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  • Little Flowers

    Little flowers swaying in the breeze,
    Turning our faces up to sun and trees,
    When the night comes each one nods and sleeps.
    (Children may stand and sway back and forth, turn faces to the sun, then nod, droop head, and close eyes.

  • The Sleepy Seed

    A tiny seed
    Slept on the ground
    Beneath a leafy cover.
    (Rest closed left hand on table)

    Until one day
    The sun did say,
    "Wake up, it's time for summer!"
    (Hold right fist (sun) over left hand, pretend to knock)

    The seed was tired
    So he snuggled up
    Close beside his brothers.
    (Wiggle fingers on left hand)
    The sun got mad
    And called the wind,
    Who blew of all the covers!
    (Wave right hand for wind, remove "covers" (left hand))

  • The Seed Cycle
    (Sung to tune "The Farmer in the Dell")

    The farmer sows his seeds
    The farmer sows his seeds
    Hi-ho the dairy-o
    The farmer sows his seeds.

    Other verses:
    The wind begins to blow...
    The rain begins to fall...
    The sun begins to shine...
    The seeds begin to grow...
    The plants grow big and tall...
    The farmer cuts his corn...
    He puts it in his barns...
    And now the harvest is in...

  • My Garden

    This is my garden
    (Extend one hand forward, palm up)
    I'll rake it with care
    (Make raking motion on palm with other hand)
    And then some flower seeds
    (Make planting motion with thumb and index finger)
    I'll plant in there.

    The sun will shine
    (Make circle above head)
    And the rain will fall
    (let fingers flutter down to lap)
    And my garden will blossom
    (Cup hands together, extend upward slowly until fingers stand straight)
    And grow straight and tall.

  • Vegetables
    (Sung to tune "Mary Had a Little Lamb")

    I'm a tomato, red and round,
    Red and round, red and round,
    I'm a tomato, red and round,
    Seated on the ground.

    I'm a corn stalk, tall and straight,
    Tall and straight, tall and straight,
    I'm a corn stalk, tall and straight
    And I taste just great.

  • Dig a Little Hole

    Dig a little hole. (Dig)
    Plant a little seed. (Drop seed)
    Pour a little water. (Pour)
    Pull a little weed. (Pull and throw)
    Chase a little bug. ((Chasing motion with hands)
    Heigh-ho, there he goes. (Shade eyes)
    Give a little sunshine. (Circle arms over head)
    Grow a little bean. (Hands grow upward)

  • Flower Play

    If I were a little flower
    Sleeping underneath the ground,
    (Curl up)
    I'd raise my head and grow and grow
    (Raise head and begin to grow)
    And stretch my arms and grow and grow
    (Stretch arms)
    And nod my head and say,
    (Nod head)
    "I'm glad to see you all today."

  • Mr. Carrot

    Nice Mr. Carrot
    Makes curly hair,
    (Hand on head)
    His head grows underneath the ground,
    (Bob head)
    His feet up in the air.
    (Raise feet)
    And early in the morning
    I find him in his bed
    (Close eyes, lay head on hands)
    And give his feet a great big pull
    (Stretch legs out)
    And out comes his head.


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