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Kids Costumes

  1. At the beginning of the party, give each child a brown paper bag, paper plate, cup and napkin and orange and black crayons. Let each child decorate his bag (to be used as a placemat), cup, plate and napkin. Ask kids to color on backside of plates and outside of cups so that crayon wax will not be eaten.

  2. Make lollipop ghosts: Have each child wrap a tissue around a lollipop and secure with rubber bands. Add crayon details for eyes, mouth and nose.

  3. Let children tear white paper to make their own unique ghosts! String ghosts from every window and door to give the room a "ghostly" look!

  4. Make witches brew easily by dropping a little red maraschino cherry juice into orange juice bottles.

  5. Bake or buy big round cookies. Provide bowls of orange frosting and let the children turn cookies into jack-o-lanterns. Use toothpicks for drawing tools. Orange frosting recipe: Mix confectioner's sugar with just enough milk for spreading consistency. Add orange food coloring and few drops of orange extract if desired. Stir until smooth.

  6. Make Pumpkin Lanterns!

  7. Enlarge a jack-o-lantern pattern (You can use the pattern here). Cut out the mouth. Blindfold the children and play "Feed the Pumpkin".

  8. Let each child contribute a sentence to a spooky story that you begin.

  9. Provide children with black and orange strips of construction paper. Demonstrate how to make paper chains. Make paper chain necklaces and bracelets to wear home after the party.

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