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Submit your own Halloween poems to me--I will post them here! Send your first name and age with the poem! Submit here.

Because of the tremendous amounts of email sending poems, costumes, and costume ideas, I cannot respond to all of them. If you send me a poem, please check back here in a couple of days to see your poem posted! I am totally amazed at the wonderful poems that have been sent to me. And most of them are written by young people! Such amazing talent! Please include your age and first name with the poem. Thanks and keep sending them in!

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  • On Halloween, we see kids with fright,
    Who walk down the street on a dark, dark night.
    Give them some candy to brighten up their night,
    Once they eat it, they will feel just right.

    ~Jenny, 5 1/2~

  • Halloween is when children dress up and go trick or treat
    And jump out and scare everyone right out of their feet
    Life can't live without a sometimes a good scare
    Leaves and scraps fly around in the air
    On halloweem night is the time to go nuts
    Watch scary movies all night and give out candies and such
    Eerie and scary things are about
    Everyone wishes they had bunches more candy no doubt!
    Now it's time for me to go and have a little scream


  • Its halloween, its Halloween
    here we go for each door
    trick or treat smell my feet
    oh my gosh its halloween!


  • Three ghosts knocking on my door,
    I gave them candy now they want more!
    Down the street, here comes a nurse
    and a mummy clearly under a curse.

    I am almost out of all my treats
    Kit Kat, Reese's, all those sweets!
    Tricks? I don t know any. Nope not one.
    So maybe I'll just get out my trusty squirt gun

    The next ghoul that knocks would get a surprise
    if I blasted him with water between his eyes!
    A werewolf might growl and put up a fight
    If he doesn't get candy this Halloween night.

    So it's into my car and off I go
    to buy more chocolate, don't you know?
    When I return, they are on my lawn,
    Boy I can't wait for them to be gone.

    Thankfully it's only just one night
    (or my candy bill would give me a fright!)
    I'm glad it s only once a year
    So sit back and enjoy-- Halloween is here!


  • Trick or treat, trick or treat,
    Trick or treat we say!
    Try to get the treats before
    The ghost takes us away!

    Trick or treat, trick or treat,
    Trick or treat we say!
    If you don't have treats for us
    We'll never go away!


  • Pumpkins and poison and witches and wizards
    frog legs and bats wings and bird beaks and lizards
    mix them with cat blood and boil in a pot


  • Halloween's a sudden BOO!!
    And just as quick a scream:
    Laughing in the scary dark,
    Loving friendly fright.
    On Halloween, witches come true;
    Wild ghosts escape from dreams.
    Each monster dances in the park,
    Eating candy like a shark-
    Now kiss and say goodnight!


  • The witch was bright and she had a broom
    She broke it and everyone ran around the room.
    It was a scary sight
    And gave everyone a big fright.


  • Autumn is nearly here
    It is that time of year
    I see the pile,and it makes me smile
    For I know the pile will be gone in awhile
    The cold air tingles my ears
    I know halloween is near
    Soon all the laughing,and giggling witches will be roaming the streets
    For they are on a quest for piles of sweets
    When they get their sweets they will fly to their lair
    And make sure their sweets don't have any despair
    The ghosts and gobblins will haunt every house
    And say trick or treat quiet as a mouse
    They will carry their prey back to their caves
    And say happy halloween to all zombies in their graves


  • One Halloween Night
    When 3 little children ran up to the door
    they went looking for candy and asked for more
    one a ghost, and one a mummy
    and that Frankenstein was just not funny
    and finally they came to the end of the street
    looking at what they never thought they'd meet
    it had what all three knew it would
    but the task they had they never thought they could
    They steped onto the porch and knock on the door
    and when it opened, it was nothing like before
    an old lady steped out
    and those kids didn't shout
    she said "what a dark night and look what I see,
    three little children wanting candy from me"
    she never gave chocolate or candy at all
    so she said "come in and walk straight down the hall"
    When the hall was at end they came to a bend
    After the bend was a dimed light
    It Appeared to be a kitchen on a very dark night
    So she them instead
    if they want some bread
    and the children ran out
    with a scream and a shout
    so when the children ran up to their door
    they had lots of candy and wanted no more!


  • All Hallow's Eve

    'Tis from the hollow, mists arise
    To drift beneath the autumn skies,
    To usher in a dark surprise -
    The night of righteousness' demise.

    Upon the rising moon they spread,
    Like shrouds upon the waking dead,
    The trappings of a silver bed,
    From which all evil things are bred.

    When wind blows through the barren trees,
    There spreading as some foul disease,
    There piping fearful melodies
    Of never-ending tragedies,

    When mischief-laden fingers snatch
    The pumpkins frosted in the patch,
    And in them fires of brimstone light,
    And make the souls of darkness bright,

    When ghouls awaken in their graves,
    When vampires burst forth from their staves,
    When fleshless bones arise to war,
    And venture from perdition's store,

    When banshees howl out from the mire,
    When werewolves sing their wicked choir,
    When ghostly rites all souls inspire,
    And magic sets the moon on fire,

    When wake the monsters yet untold,
    When zombies march the open road,
    When demons lurk beyond the gate,
    And darkness holds a dreadful fate,

    Then know the night of doom is here,
    The dawn of everlasting fear,
    The opening of an evil door -
    All Hallow's Eve has come once more.

    "All Hallow's Eve!" The beasties cry.
    On Hallow's Eve, the witches fly.
    On Hallow's Eve, hell's creatures spy.
    On Hallow's Eve, all good things die.

    ~Daniel F Mitchell~

  • With all those creepy prowlers, out on one night.
    It really gave me quite a fright,
    so thats why I went as a knight!


  • Halloween Night!

    Halloween Night
    The feeling, a fright
    For ghouls and ghosts are all about
    In the chilling night air.

    Watch out! Watch out!
    Close your doors
    For they are coming
    Quickly across the moors!

    You should be scared.
    You should be warned
    For halloween night, Is all about!!
    (Cackle! Cackle!)


  • Scare Fest

    on halloween night
    your in for a fright
    no candy
    thats just fine and dandy
    for this horror
    i need a dollar
    and who could forget rain
    and lots of misery and pain
    on halloween night
    your in for a fright


  • I am a ghost
    I don't want to boast
    I have a cat
    that jumps at a bat
    I have a friend witch
    and she likes to twitch
    I have a mummy
    that has an ache in it's tummy
    Our pumpkin is scary
    and is very hairy
    I have a ghoul
    that drools
    King Kong
    plays a gong

    ~Andy, age 7, NY~

  • In the Witch's Kitchen

    In the Witch's Kitchen lies
    A box of pies
    And foxes eyes
    A human brain
    And some fine champagne
    Frog legs
    And two dozen eggs
    Spider webs
    And lettuce heads
    A lock of hair
    And candy to share
    And that's what's in the Witch's Kitchen


  • For our Halloween party
    this is what we'll do
    we will make witches' brew
    to drink with booger stew.
    Then we'll have some
    pumpkin too.
    we'll cook it up till
    it becomes goo.
    we'll serve it in
    a dirty old shoe.
    Do you want to come to our party too?

    ~Aaron, age 8~


    Halloween comes the same time each year
    It s a day filled with ghosts and goblins
    And other monsters we fear
    I could see you now contemplating what to be
    But one look at you and it's plain to see
    With your beautiful eyes and curly brown hair
    You would be the furthest thing from a nightmare
    You radiant smile and rosy cheeks
    Those are the qualities that make you unique
    With you allure, charm and beauty
    It will be awfully tricky to make you look freaky
    What ever you decide to be on this fun filled day
    There are just a couple of things that I want to say
    With all those stunning characteristics that you possess
    I am sure you will do nothing but impress
    Since the day I met you it wasn't difficult for you to sell
    The fact that you are a true angel!

    ~Submitted for Erin Murphy~

  • the witches cat
    on halloween nights
    as quite as a bat
    and eyes like lights
    as black as coal
    with a mouse she stole


  • Beware Hallow's Eve

    On hallow's eve, the hinges groan
    The floorboards creakand trapdoors crack.
    The ancient spirits wail and moan,
    For they have been to hell and back.
    As clouds cover all the starlight,
    The moon is full, the Dark awake.
    The devil roams our world freely
    While leaving chaos in its wake.
    As evil walks, our worls trembles.
    As evil laughs, our world quakes.
    And down in hell, its force assembles.
    Around the Satan's fiery lakes.

    ~Ksenia, age 12~

  • i dont mean to boast
    but im the scariest goast


  • uh-oh, it's halloween!
    get ready to be scared, get ready to be mean!
    Gnomes, ghosts, evil clowns,
    Wicked witches with horrible sounds,
    will be walking all around,
    with pumpkins big and round.

    great, just what we need, for a scary halloween indeed..


  • Little Ghost

    The little ghost
    cute as a post
    gave me a scream
    he sat in the hall
    not very tall
    i sat on the poor little ghosts tail!!!



    Once upon a hallow dreary,
    A ghost came along weak and weary.
    With fiery eyes that burned with grim.
    He hoped to find his home again.

    A placid life he did once live,
    With hope and love he did once give,
    He lost his home and he lost his wife
    Bleak with sorrow he ended his life.

    In his grave he whispered a threat
    That he could no longer live with regret.
    He burned to rid these ghastly chains,
    To once again roam the open plains.

    He did not care of the cost,
    All he wanted to do was reclaim the lost.
    He can not sleep in his silken tomb
    But to always seek is his doom.


  • Halloween! Halloween!
    Lots of fun on Halloween!
    Black cats, witches and skeletons, too.
    Ghosts and goblins all say BOO!


  • Halloween

    Its halloween time once more,
    This is where you see lots of candy at the store.
    And costums of witches, ghosts and cats,
    You might even see some random bats.
    Kids go trick-or-treat,
    While walking down the darkend street.
    Teens may go to a party or two,
    And see owls that go who whooo.
    They run and scream in fright,
    They run until they are out of site.
    There are zombies that come out from The dead,
    And you could see that they are missing Their head!
    On this day there are also haunted Houses that you can attend
    And this is where some peoples time they spend.
    In these house things pop out at you
    and you're too scared to even know what to do!
    There are many spooky movies that could be watched
    and witches cauldron that looks like a pot.
    I hope you learned somthing about this day ...
    Happy Halloween, thats all i can say =D

    ~*_Hiba & Sarah_*! - age 9~

  • halloween, halloween
    the scariest of them all
    if i could chose to have it all
    i would not miss halloween
    halloween, halloween
    the moon is bright
    the witches fright
    as they flew up way above
    we can not possibly know what its like
    for those who rule over this night
    for we are too scared
    too timid and shy
    to think of others on halloween night

    ~katherine- age 14 ~

  • Jack-o-lantern

    A pumpkin is a pumpkin
    But not no more
    For the little ones do much more
    They enjoy to make designs
    Clean out the inside
    Make spooky faces
    Funny ones too
    You light it up at night
    And put it by the door
    For the little ones will come
    And adore


  • once apon a time
    there was a lime
    who commited a VERY serious crime
    he killed a pumpkin


  • When your all down and low,
    and theirs nothing to do.
    And all the worlds just staring at you,
    remember its Halloween.
    The night you can be any one,
    instead of you.
    The devils night,
    and mish jiff galore.
    The one time of year,
    that anything goes.

    Its Halloween night,
    and no ones in bed.
    Every ones up so late,
    eating chocolate instead.
    And still in their costumes,
    not tired one bit.
    They tell ghost stories,
    and scare one another.

    Its Halloween night,
    and every ones inside.
    Eating their candy,
    and happy galore.
    All the black cat,
    all happy with glee.
    Knowing all the kids are inside,
    so they can run free.
    And the witches are home,
    making some sorta soup.
    Happy Halloween.


  • Witches,witches everywhere,
    Flying here,flying there,
    Look up at the sky
    You`ll see them fly
    They will give you quite a scare

    This is a limerick poem


  • its halloween
    its getting dark
    time to spark
    and make the dogs bark


  • The Portal Opens on This Candy Night

    Feel the refreshing autumn breeze caress the leaves in the dying trees
    But not to worry; they shall be green once more, for they are all to be reborn.
    I sit on my porch and watch them come and go. Goblins, Angels, that sort of thing, you know.
    Chanting eagerly for their treats, on this musky night of Halloween.
    But aside from the children playing pretend, even after the sweet feast ends, I see a world of magic and wonder, hear the sound of that crackling thunder?
    That s merely the dwarves making the swords.
    The whispers come from fairy wings
    And the howl of the night is one of excitement from the playful wolf. But no, no, not by any means are these bad things.
    They all live together in a distant world
    Everyday, new adventures unfurled
    The giggle of a pixie, the song of an elf
    Merely stories on a child s book shelf?
    Oh I think not, just look hard and you ll see
    Many truly beautiful mysteries
    On this candy night
    Of Halloween!

    ~ Noki~

    the best time of year,
    people screaming,goblins bleeding,
    growls and howls
    will make you queasy.
    haunted houses will make your spouses
    jump up and down until they frown.
    Bats are crying,
    wiches are screaming chants of evil.
    Mr.hyde scratches your screen and makes you wish that you were dreaming.
    Clowns voices echo in the dark,everyones running like a horses heart.
    BOO!I got you!

    ~Linda and Randi~

  • Ghosts, Goblins, vampires, Phew!
    Zombies, creeps, monsters too!
    Bats, Dragons, Witches that fly!
    Werewolves, Giants, Demons, Oh my!
    Many creatures will be seen.
    Especially on Halloween.

    ~Silas, age 9~

  • Have a great day
    A great cheer
    Party all over the
    Place today.
    You now what tonight is? it's....

    Hallows eve
    All run about
    Lots of goblins
    Lots of witches
    Oh my goodness some goonies too!
    What is hallow's eve to do?
    Everyone dress up
    Everyone let's play
    Never forget halloween means free treats.

    ~Katie, 15~

  • 4 little devils all dressed in red tried to get to heaven on the end of a bed,
    but the bed post was broken down they all fell they couldn't get to heaven so they all went to,
    3 little devils all dressed in red tried to get to heaven on the end of a bed,
    but the bed post was broken down they all fell they couldn't get to heaven so they all went to,
    2 little devils all dressed in red tried to get to heaven on the end of a bed,
    but the bed post was broken down they all fell they couldn't get to heaven so they all went to,
    1 little devil all dressed in red tried to get to heaven on the end of a bed
    but the bed post was broken down he fell, he couldn't get to heaven so he went to,
    don't be mistaken, don't be mislead, they couldn't get to heaven so they all went to BED!!!


  • Night of Fright
    Night of Fear
    A Shilling Ring in my ear
    Bats Fly
    Children Scream
    On the Night of


  • haloween is here i am fat please put a penny in my old mothers hat
    if u havnt got a penny a fiver will do if u havnt got a fiver god bless u!!


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