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Kids Costumes


This great idea was submitted by Heather in Pine Mountain, Georgia. "I am a 3 and 4 year old teacher. This morning on a whim we made ghost catchers. We used empty, dry 20 oz. Bottles, halloween stickers, beads, and yarn. I let the kids decorate the bottles with stickers then tied the yarn around the bottom of the lid of the bottle. We put beads in an AB pattern on the yarn. Then we put the bottles on as necklace. We then went outside and the bottles fogged up. I showed the kids they could get the same effect by blowing in the bottle indoors and putting the lid on quickly to catch the moisture & heat. We called the fog "ghosts." i used it as an opportunity to explain how hot air and cold air mix to make fog. The kids walked around all day pretending to be ghost hunters & blowing in their bottles!"~Heather


Use crayons to draw a Halloween picture. Choose bright colors and apply crayons heavily. Wash over with black paint. The wax drawing will show through.


Pencil a skeleton on black paper. Glue white straws to sketch. Add background. Instead of straws, you could use white packing peanuts. Another reader wrote in and suggested using Q-tips instead of straws. Great idea and thanks!


Draw a web on paper. Glue yarn to web. Cut out spider body and legs. Staple folded legs under body. Paste cotton on body. Attach to web.


Arrange string to make ghostly figure on flat surface. Place orange construction paper over string. Hold paper firmly and rub black crayon, held sideways, over it. Design will appear.

Sherry sent in this great idea for spiders and bats!!

First cut foam into the rough shape of a body. Use kitchen knife or other sharp blade. Round the edges. Foam should be about 1 1/2 - 2 inches thick--3-4 inches long, 2 inches wide. Now take black feathers that you can buy in walmart for 69 cents. Hot glue feathers to foam. Clip feathers that are not fluffy off. Hot glue. Now take black pipe cleaners and poke them in the foam to make legs (for spider), none for bat.

For the bat you make the body the same as for the spider, only take cheese cloth died black and form wings. Now hot glue them to cheese cloth. Poke pipe cleaners into foam and hot glue.

These bats and spiders come out looking just like the ones that you see in walmarts halloween section right now.

Thanks, Sherry, for the wonderful idea!!

Susan, age 12 sent me this wonderful Halloween idea! Thanks, Susan!


You'll need:
small candles
tin cans (soup cans)
can opener (one you use to open wine)

First you need to clean out an old soup can. Open one end of the can. Flip it upside down so that the bottom of the can is facing the ground.

Next, poke holes in the can with the can opener. 2 triangles spaced out for the eyes, 4 triangles close together for the mouth in the middle of the can.

Next, put the open side on the ground on top of the lighted candle.

Last, you will see it glow at night!

There may be fire hazards with this so please be careful!!!

Lisa, who works with afterschool kids, sent it this cute idea! Thanks, Lisa!

On a big of white paper i drew a spider web. I had the kids make there own spider out of black paper. We glued funky craft eyes on it, then stuck it on the web.. We named it Mrs. Lisa web... Like charlotte's web..


1 sheet of black construction paper
glow in the dark star stickers or white crayon
white tempra paint
a pair of feet
1 fat child's paintbrush

Paint the bottom of a child's feet with white tempra paint (do not get it to thick or it will not be defined between the toes.) The heel is the head of the ghost and the toes are the bottom. Have the child step onto the black construction paper with their toes spread apart. Let dry. When dry, stick on glow in the dark star stickers or draw stars using a white crayon. The child can add fences, haunted houses, etc. Also, put wiggle eyes on the ghost or draw them on. Becky and Jennifer both sent in this neat art idea! Thanks!!

**Use washable paint for easier cleaning!

This note from Krista--thanks for the idea!!

Hi, my name is Krista, im 11 and i have a great idea for halloween !

Have you ever seen spooky halloween posters with fog all around the haunted house ? It's really easy to make, here are the diretions. First buy some dry ice ( most party stores have some ). Usually it costs from $4.00 to $6.00 but its well worth it ! Put gloves on before you handle the dry ice, it can burn you. Put hot water in a crockpot or a pan. Then set the dry ice in it. You'll have fog in no time! The smaller pieces of dry ice you put in, the more fog you'll have.

Elana sent me this fun idea and here is what she says:
I have done this for Halloween with my 6th graders and the recipe has made it's way into scout troops, ESL families and across the school! The kids love it!


Mixture One:
1/4 c. white glue
1/4 c. water
food coloring

Mixture Two:
1/8 c. water
1/2 tsp. borax

Mix mixture 1 in one bowl, and mixture 2 in another. Make sure both are well-mixed. Add mixture 1 into mixture 2. Reach in and pull out your GAK! Knead for 1-2 minutes until formed. Store in a plastic ziplock bag.

Try the spider crafts from here and here!! Also try the spiders and insects unit from here.

Title: Spider Web Idea

Description: Have the kids paint a paper plate with black tempera paint and let it dry. When the plates are dry, using a single hole punch, punch holes around the outside edge of the plate. Using white yarn, tie one end to one of the holes on the paper plate and the other end to a plastic needle. Have the students lace in and out of the holes in what ever directions they want to create a spider web. When they are done, knot off the remaining end to the paper plate and make a construction paper spider to go on the web. I did this as a care partner activity with my Kindergarten class and the grade 8's. They turned out GREAT!!

Idea submitted by:

Easy, Easy Halloween Bag

1 small bottle fabric paint - black or dark green
2 felt squares
Glue gun
Glue gun sticks
Pair scissors

Place the 2 felt squares together and with the glue gun, glue the edges together leaving one edge opened, and press down on the 2 fabrics. Wait a few minutes for the glue to cool.

Fold the felts together and with a pair of scissors, cut a slit, long enough for the child to put hand through to hold like a shopping bag.

Let the child decorage the candy bag with halloween or harvest day decorations. This is good for all kinds of holidays, especially for birthday party make-your-own bags!


Idea submitted by:
Mary Mom

We had a Halloween party for 40 children. On our wall we had a huge spider made from black garbage bags. We stuffed one big black garbage bag with newspaper or any scraps to make it round for the body of the spider. After that we rolled the other bags the long way for the legs, 8 of them and taped them to the body. Then we hung it from the ceiling with white string that looks like spider webs. Or you could hang it from a tree. The garbage bags can be used after the party for the trash!

You need:
9 black garbage bags
old newspaper

Idea submitted by:

Spider Web

You need:

white paint
dark colored construction paper
A tin pie sheet

First place marbles in the white paint and roll around.........Then cut the construction paper to fit the pie pan ..... then drop a couple marbles covered in white paint and roll around in the bottom of the pie pan.... then add your own construction paper spider and boom a neat spider web....

Idea submitted by:

Floating ghost

On halloween night buy white helium balloons with white strings. Tie them to something heavy like rocks, bricks. Then cut cheese cloth big enough to cover balloon and hang down. You can also use white garbage bags. If you stick a little double sided tape on balloon first it keeps it on better. Take a marker, paint whatever and add a face. And they will look like they are floating. And with a little breeze now and then they sway and it adds to the effect.

Idea submitted by:

An easy and inexpensive way to decorate windows are to

- cut bats out of black plastics bags and attach them to windows. They will stick to windows if you put some water on one side.

-cut ghosts out of white plastic bags.

Idea submitted by:

Spider Web

White construction paper

Use the yarn in designs or plain circles. Glue them to the paper and you'll have a cute spider web. To add a spider use clay or playdough to make a ball and put pipe cleaners in it and googly eyes on top.

Idea submitted by:
Kassie, age 11

Halloween Game
**Note: This is a game that Ann submitted--I don't have a specific page for this so I decided to put it here

I have a suggestion for your games and activities page. My best friend's birthday falls right before Halloween so she always had a Halloween themed Bday BAsh & every year, her mother would create a massive spider web throughout the downstairs with black yarn. With about 10 screaming 5-13 year old girls, the whole downstairs was nearly pitch black! Each guest had their own "web"...a ridiculously long, single strand of yarn interwoven around furniture and criss-crosssing every which way. Your name would be taped to one end of your web and your goodie bag was your prize at the other end after untangling your "web!" We'd be under tables, unwinding yarn from bannisters and railings, standing on the dining room table to reach the was a blast!It was like an enormous game of Twister with your bestest friends!

Halloween Bat

You will need:
2 toilet paper rolls
1 pen
1 piece of string
1 pair of scissors
and glow in the dark paint

1.take one toilet paper roll and cut out two wings.
2.use your tape to tape one on one side and tape the other on the other side of the other toilet paper roll.
3.use your pen to make a face on the toilet paper roll that has the wings.
4.tape the piece of string to the back of the toilet paper roll that has the face on it.
use your glow in the dark paint to paint some on the eyes. 5.tie the piece of sting to a light or something and you have your own little bat for Halloween!!!!

Submitted by Tessie--thanks!
Tessie has a Meopets site here:

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