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Submit your own Halloween poems to me--I will post them here! Send your first name and age with the poem! Submit here.

Because of the tremendous amounts of email sending poems, costumes, and costume ideas, I cannot respond to all of them. If you send me a poem, please check back here in a couple of days to see your poem posted! I am totally amazed at the wonderful poems that have been sent to me. And most of them are written by young people! Such amazing talent! Please include your age and first name with the poem. Thanks and keep sending them in!

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  • Yellow Moon rising soon...
    Piece of pie,
    pumpkin eye...
    burning wicks.
    Trick or treat-
    pounding feet,
    jack-o -lanterns line the street.
    Down the hill,
    spirits spill...
    Purple scales-
    dragon tails,
    purple horns-
    Trick or treat-
    pounding feet,
    eerie shadows fill the street.
    Swooping bats,
    hissing cats...
    Tattered rags,
    toothless hags,
    pointed tails,
    blood-red nails.
    Trick or treat-
    pounding feet,
    Wretched witches roam the street.
    Crackling bones,
    muffled moans...
    Tigers growl,
    werewolves howl...
    Toes curl,
    heads swirl,
    things bump,
    hearts thump.
    Trick or Treat-
    pounding feet,
    Halloween has found our street.



    what a scene,
    what a scene,
    what a scene,
    what a scene,
    its halloween!
    decorate my bedroom,
    decorate the street,
    get ready,
    go knockin'
    and don't forget to say


  • deep in a sea of of darkness lives the lord of the living dead.he rises once a year on the night of the 31 seeking new minions. he hides in the corner waiting to pounce. he will eat you piece by piece. But we wont have to worry this year. Because he ate too much candy!!!!


  • Halloween costumes halloween play my! oh! my!
    What a frighting day.
    Plenty of scary stuff coming my way
    Halloween fun on Halloween day!!!!!!!

    ~Alisha, 10~

  • Pumpkin pumpkin, shining bright
    We will have such fun tonight,
    I am glad that you are hear now,
    goblins are so very scary.
    Pumpkin pumpkin shining bright
    we will have such fun tonight


  • 'Twas Halloween night and all through the sky,
    The clouds hid the moon as the bats glided by.
    I was dressed all in white in my mama's old sheet,
    Walking with friends down the ghost-haunted street.

    All the kids were dressed in bright costumed array,
    While flashlights and street lights guided our way.
    We giggled and laughed as we hurried to each door,
    Ringing or knocking, then laughing some more.

    There were pumpkins aglow and skeletons dangling,
    Scarecrows and shadows and silver chains clanging.
    Grownups in masked faces opened doors in greeting,
    As we stood with our bags and waited for treating.

    Some people say that we should not have this night,
    That too many kids are harmed by the sights or the fright -
    But it's the one time a year when we can pretend to be
    Someone else for a while, not you - not even me.

    Let them celebrate now, as the bats glide on by,
    For childhood is brief, like the blink of an eye.
    Listen to their laughter and let the children be
    Someone else for a while, not you and not even me.


  • As the days pass slowly
    As weeks creep by
    Autumn leaves are blowing
    And we know why

    Pumpkins are carved
    With a jack o lantern face
    A candle put in it
    Keeps the ghosts from that place

    The children are out
    Walking on feet
    Going door to door
    To get something sweet

    Ghosts and goblins in our sight
    Kids eat candy with all there might
    Witches go on there broomstick flights A lot happens on Halloween night

    ~Jacob Garrido~

  • All Hallows' Eve

    It is a night for all the monsters to come out,
    Some are green, some are hairy, some even have a big snout.
    Parents decorate, children put on costumes, and go trick-or-treating,
    Then they get sick, from all the candy they're eating.
    It is a night for horrible ghouls,
    Kids have parties at their schools.
    They tell stories about vampires and witches,
    Maybe even meet a tall green guy with stitches.
    When the night is over, Dracula can go back to his coffin,
    The ghouls can go back with the dead,
    Then all the children can go safely to bed.

    ~Mary Nicholas~

  • A Vision Of Fright

    A whisper in the dark, a cry at night,
    Are sounds I hear that give me fright.
    A shadow I see in a murky glow,
    Makes me wonder if a ghost will show.
    Creaks and moans I sometimes hear,
    It makes me shiver and shake with fear.
    Halloween is here, there is no doubt,
    These noises scare me, I want to shout.
    There's a vampire there, behind that tree, He wants to bite me, he wants me to bleed.
    A werewolf too is lurking close by,
    Under a full moon and pitch black sky.
    As these monsters creep closer to make a bloody scene, I suddenly wake up and realize, it was just a dream.

    ~Kenneth Bays~

  • Wee Little Pumpkin

    Wee little pumpkin why are you so glum?
    Wee little pumpkin do you not here the drum?

    Drum, drum, drum, clap, clap, clap
    Tum, tum, tum, tap, tap, tap.

    Halloween draws near have some cheer it is our most joyous season.
    Wee little pumpkin please I beg of you to tell me of your reason…

    Wee little pumpkin with tear choked eye could not think of what to sigh.
    Ashamed to think that he might not give a candle’s wink upon this Halloween’s nigh.

    For to look around his pumpkin patch it was easy to see all where more desirous then he.
    “Who would dare to take a stare at just a wee little pumpkin like me!”

    “I just know that I am never chosen and left to just rot away the season.
    Its hard you know to please the droll when your just such a wee little reason.”

    Boo hoo hoo, boo hoo hoo
    What to do, what to do!

    “Wee little pumpkin don’t you cry
    Wee little pumpkin If I could I’d give you a try.”

    “Wee little pumpkin don’t you fret.
    I am sure it will be a Halloween day you’ll never regret.”

    Clippity clap, clippity clap I make this wish upon a witches hat.
    Slippity slap, slippity slap I wish it now, I wish it that.

    The wee little pumpkin dried his eyes, for he felt hope, he felt better.
    If he had hands he would write his scarecrow friend this kind thank you letter.

    “Thank you, I say for it is has made better this awful day,
    When all is said and done I will give you a gift if I may.”

    Clanggity clang, clanggity clang
    Rickety raw, rickety raw

    “What was that?” asked the wee little pumpkin.

    Scarecrow explained that the farmer’s market had just begun.
    Soon now multitudes of people shall be claiming their pumpkins while on the run.

    Lo and behold people milled in and where quickly making their claims.
    All day long they grabbed their autumn prize and named them names.

    All of them except for the wee little pumpkin he was all that was left…

    Boo hoo hoo, Boo hoo hoo
    I just knew, I just knew!

    “Wee little pumpkin don’t you cry.
    There still might be others who’ll give you a try.”

    Never me, never me
    Let me be, let me be!

    Wee little pumpkin sobbed for what seemed hours.
    The gods of day had let slip away their powers.
    And as their sun set so did the wee little pumpkins hope.
    All that was left of the day was him, the scarecrow, and some farmer’s rope.

    “Are you still awake scarecrow, I know how soon you are to sleep.”
    The scarecrow just looked at him with red button eyes saying not a peep.

    Night fell quickly and the stars and moon were full.
    Time was near to say his prayers for he felt sleep’s strong pull.

    “…and dear God I am not mad with you I will always believe in you until my end…”
    And as soon as he finished speaking these words in came his godsend.

    A light turned on the farmer’s porch and its screen door was thrown wide open with a clash.
    Out came a wee little girl all in ribbons and bows and to the pumpkin field she made a dash.

    She ran right over to the place where wee little pumpkin lay forsaken.

    And gleefully picked him up and thanked God that her wee little pumpkin was not taken. She hugged and kissed him tenderly and sweet and declared,
    “ I will name you wee little pumpkin no other name would I have dared!”

    Wee little pumpkin was as happy as a little pumpkin could be.
    As she ran with him back towards her house both hearts filled with glee.

    Wee little pumpkin was able to look back upon the scarecrow.
    He was just hanging there with a big smiling face in a bright moonlit glow.

    “Happy Halloween my scarecrow friend your words proved very true!”
    “I will gladly meet you again back in the sun after all the saints have seen us through.”

    ~Richard Magee~

  • The Pumpkin

    I saw a pumpkin
    On the porch
    Glowing with a flame

    It seemed to stare
    To look at me
    It was playing a strange game

    It shook and rattled,
    Hopped and rolled.
    Something was inside

    The pumpkin,
    Staring up at me,
    Was going for a ride.

    The ghost came out
    The kids all ran.
    But I stood my ground.

    And I picked up
    All of the sweet
    Candy that I found.


  • Halloween is here!

    Ghosts and Goblins near.
    Scary sounds,
    And barking hounds,
    Halloween is here!

    Halloween is here!
    Tricks, and treats, and fears.
    Spookey nights,
    No more light 'cause
    Halloween is here!

    Halloween is here!
    Is my eleventh* year.
    Many costumes I see,
    Many places to be.
    Halloween is here!

    *Can be any year.







  • Halloween Nights

    eerie sounds
    creeping around
    ghost lurking the town
    everybody holds in the fear
    skeletens sit upon the tombs with a haunting frown this is all just a bit to weird is that screaming?
    no panting?
    who cares it is all to real
    before you know it -
    poof you vanish
    awoken from your dreams in a bit
    but it still seems all to real


  • Three greedy ghost,
    Three greedy ghost
    See how they fly,
    See how they fly
    They all come knocking on my front door
    Collecting treats and goodies galore
    I gave them some but they wanted more
    Those three greedy ghost
    Those three greedy ghost.


  • Halloween Halloween

    Oh how I love Halloween
    When all the girls and boys dress up
    as dead boys and girls
    Witches and ghosts will come to life
    On this gouly night of Halloween


  • Twinkling orange eyes cut
    the black night Winds whistle,
    and kids run with fright
    A Yellow Moon looms high in the sky
    Witches on their brooms will fly
    Ghosts, Goblins and scary Ghouls
    Bags of candy this night do rule!


  • Halloween Night

    On Halloween night comes in sight,
    I tell an old, old story.
    There once was an old lady that had a cup of gory,
    And she saved it until Halloween night.
    She got it from children who came by,
    She got a rope and tied them by her bedside.
    When they spoiled they died,
    And she took the gory out of their body.
    Every Halloween night she drank it.
    The End.

    ~Callie Dyar~

  • Ghost

    Ghosts fly so high
    I hope the ghost doesn't like to lie
    I know like to go boo
    but they should stop crying over you.


  • Halloween night

    The air is getting cool and crisp.
    The nights are getting longer.
    The moon comes out,
    and wearwolves shout,
    "Halloween is here!"

    Gremlins, goblins, ghosts galore,
    Roming down the streets at night.
    In sun they're rare,
    but at night they scare!
    saying, "Halloween is here!"

    Witches stir up their brew,
    while wizards make their potions.
    They give you some.
    You fell so dumb.
    while saying, "Halloween is here!"

    "Halloween is here!"
    sings the ghostly chorus.
    Grab your gear.
    Guess whats near?
    "Halloween is here!"


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