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Submit your own Halloween poems to me--I will post them here! Send your first name and age with the poem! Submit here.

Because of the tremendous amounts of email sending poems, costumes, and costume ideas, I cannot respond to all of them. If you send me a poem, please check back here in a couple of days to see your poem posted! I am totally amazed at the wonderful poems that have been sent to me. And most of them are written by young people! Such amazing talent! Please include your age and first name with the poem. Thanks and keep sending them in!

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  • Halloween

    It's Halloween, it's Halloween
    Witches zoom through on brooms
    Very scary creatures are skeleteens
    Frightened children stay in rooms
    Kids are afraid of heights
    Werewolves bite
    Children fly their kites
    Mouses on houses
    All on Halloween night.

    ~Mitchell H.- age 7

  • Once aupon a halloween night. All was loud but yet not a sound was heard. Trick-or-treaters ring door bells and eating candy well others get ready for suprizes and goodies.Jack-o-lenterns shining and the wind howaling. Treaters say good night and give out the last of candy well kids are at home trading and trying new things andgetting tucked in to bed or putting on there pj's. The least I can say is dress up for Halloween and enjoy your goodies!


  • Spooky Hollween

    The Night Is Dark The ghosts are out
    I'm Crying cause I see a black cat


  • My Invisibility poem

    Invisible, invisible,
    Make me invisible,
    So other’s eyes will not see me
    Invisible, invisible,
    Make me invisible,
    So in the cauldron I put three
    Glasses from boots
    An owl that hoots,
    And a mirror of the ghostly
    Invisible, invisible,
    Make me invisible,
    And so shall be me!


  • a witch came flying about
    on a nasty, dark, battered broom
    she lets out a crackle that sends shivers down peoples spine
    then cast a spell that makes people go mad
    she goes around doing evil as she please
    with no one to stop her for she is the wicked witch
    as the sky grows light she disappears
    to her dark, wet, slimey cave
    to do her nasty biddings
    she stirs her potion filled with goo
    then put in a eyeball
    she crackles again with sound that sends shivers down your spine
    as the darkness gloomed over the city
    she appears again
    doing evil over and over
    for she's the wicked witch
    a sight of her makes people scream in horror
    for her face is as dry as leather
    also with moles on her forehead and chin
    with a razor sharp nose that can pierce through skin
    in the end she's had her fun she disappears and comes back
    again and again....


  • Some one is always sitting there, In the little green orchard;
    Even when the sun is high In noon's unclouded sky,
    And faintly droning goes The bee from rose to rose,
    Some one in shadow is sitting there In the little green orchard.

    Yes, when the twilight's falling softly
    In the little green orchard;
    When the grey dew distills
    And every flower-cup fills;
    When the last blackbird says,
    'What - what!' and goes her way - ssh! I have heard voices calling softly
    In the little green orchard

    Not that I am afraid of being there,
    In the little green orchard;
    Why, when the moon's been bright,
    Shedding her lonesome light,
    And moths like ghosties come,
    And the horned snail leaves home:
    I've sat there, whispering and listening there,
    In the little green orchard.

    Only it's strange to be feeling there,
    In the little green orchard;
    Whether you paint or draw,
    Dig, hammer, chop or saw;
    When you are most alone,
    All but the silence gone...
    Some one is watching and waiting there,
    In the little green orchard.


  • Trouble in Disguise

    Black cats, Black cats, lurking in the night,
    With bright green eyes, sparkling bright.
    They may look sweet and innocent too,
    But if they cross your path,
    You will feel fate’s wrath!

    Bad luck will start to come your way,
    Following you everyday.
    Making your life miserable as can be,
    These are black cats, can’t you see!!!

    ~Casey- age 11~ ~Casey~ age 11

  • Beware those golden pumpkins,
    for it’s the night of hollow’s eve!
    There Monsters to scare the children
    and witches to prepare the seen!

    Finally it’s Halloween!
    Those pumpkins gleam with fright!
    As the children stare in awe,
    they flee with there hands held tight!

    For it’s the best night of the year
    and we can all agree,
    there’s nothing like some good old fear,
    Before we set the children free!


  • An Evening In October

    An October evening
    Carved pumpkins with grins
    Old witches on broomsticks
    Hover o'er haunted inns

    Hoot owls in willows
    Black bats
    How they swoon
    Moans from a graveyard
    An eerie full moon

    Frankenstein's Monster
    Casper and Crew
    Long awaited this moment
    A chance to say, "Boo!"

    Draculas, devils and werewolves appear
    Resurrect and Rejoice!
    Halloween's almost here!

    An old haunted mansion
    So scary but sweet!
    Have a Happy Halloween
    A real neat Trick or Treat!


  • Goblins and ghouls,ghosts too,
    Will all yell out that familiar word Boo!


  • halloween is around the corner,
    so get prepared for a ghouls night out,
    there will be alot of scary things coming out,
    but don't be afraid,because ghost busters will catch you,
    so be ready for the freakiest halloween ever.


  • goblins worry
    witches fear
    some very very scary things
    are waiting right in here

    ghosts beware
    devils, have fright
    some very very scary things
    are in this house tonight

    ~Halloween Girl~

  • the creepyist night of the year,
    theres ghosts and witchers in here.
    if theres a bumpety noise downstairs,
    then everyone upstairs is scared.
    halloweens not all bad though,
    it can be quite fun you know.
    cakes and partys all over the place,
    sometimes presents inside a case,
    those cases are spooky,
    and scared makes people go loopy.
    i like this scarey day,
    yes its spooky but hey.


  • Tonight is the night
    When dead leaves fly
    Like witches on switches
    Across the sky,
    When elf and sprite
    Flit through the night
    On a moony sheen.

    Tonight is the night
    When leaves make a sound
    Like a gnome in his home
    Under the ground,
    When spooks and trolls
    Creep out of holes
    Mossy and green.

    Tonight is the night
    When pumpkins stare
    Through sheaves and leaves
    When ghouls and ghost
    And goblin host
    Dance round their queen.
    It's Halloween.


  • Finally its halloween
    everyone scream
    Candy everywhere
    no one ever wants to share

    ~Zuhaib- age 12~

  • A Freaky Night

    She gets ready for Halloween Night
    Then as soon as she gets her costume on
    She is a fright
    Her mom walks in to pick up the load
    The girl goes in frightening mode
    Her mom gets scared
    now the girl is prepared
    to walk in the night
    for some fun fright


  • ashes and ashes brooms and brooms
    children spooked as witch twitch and mummies get mulets


  • H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N



  • waiting to get booed?
    well keep waiting and it will come soon!
    but watch out and dont be frighten,
    when someone comes to your door your night will be lightened!!!!!!





  • halloween

    halloween is the best time yet
    its the greatest thing
    the goblins,witches and ghosts come out
    the best time is trick or treating
    you get louds candey
    halloween is the best


  • MY FIRST EVER POEM (at age 56)... I am one of the Head Tournament Directors for Case's Ladder/DiceBuddies ... and I wrote this for one of my tourney pages:

    Beware I say because you know it is true!!!
    On this blackest of nights
    Goblins, Monsters, and Witches are coming for YOU!!!

    ~Author, LegalBratTN~

  • Halloween

    When the days become short,
    And the nights become long,
    Little kids will come out,
    And your house will sing ding-dong.
    But the little kids aren’t the only ones out,
    With candy on the mind,
    You better lock your doors,
    And watch your behind.
    Monsters come out,
    Ghosts and goblins do to,
    Witches all shapes and sizes,
    With caldrons from green to blue.
    But they’re nothing to be afraid of,
    They only want something to eat,
    So on Halloween night,
    Just give them a treat.


  • lanterns light the streets as little children come to trick or treat.
    the headless horseman rides through town, spooking all that are around.
    Witches brew a potion so foul, that even a werewolf cannot howl.
    skeletons dance around the tombs, and bats crowd the moon.
    Garlic is hung from the door, knowing it is the thing vampires abhor.
    Pumpkins are carved with groteque pictures, as cookie batter spins through the mixer.
    so little children cover your heads, curl up in your warm beds.
    Halloween is not soon over, and evil spirits still want to hover.
    take my warning with great heed, as ghosts and ghouls do no good deeds

    ~Madison- age 12~

  • I walk across the darkened park on that lonely halloween night. I can feel wrapped around me a blanket of dark on that scary halloween night

    rustle rustle
    squeak squeek
    crack crack
    crinkle crinkle

    I edge my way around the lake
    a long long time I take
    as I watch for witches, ghosts and ghouls on this creepy halloween night.

    ~Hannah age 12~

  • Halloween Night

    Little children walk the streets,
    Saying jokes for yummy sweets.

    All the children laugh and smile,
    This day only comes once in a while.

    Ghosts, Goblins and Witches too,
    Stir the cauldron making evil Witches Brew.

    The Vampires are in there caves,
    In the cemetery zombies are rising from their graves.

    All this stuff is quite the fright,
    Children beware its Halloween Night!!!!!!!

    ~Ruth Age 11~

  • Five Little Cats

    Five little cats sitting near a house.
    The first one said "I saw a mouse"!
    The second one said "I'd like to sail in a boat".
    The third one said "I saw a goat".
    The fourth one said "We'd better run".
    The fifth one said "Aren't you having fun"?


  • If you come to this door on Halloween night,
    All you will be is full of fright,
    For in this house, this house right here,
    Werewolves sing out loud and clear,
    The rooms are dark and the lights are dim,
    Your dreams will be filled with crys to the brim,
    So come, venture in and knock if you dare,
    But I'm warning you, your in for a scare!!!




  • Happy halloween the air is filled with fright, there are spirits coming out of the grave and ghosts into the night, Halloween is fun with all the treats and tricks there is to be done with festivals in towns and carnivals in school you celebrate it with joy and alot of fun too.


  • Joyce writes, "I'm 50+ years old; my favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas, and I enjoy composing funny/goofy poetry, often based on Halloween. I haven't let the child in me grow up, despite having an adult job, so I let myself have fun with my poetry! "

    Chicken Beak Stew

    Eye of newt,
    Skin of frog,
    Scales of snake,
    Hair of dog--
    Spiders legs and Lizard's lips,
    Warts of toad and Hornet's hips,
    Turnip greens and chicken beaks,
    A cup of Bees,
    A pound of Leeks,
    Claw of Vulture,
    Fur of Bat,
    Tail of Lizard,
    Meow of Cat,
    Smell of Wet Dog and a cup of fat.

    Stir it all together and let it all brew; on Halloween night you'll have Chicken Beak Stew! EEUUWW!!

  • A Werewolf Halloween

    Unearthly sheen in sombre night,
    A manic glow that's not quite right.
    Loud and hollow, the howl rings,
    It's fear and panic that it brings.
    The tiny scuttling all around,
    As colossal paws claw at the ground.

    Keep your senses, hold your nerve,
    Around you creatures dart and swerve.
    Be motionless, you might catch sight,
    Of shadowy beasts within the night.
    You hear it coming, and your fear grows,
    Those staring eyes with madness glow.

    Ahead, a large, atramentous shape,
    A werewolf looms, you've no escape.
    He gazes at you with orbs alight,
    Hypnotic pull, you cannot fight.
    A growl sounds from immensive beast,
    Such bone-chilling sound is released.

    A nightmare dwells within this scene,
    A werewolf hunt, on Halloween.
    The woods around you seem to shrink,
    The werewolf nears, your hopes shall sink.
    More gather, working as a team,
    And one last sound, a fading scream.

    ~Toph age 12~

  • It's Halloween!!
    Ghosts and witches are to be seen
    They are everywhere


  • Pumpkin Time

    Pumpkin Time is here again,
    Time to play or trick or treat.
    Pumpkintime is here again,
    See the costums we have on,
    Monsters,ghosts,goblins too.
    See the costums we have on,
    Hear us all shout "Boo"!!!!!


  • what a scene, halloween,
    what a scene,
    what a scene,
    what a scene,
    its halloween!
    decorate my bedroom,
    decorate the street,
    get ready,
    go knockin'
    and don't forget to say



    It was a dark and windy night
    As we trick o treated with fright
    Gathering candy and treats
    While strolling down the streets
    A ghost appeared from nowhere
    And boy we were so scared
    We dropped our loot
    And decided to scoot
    And went home with our

    ~Amelia- age 13~


    Halloween, Halloween,
    Trick ‘R’ treat,
    So many sweets that I
    Can eat!!!!

    Witches, vampires
    Zombies and more,
    Halloween night is
    Never a bore!

    Halloween, Halloween,
    Will make you scream,
    More werewolves and
    Monsters than in a bad dream!

    Halloween, Halloween,
    Fun and game,
    It’s all over now,
    What a shame!

    Halloween, Halloween,
    Time for bed,
    Good thing that all

    The monsters are dead!!!


  • Halloween is coming soon

    Halloween is coming soon,
    Pumpkins we must buy.
    Make a Jack- o' Lantern,
    bake a pumpkin pie.

    ~Andrea- 10 years old!

  • cobwebs and spiders
    pumpkins and ghost
    sitting with sider
    and thinking of most
    thinking of scary
    costumes to wear
    like being all hairy
    for only a dair
    the ghost come near
    all pale and so white
    for you should not fear
    they only want to fight
    they go for a punch
    and comes out with a fall
    and thought of there hunch
    thats been right afterall
    this holiday to say
    can be scary indeed
    so think of that day
    you will always seem to need


  • The Halloween Poem

    Pumpkin moon Halloween fright
    Children go, out at night.
    House to house they go,
    Dressed in spooky clothes to show.
    Cauldrons spit and bubble
    With toads legs and trouble.
    Pumpkins fly above the sky
    Showing their light across the night.
    If you dare to go out there,
    You must be brave and do not scare.
    Hold your breath,
    So you do not fret and fear.
    Because HALLOWEEN is finally here!

    ~Tiger Pearl- age 8~

  • Munsters

    There you see him peaking round the corner
    there he is coming even closer
    look out for it's the little munster
    He is not mean but quite friendly
    but please don't call him hennry
    for he's our little munster


  • Halloween

    All of the world is Trick-Or-Treating
    Loads of candy
    Lots of fun
    Over the hills witches rise from their sleep
    We don’t know when to stop
    Even skeletons get a scare
    Everywhere kids are laughing
    Now that’s all the fun on Halloween

    Freaky costumes

    Freaky costumes everywhere.
    Some are quite a scare.
    Vampires and witches.
    Warewolves rising out of ditches.
    Ghost and ghouls abound.
    Freaky costumes are all around!


    All this candy there’s just so much.
    How will I eat all of it in this bunch?
    I have snickers, Hersheys, and lolipops too.
    I know! I’ll share some with you!

    Halloween fun

    Halloween is so fun you get all this candy, sugar, and sweets.
    When you get home you’re so scared you hide under sheets.
    Halloween parties everywhere.
    A lot of costumes I saw were in a pair.
    2prisoners, 2 ghosts, and 2 policemen.
    In fact, I even saw 2 hens!
    Halloween is so fun. But the best of all…


    Wrinkley witches what a scare!
    There are witches here, there, and everywhere.
    They are super, duper scarey!


  • There once was a little ghost.
    His name was Timmy Little.
    He sat upon his lonely post.
    When along rolled a skittle.

    It rolled past where Timmy was sat.
    And kept on rolling down the road.
    Timmy looked up and put on his hat.
    "Follow it!" said the grumpy old toad.

    Timmy took the old toads advice.
    And followed the skittle down to the feild.
    He floated over the melted ice.
    And sighed as his fate was sealed.

    The feild was empty as Timmy got near.
    Not a skittle or rainbow in sight.
    And down Timmy's cheek rolled a single tear.
    For now he would forever be white.


  • Halloween

    This is the night of fright and screams,
    A time to be scared out of your seams.

    Witches, Vampires, Ghouls, and Goblins run about,
    Trick or treat til the candy runs out.

    Lock your doors and windows, secure your bolts,
    The creatures will shock you like a ton of volts.

    Dress up in your scariest outfit,
    I'd sleep with the candle lit.

    Play your pranks, but don't be seen,
    Don't forget to have a Happy Halloween!!!



  • It’s Halloween again,
    The moon is full and bright.
    Black cats and flying bats
    They give me such a fright!
    The wind is howling, scary sounds
    Jack-o-lanterns, big and round
    Ghosts and goblins shouting “BOO!”
    A Happy Halloween to you!

    ~Jyllian Age 23~

  • When you go trick-or-treatin',
    Count on candy you'll be eatin'!
    Fun, fun, fun and costumes galore,
    Hershy's Snicker's M&M's and more!
    Please join us in celabrating this Halloween fun,
    You'll be sure to do it or you'll miss out on candy a ton!

    ~Megan- age 9~

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