    As the sun sets
    The full moon rises;
    The children change
    The town is in crisis.


    Streets lined with picket fences
    In the early morning dawn;
    Now filled with creepy shadows
    There's no longer any calm.


    Goblins big and tall
    Witches full of fright;
    Walk, stalk, terrorize
    While ghosts play in the night.


    The haunting continues
    'Til the clock strikes 12:01;
    The spirits must retire
    For their work is surely done.


    ~Elaina, age 12~

  • They Fall
    Beside the moon
    Between the planets sits mars
    During night you see them
    Above you watch
    Except on a cloudy night
    They fall before your eyes

    ~A. Bryant~

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