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Mary's Garden

Using a styrofoam cup with child's name written on it, have child fill with a scoop of dirt. Let everyone choose a flower seed to plant. The children can plant the seed, water and care for it. By saving the packages, the children can try to identify the name of the plants by comparing them on the seed packages.

Grass Hair

Save 1/2 pint milk cartons. Decorate the outside of carton like a face. Place soil in cartons and add grass seeds. After approximately 7 days the grass will start to grow and look like hair. If the grass becomes too long, have the children give them haircuts.

Root a Vegetable

Place a potato or carrot in a jar, root end down so that one-third is covered by water. A potato can be held upright with toothpicks. These toothpicks can rest on rim of jar. Have the children water as needed. Roots should grow out from the bottom and shoots from the top. Then plant the root in soil for an attractive plant.


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