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Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick,
Jack jump over the candlestick.


  1. Jack Be Nimble Coloring Sheet
  2. Candle Coloring Sheet
  3. Jack Be Nimble Dot-to-Dot (Java)
  4. Look at the picture or print it out. Find all the items in the picture that begin with C.
  5. Make a Candlestick Salad!
  6. Make a Candy Candle!
  7. Children will love making candles from toilet paper or paper towel holders and colored tissue paper for the flame. To encourage large muscle skills, make a big candle from paper towel holder and place on the floor. Have the children repeat the Jack Be Nimble rhyme, but substitute each child's name in the rhyme, while the child is jumping over the "candlestick".
  8. For sequencing practice, have different size paper candlesticks and let the children arrange them in order of size.
  9. Jack Be Nimble Game
    Children line up and take turns jumping over a small, unlighted candle in a holder. After each child has completed a turn, the candle is elevated by a book. One by one, the whole line jumps again over the now higher candle. This continues as the candle is progressively raised. If a child knocks over the candle, he or she sits out, and the candle starts over on the ground. As soon as a child knocks over the candle, he/she trades places with the child who is sitting out.


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