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Kids Costumes


Peter didn't crave rich treats like ice cream cones and gobs of sweets. In fact, he had just one demand: for pumpkins, either fresh or canned. "Big ones weighing 20 pounds are best," Pete said, "when chopped or ground. However, I'm most satisfied by pumpkin baked or pumpkin pied."

Now all this Peter pumpkin eating soon became too much treating; for Peter's modest pumpkin store now numbered 33 or more. In cupboards, closets, on the stairs, on book racks, tables, shelves, and chairs, in every kettle, pot and vat, was pumpkin THIS and pumpkin THAT.

A bit depressed and very quiet, Peter reflected on his diet. "Pumpkins orange, pumpkins yellow, are tasty, luscious, firm and mellow. They team with things we all should eat, though not as much as milk and wheat. I wonder, could it possibly be, my diet lacks variety?"

"That's it!" a friendly small voice said. "You've hit the problem on the head. You need a basic balanced diet. I've read about it. Won't you try it?"

"I can't. I've pumpkin on to boil that I must eat or it will spoil."

"Share!" the voice said. "Share with others! Neighbors, friends, dads, and mothers."

Well, Peter took the free advice and shared his pumpkin, every slice. But lest his friends share his sad fate, he tacked a big sign on his gate: Free pumpkins here, my treat, my treat! But please, dear friends, don't overeat!!

~Florence Boatwell~