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Kids Costumes


Visitors are asking for suggestions:

  1. Mel writes, "I was planning on going as a gothic fallen fairy. I'm not sure what kind of bottom to wear. My top is a black vest that kinda has a old military look to it. My wing are going to be made from craft wire with black tights with holes in them. I'm also wearing my hair down, hair sprayed black with red streeks in it. Any other ideas?

    Tori writes to help Mel above, "This is for the girl who was having trouble with her costume bottom.... try a black, semi-ripped poofy skirt with black or red flounces underneath. trust me, it looks really good with the vest! :)" Thanks, Tori!

    Chrystal helps Mel also, "Seeing how you are going to be a fallen goth angel I would suggest that you get an old black skirt any length you are comfortable with and shred it to your desired length. You could also wear some black tights underneath for some extra coverage if you want."

  2. Franny writes, "i have a green tie and black and white shirt with black pants. How can I make this a punk angel?

    Alexz has an answer for you, Franny! "You could try maybe making the pants a bit more punkish, with some skater logos or pins on it. Wear any white t-shirt with the vest over it. Wear the tie proudly. Try using a skateboard too. For wings, I'm not sure, but that pretty-much covers the rest of the costume".

    Heather adds, "You could also find some black wings!

  3. Emma writes, "I want do this 80's rocker chick thing for our halloween dance at my middle school. But I want to look cute, not like crazy. What can I wear? I really need some ideas!!"

    To Emma, "I saw a shirt at Macys. It was cute! It said "Sweet O'l Rocker." I thought it was cute!? I don't know if you would like it?!--from Dido

    And writes, "I wore a black netting shirt from Hot Topic with a white shirt underneath (contrasting color). There are also a lot of random rocker chick shirts at those kind of stores if you're going for a different look."

  4. Shelby wants to be a "Modern" Tooth Fairy. "My frend and I want to be a MODERN tooth fairy not with like the tutu but big baggy pj pants. We will still have wings but what else would make the costume modern like 21st century?"

    Kristin helps Shelby: "Get a nice, white shirt with a decoration that incorporates something with teeth. You could also make a nice crown or something that would just be a circle that you could place on your head (if you know what I mean). You could also get a white messenger bag (or some other type of modern bag) and label it "Teeth."

    Gina answers Shelby's question: "Dear Shelby for that tooth fairy idea you should have silver rubber paints! A white or black shirt."

    Pg gives another solution to the modern tooth fairy costume, "To be a modern tooth fairy - You need to carry around with you something other than coins in a bag. Nowadays kids would expect something other than a quarter under their pillow. Maybe carry around a small bag with fake credit cards or ATM cards"

    Another idea--Melissa writes, "If you wanna do a modern tooth fairy, try wearing scrubs with dental stuff on it and wings.

  5. Laura writes, "I'm a preteen and I want to be a pirate but I don't want to be little kiddish (no fringy pants) or too adultish (meaning high heels and belly shirts) What do I wear?"

    Kitty writes, "Do you know what spats are? Spats are just sort of tubs of faux or real leather you put over shoes of a matching color to make them look like boots. Wear black pants, kinda loose, like gauchos. A button down shirt, maybe w/ ruffled sleeves and a ruff of lace at the collar (just buy some lace and safety pin it to your shirt once it has been buttoned up) a bandana or tricorn hat on your head, and an eyepatch (WARNING: covering one of you eyes may mess w/ your depth perception, so only wear one if you are trick-or-treating w/ friends.) FOr a trick-or-treat bag, just use an old pillowcase labeled "LOOT", and, if you have face paint,and are willing to look like a guy, sponge it on in speckles on your chin to look like a five-o'-clock shadow."

  6. Mia wants to be a fairy. She writes, "I want to be a fairy but I don't know how to jazz it up so it can be unique-- any ideas???? please heelp!!"

    Cgl writes, "This year I'm being a fairy and to help "jazz" it up I got a pair of cheap white and red tights and cut then to fit my arms from my wrist to my elbow. Then i got a sparkly silver belt to put around a shortish red dress that was torn up at the bottom.

  7. Ashley writes, "I need help with my costume. I have a green apple colored dress but I don't know what to do or what to be!!!! I NEED HELP BAD!!!!!!!"

    Jennie gives Ashley the idea of Tinkerbell. She writes, "for ashley,who needs an idea for her green dress (# 57): wear the green dress with white shoes. Put a large white pompom on the front of each shoe, and if youre not blonde-spray paint your hair-and put it in a bun. And dont forget your wings and fairy dust! :]"

  8. Kimberly writes, "I want to bee (LOL!) a Cute Little Bee. I am 14 and I was thinking of using black leggings underneath, but i need help with the bee art.

  9. Madi writes, "I want to be a Rainbow but I don't know what to wear. I have some ideas...but not alot. I want to be cute, but not too cute. HELP!!!

  10. Tatiana writes, "I want to be a Pink Lady from Grease for a party but don't want to buy an outfit. Any ideas? & any 60's styles will work too!

    Amy writes with some ideas for Tatiana..."Tatiana, wear a poodle skirt with a button down white shirt with long sleeves. Also wear a pony tail with a scarf. Wear earrings and other jewlrey."

  11. Kingsize writes, "I want to be a 50's girl!!!! I need some costume ideas like a poodle skirt etc."

    Lola answers Kingsize's question: "For a poodle skirt I would go to a craft store and buy either felt or a thick fabric and just simply measure around your waist before you buy it ( if you choose to do this you'll need to know how to sew). Then buy a poodle applique. For a top I would wear a white button down and if you could find one, a pink jacket that cinches at the waist. For shoes I'd wear sneakers such as Converse, and white bobby socks. For hair, a high ponytail & scarf."

  12. Ava writes, "I want to be Alice of Wonderland's evil twin sister. Any ideas?

  13. Morgan writes, "I wanna be a Goth. I've got knee-high black boots, a ruffled black skirt and black makeup. What are some ways I can vamp this up and make a super cute goth costume?

  14. Lala writes, "I want to be a 80’s girl. I have a friend providing a tutu, and I have neon colored leggings, my bottom is pretty much covered, but my top, from my waist up, I need help! PLEASE! any suggestions?

  15. Jasmine writes, "I don’t know! Halloween is only 20 days away and I have no clue what to be. I don't want to be anything like a angel, fairy, etc. I want to be something unique. Every year my high school has a costume contest and I want to be something EXTRA ordinary. PLEASE PLEAASE!

  16. Castro writes, "I have a feathered mask. It’s pink. What type of dress would go with that mask? Please any ideas will be great thanks!

If you have any suggestions for these girls, please let me know~

I thought that since my costume section has always seemed to be the most popular section of my site and I have had many requests for help with costumes, I would open a new page of my ideas and YOUR ideas for creative Halloween costumes! Check below to submit YOUR costume ideas!

Safety Concerns
First of all, some safety ideas when planning and creating costumes for children:
  1. Masks can obstruct a child's view. Use paint or makeup instead.

  2. In choosing makeup look for non-toxic, hypoallergenic kits.

  3. Costumes should be flame-retardant and fit properly. Avoid oversized shoes, high heels and long skirts or pants that could cause a child to fall.

  4. Reflective tape on costumes and flashlights help everyone see and be seen, particularly after dusk.
Some Simple Costume Ideas
  1. Ghost- Use an old sheet. Make sure that the eye holes you cut won't slip and obstruct the child's view.

  2. Witch - Easy and fun! Wear a black dress or long skirt with a black cape or shawl and a witch's hat. Add face paint and a broom.

  3. Scarecrow - Wear jeans, a checkered shirt, bandana and a hat. Put together little bundles of straw and place them so they'll stick out of the hat, collar and cuffs. Sew fake patches on the clothing and add a corncob pipe.

  4. Pirate - Cut off black jeans and leave them raggedy. Use any old shirt and cut holes in it. Make an eyepatch with felt attached to black elastic. Tie a bandanna pirate-style over your head. You can add an earring or a sword. Facepaint can be used for a scar or a mustache. Form a fake wooden leg by wrapping your bad one in brown felt.

  5. Mummy - cut old white sheets into long strips and wrap them around body, arms, legs and around face.

  6. Angel - Wear a white dress or long skirt. Fashion a halo out of pipe cleaners or gold decked craft wire. Use heavy wire (bent coat hangers will work) to create wing shapes. Cover wings with sheer white cloth. Attach wings to body with elastic.

  7. Cowboy/cowgirl - Wear a western shirt and jeans. Toy gun and holster sets are inexpensive. Add cowboy hat, bandanna, and boots.

  8. Hobo - Use baggy pants and an old, oversized men's suit jacket. Stuff a bandanna with "your worldly possessions" to hang from a stick and carry over your shoulder.

  9. Clown - Use clothes that are too large. Decorate by using fabric paint, or markers. Attach some large pop-poms, add a cheap wig, hat, and make-up.

  10. 1960s Hippy - Tie die clothing, long wig, sandals, headband, anything with fringe on it (vests, purse...) light colored sun glasses.

  11. Nerd - Slick back the hair, wear pants that are too short, white shirt, white socks, penny loafers, pocket protector with lots of pens, dark rim glasses, briefcase, or backpack for treat bag.


Let us know some of your creative ideas for costumes! Kid-friendly ideas will be published on this page for all readers to enjoy and use!

Just fill out form and submit!


Your First Name:

Costume Name (example: Hobo, Witch):

Costume Idea (give details):

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Ideas Using Boxes- Cut hole in top for face and 2 holes in side for arms, wear sweatpants and turtlenecks to complete the outfit)
  1. Paint the box white and add a handle and you are a refrigerator.

  2. Wrap the box in Christmas paper, add a bow and you are a Christmas present.

  3. Paint the box in bright colors, add crank and cut hole in top. You are a jack-in-the-box!

Using tights or sweatpants as base of outfit
  1. Turtle - Use green sweats- attach a piece of poster board to back that has been cut into oval shape, painted green and marked with random marks like turtle shell.

  2. Bunny - Pink, brown, or white sweats, add a large pom-pom to the backside, and a set of ears make from construction paper and a plastic headband.

  3. Puppy - Brown, tan or white sweats, paint or pin paper spots on. Make floppy ears and bobby pin to hair over your ears. The tail can be most anything, depending on what type of puppy you wish to be. Add a little make-up.

  4. Kitten - Gold, brown, tan, white sweats, make ears from construction paper and attach to head band. Add a simple tail, and pin on.

  5. Spider - Black sweats, stuff black hose with anything dark and light and staple to close, then attach to body by safety pins, add a little make-up.

  6. A Bunch of Grapes - Purple sweats, attach balloons of the same color with safety pins. Paint face and hands same color.

  7. Skunk - Black sweats, paint or pin a white strip down the back. Use black makeup on face.

Your Ideas!

  • Cute indian -"Make an indian headdress using feathers and staple them to cardboard strip with a nice vintage patterned material over it then wear anything that matches the feathers on your bottom half or even make a little dress out of the material that you put over the cardboard on the headdress."-Submitted by Jazzy P
  • Cute dead pirate -"Use black leggings and a striped pink shirt (use a black belt around the shirt if desired). Add a cheap sword, cute makeup, black lipstick and blood dripping down your face (fake of course!)"-Submitted by pinkysheek1219
  • Apple juice box -"As a Kindergarten teacher, I dress up with my students for our costume parade. Every year, I wear a carboard sandwich board made to look like a Mott's apple juice box complete with a straw sticking out of the top. I choose this because it is also my last name!"~Gaylyn Mott
  • Hippie Angel -"A normal angel with a tie dye halo and shoes. Then, instead of regular wings, print peace signs on them."-Submitted by Lydia
  • Twilight Vampire -"Girls: Wear dark colored, fashionable dress with red or lipstick and vampire fangs. (Just so people can tell)
    Boys: Some kind of sports coat with jeans, vampire fangs "-Submitted by McKenzie
  • Kitten -"Bend a thin wire (5 in)like a v and another (3 in) like a rainbow. make the v look like an A without the- and put the "rainbow" like a stand. By covering it up with black cloth, you have a cat ear. Make two, and put them on a black headband. Put on a long-sleeved-turtle-necked top and a cute black skirt (or a long-sleeved dress) and black stockings (teens can wear a catsuit) and ballerina flats. you can;
    A.) cover an elastic piece that fits around your waist with black cloth and sew a black fake tail on the back, putting it on like a belt or...
    B.) sew the tail on the skirt or dress or catsuit.
    Put black hairspray in your hair, make cat whiskers on your eyes (look up "scened eyeliner" in your image browser) and maybe a pink nose. Put in your headband and carry around a catnip leaf or a strand of catgrass. You are now a cute black kitten!”-Submitted by Margie
  • Cat -"Black shirt, black skirt, face paint and kitty ears with a tail and some ballet flats!”-Submitted by Claire
  • Doll -"Rosey pink cheeks, a cute old fashioned dress and long braids!”-Submitted by Heather
  • Confused -"Put on different things like:
    Pants: Leggings w/ tutu, sweat pants, jeans, 80's pants, poodle skirt, ect.
    Shirt: Type of Animal, cheerleader shirt, rockstar top, ect.
    Accessories: Pom Poms, purse, bookbag, phone, skateboard, ect.
    Do your hair messy, or pig tails all over your head, Curly on one side and flat on the other, ect.”
    -Submitted by Sarah
  • Ghost vampire bride -"A white bride look with fangs and a lot of blood!”-Submitted by Chloe x
  • 80's Rockerchick -"Ok, get bright colors like hot pink, lime green, etc., fingerless gloves, super high heels, puffy short skirt, super bright hair and makeup, and big jewlery like big hoop earrings and big bracelets!”-Submitted by Caroline
  • Post-it Note Guy for the movie, Office Space -"This Halloween costume idea is more for adults, but it can be a fun project for kids as well. (They just may not appreciate the cubicle humor until they are a little older!) You are going to transform yourself into the Post-It Note guy on the cover of the Office Space DVD. Cover yourself in Post-It notes!”-Submitted by Sean
  • Hollywood Star -"If you want to be a glamorous hollywood star, here are the details you need to know!
    -Cute short dress(knee length and spaghetti strap)
    -Flats or heels
    -Blonde wig or washable blonde hair dye
    -Pink purse with stuffed chiwawa
    -Ginormous sunglasses
    -Mascara&eyeliner(optional and ask parent first)
    -Cute accesories(earings,necklace,braclets,e.c.t)
    -If you would like add more, but keep it basic
    -Submitted by Natasha
  • Cat in the Hat -You could wear a gray long sleeve turtle neck and gray pants or white pants. I would sew a circle of white on the gray shirt. Then you get one of those cat in the hat hats you can probably get from Wear gray or white shoes, paint your face like a kitty. Then you get a gray or white nylon, stuff it, and pin it to your rear for a tail! There you go! -Thanks, Davia!
  • Dead school girl -I was this last year for halloween only I was a evil doll. I just bought a "raggedy anne" yarn wig and I putt on a lot of black make-up. It was a hit. Spice it up with high black boots and a black skirt! -Sent in by Kenzie
  • Hairspray costume -For the costume you need a poodle skirt thats a bright blue, pink, green or purple. Wear a long sleeve black shirt and bobby socks. you could also add a ton of hairspray and gel in your hair and make it look like your from the movie Hairspray (the one with zac efron)-Submitted by Taylor
  • Dead Field Hockey Player -Get a school colored tank top or something and a plaid or plain colored skirt. Stick a cut in half field hockey ball on your head. Make a black eye and blacken teeth to make it look like they are missing. You can also make your arms look bruised up. Walk around limp and basically dead looking! -Sent in by April
  • Vampiress -Wear a long black dress with ripped sleeves that go past your hands. Take lacy string and pin it (with safety pins) to the front of the dress. If the dress doesn't have a slit, make one with scissors that goes up past your knee. Wear black sparkly leggings. Keep your hair down and die it black with wash-out die. Put grey and black makeup around your eyes and deep, blood red lipstick on your lips. Use white and black face makeup on your cheeks and face. Use those fake canine teeth glued to your real teeth. Buy a red collared cape. You can find most of this stuff at a thrift store. -Sent in by Brianne
  • Gothic Vampire - Black and Red that goes down an inch or two past feet!!!- sent in by Victoria.

  • Baby - Make diaper out of cloth and buy a pacifer then put on a shirt that does not cover up your diaper and buy a bib- sent in by Ashely.

  • Frankenstein - Get green and red paint for face, and old cloths. First get old cloths and cut little tears in them. Then get an old jacket (black or brown would be best), put tears in it and glue it to the old shirt. Then on pants put on them. Then get cotton and stuff it in muscle places. Last get the green and red paint and paint your face green with red scars, and you're done.-sent in by Dylan
  • Dark Lady - strappy, short black dress, long gloves made from the sleeves of a horrible velvet dress someone passed onto my little sister, fishnet tights, choker made of another part of the dress, hat made out of a dairylea cheese box covered in velvet with some elastic to hold it on and a black feather and some flowers stuck on the top and a veil attatched to the inside- sent in by Harriet
  • Tornado - Get gray sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt. Sew some fishing line into the sweatshirt so that there are some strings hanging off your shirt. Then tie some doll furniture and mini animals to strings. Then spin around and your ready to go.- sent in by Esmerelda
  • Lego - Cut holes in a box for arms and head. Paint box a primary color. Glue 4 or 6 colored cups (or painted cups)to the front side of the box to resemble a Lego.- sent in by Jill
  • Crayon - use construction paper spray paint it or buy it the color you want draw on it with black marker the lines that a crayon would have. Tape the construction paper around you. Buy enough construction paper to go from the top to the bottom of you. For your head buy or make a hat that points at the top so you have a tip.- sent in by Katie
  • Vampire - Wear black fishnet and goth clothes with plastic fangs and fake blood. You could wear white make-up to look as pale as a vampire... easy!!!- sent in by Danikah
  • Paris Hilton - blonde wig in braids, white top, black skirt, stuffed chihuahua dog- sent in by Lauren
  • Vampire - Wear all black and put black/dark make-up around the eyes, draw a bat on the upper cheek and get some plastic fangs from any novelty shops- sent in by Lei
  • King or Queen - Wear 4 or 5 skirts so they become poofy. Then design a crown out of paper and for a staff use a broom and decorate the end with anything you please.- sent in by Kallie
  • Dog - Floppy ears, nose, whiskers, cute tail, paws, fur- sent in by Dejah
  • Tree - Wear brown shirt and pants. Glue/sew/velcro fake leaves and branches onto your shirt. Find a potter-ring thing to wear as a head piece. (Its a bunch of fake leaves attached in a circle) Its a fun costume, very creative, and everyone will recognize it- sent in by Marianne
  • Gothic Girl - Wear a short black dress, put on black makeup, and wear a black beanie, dye hair black, and then wear LOTS of bracelets.- sent in by Amy
  • Skater - Wear a trucker cap, old jeans (you may tear holes in the knees if you want to make it look like a hardcore skater), long tshirt and make your hair shaggy or you can spike it by using regular elmers glue- sent in by Krystal
  • Bubble Bath - Cut the middle out of a rectangular-shaped laundry basket. Cover the cut edges with masking tape. Glue styrofoam balls cut in half to the bottom for feet. Add two straps made of grograin ribbon from the front to the back. Up and down the ribbons, tie white and blue balloons on with string. Dress in a white turtleneck, shorts, white tights, and slippers. Add a back scrubber and you have a very unique costume! sent in by Sarah
  • Plant - Wear green shirt and/or pants. Randomly sew leaves all over shirt but make it as full as possible or until you like. (I bought fake leaves from the dollar store) Then make a leaf halo and take small leaves and hook to earrings.- sent in by Kara
  • Peacock - Wear a tan leotard and yellow tights. Use a small broom and attatch your peacock feathers with hot glue to the broom. Stick the broom down the back of the leotard and you have your tail. For the feet we used yellow latex gloves. We made a small beak from cardboard and tied it with ribbon. viola!!! a peacock. My daughter won first prize in the halloween costume contest- sent in by Joanna
  • Punk Rocker - Black baggy pants, black t shirt, studded belt, studded wrist band, black nail polish, mascara, black eye shadow -rock on! sent in by Me.
  • Gangster - Long black coat with big collar, to put up around face, long black pants, and shoes or boots. Black hat, sunglasses. Makeup : five o'clock shadow and scar. Sent in by Kailey
  • Ella Enchanted - My daughter wants to dress like Ella Enchanted. She wants the blue velvet cloak, boots, blouse and skirt. Sent in by Dorene
  • Queen - Wear a really nice shirt and a skirt then put a few extra skirts underneath it to make it poof. Sent in by Kallie
  • Elf (Lord of the Rings type) - I made a straight tube style dress and used about 2" ribbon for trim and straps. I cut ears out of fabric the shape I wanted, stiffened them and hot glued them to a cheap headband.- sent in by Libby
  • Goth Costume - Wear a long black skirt, or black pants, black cloak w/ black shirt. To make it look scary, add black lipstick, black nail polish, and a long, black wig. Make sure to be safe and wear something like reflectve tape, or put it on your trick-or-treat bag. Have a safe and happy Halloween! - sent in by Lynette
  • Pippi Longstocking - Take different colored socks (long) or stockings & a colorful ragged dress and dye your hair orange or if your hair is orange then use that; then put your hair into braids, then hold them up by using sticky hairspray until the braids dont fall down!!!! Good Luck on your costume idea' - sent in by Kelli
  • Another Pippi Longstocking - Well, for the braids, put pipe cleaners in your hair so that your two braids stick out, then spray-paint your hair red. Wear mismatching long stockings with a cute skirt and t-shirt, wear old shoes, pippy longstocking is a lttle bit of a tom-boy. ^_^ Oh and perhaps paint little freckles on your face too.- sent in by Lorenzo
  • Yet Another Pippi - When I went as pippi longstocking when I was little, instead of using hair spray my mom used copper wire and braided it into the braids, and my braids stuck up the whole night- sent in by Erin
  • 50's Poodle Skirt - Wear a white buttoned up shirt, and a pink skirt but iron on a little poodle on whichever side you want on the bottom of the skirt and wear a thin pink scarf around your neck. And if you want you can buy a 50's beehive wig!!!!!- sent in by Emily
  • Pok'emon Trainer (girl/boy) - Any kind of jeans. Belly top for girls. Regular top for boys. Crumble up paper and color it to make a pok'eball. Hold the pok'eball or put it in a bag while you go trick-or-treating.- sent in by Arel
  • Pumpkin Hat for a Dog - I made a hat out of a pudding cup. I painted it orange, then I turned it up-side down, painted on a pumpkin face, hole-punched the bottom sides so a string could go through, measured my dog's head so the string wasn't too tight, and tied a knot at the end of the string to keep it together.- sent in by ~!BREEZY!~
  • Nerd - Wear suspenders and a white shirt with too short pants and big glasses and also a geled slck-back ponytail- sent by Emily
  • Another Nerd- I will wear black glasses with white tape in the middle. High water black pants, and a white shirt with a pocket, sneakers, and I can talk like a nerd too.- sent in by Ashley
  • Ghoul - A cape, a black jacket (put the hood up), makeup- sent in by Olivia
  • Gypsy - Tie lots of scarves around you. Wear a lot of makeup. Like mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. You should wear a black leotard and black spandex pants, but these will be covered by the scarves. Finally put your hair in a ponytail on the side of your head. Then roll one of the scarves up and tie it around your head. If your hair is not long enough to put it in a ponytail then just tie the scarve around your head. Sent in by Jessica
  • Dead Bride - Wedding dress from second hand store, dye it black, rip it ,put mud on it , take a clothes hanger and act like you stuck it through your head- sent in by Haley
  • Black Sparkle Cat - Buy cat ears and a tail at a store near you and then sparkle glitter on the tail and ears. Also dress in all black.- sent in by Michelle
  • Bob the Builder - Yellow hard hat, blue bib overalls, longsleeved red and orange checkered shirt, tool belt with tools in it, boot shoes- sent in by Melanie
  • Dice - Get a cardboard box and paint it white then cut out black circles from construction paper and glue it on. Cut arm, leg and head holes and then you're done.-sent by Lulu.
  • Ghosty-Vampire - Dark Black cloak (mum or dads old black shirt/skirt thats cut into cape), cardboard cut-out ghosts, coloured with gold paint, black trousers, white shirt, black jacket (optional), long white socks or tights, black shoes, and eye lids turned white, fake blood from mouth and plastic pretend fangs and if you don't have them, do fake fangs with white facial paints. Also turn your eyebrows dark black and your lips black.-sent by Constantonopoly
  • Karate Kid - Get white pants, white shirt an a black belt- sent by Jessica
  • Elle Wood from Legally Blond - dress all in pink, pink hat, carry little purse with chihuaha dressed up in it--blond wig
  • Goth Fairy - have a black short skirt , fish net pantyhose, black tanktop and black gloves...wear your hair in a spiked bun- sent in by Amy
  • Scarecrow - Instead of straw for my sons costume I used rafia. Buy rafia from a craft store dampen and braid it. When it's dry unravel the braids and the rafia is wavy. It is adorable plus more kid friendly-not so picky!- sent in by Traci
  • Mummy - Rubbing the white strips of fabric in dirt make a mummy look like he just dug himself up through the ground.- sent in by Traci
  • Punk Fairy - wear a black dress or plaid skirt and a black shirt and long black socks and black shoes and black or gray wings and alot of gritter and black eyeshadow - sent in by Amie
  • Deviled Egg - Plain white egg costume...add devil horns...and you're a deviled egg!- sent in by Jo Anne
  • Bat - Rip an unbrella in half for wings then wear black clothes- sent in by Hannah
  • Bear - Get a big black coat and paint your face black and put your hair in two small balls at the top of your head.- sent in by Brianna
  • Cute Black Cat for Teens/Preteens - You could buy some cat ears for your head and then buy a cat tail. You should find a slinky yet comfortable black shirt. Then you need to find a short preppy black skirt and if you want black shoes or stuff like that. you can add your own details but the basics are listed here- sent in by Elizabeth
  • Another Black Cat - Wear solid black shirt and pants, sweat suit will work fine and make ears using pipe cleaners and black constuction paper that you can glue to cardboard to make sturdy and attach to headband, paint your nose black and make whiskers. MEOWWWW -sent in by Gay
  • Skater Dude - Wear a black Hurley shirt with the darkest pants ever. Wear a Billabong hat with pants three times bigger than usual. Wear an earring in one ear and a spikey belt. Add black sunglasses and spray paint your hair black! -sent in by Marrisa
  • Snowflake Princess - A princess dress with snowflakes! -sent in by Alyssa
  • Halfdead Princess - Half of the costume all pretty like a princess and the other half all dead looking! -sent in by Kayla
  • Baby Clown - Get knee high socks, a cute pair of pj shorts, and suspenders. Wear pigtails, slippers, a tanktop, a red nose, and little freckles. Tuck shirt in! -sent in by Bob
  • Cute Girl Nerd - OUTFIT: Plad skirt with white T-shirt tucked in.
    HAIR: Curly hair in high pigtails
    SHOES: Black converse with high white socks
    MAKE-UP- Blush (a lot)
    -sent in by nerd_girl999

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