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Submit your Mother Goose ideas!!

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard,
To fetch her poor dog a bone;
When she got there, the cupboard was bare,
And so the poor dog had none.


  1. Old Mother Hubbard Coloring Sheet
  2. Old Mother Hubbard Find the Mistakes Picture
  3. Old Mother Hubbard Doggie Bone Game
  4. Dog Songs and Books.
  5. Look at the picture or print it out. Find all the items in the picture that begin with D and C.
  6. Make some Dandy Dogs!
  7. Make "Dogs in a Blanket"
    Use canned crossiants to wrap around hot dogs. Bake as directed on package.
  8. Have the children replace where Old Mother Hubbard looks, what she looks for and who she looks for.
    Example: Old Mother Hubbard went to the freezer to find her poor son some ice cream. Kids will love doing this! This can be done with all the nursery rhymes. Encourages creativity!

  9. Jean sent this great idea--Thanks!!

    I teach in a Head Start classroom and have used this nursery rhyme to teach nutrition. On a bulletin board or sorting chart,I make a cupboard with a shelf for each food group (breads/grains; vegetables; fruits; meat/protein; milk/dairy; and fats/sweets. Label each shelf with a picture that includes foods from that group as well as the food group name.I also add cut-outs of Old Mother Hubbard and her dog. Next I prepare food cards with a variety of foods from each category. When we say the Rhyme I add a second verse:

    So she went to the store
    To buy some more
    Different foods to put on the shelf
    And when she came home,
    The dog got his bone
    Which he ate up all by himself!

    Then have each child draw a food card from a "shopping" bag and place it onto the proper shelf. Continue until all the cards are in the cupboard.

  10. Cecilia sends in this great idea--thanks!

    Many children in class have dogs that they love at home or know someone who does have a dog. In my class we sort kibbles and bits(real dog food)on a sheet of paper with each piece shape drawn onto the paper. We give each child a small half cup of dog food and have them graph the food onto the paper.They then glue the pieces on the paper in the correct spots. Count the number of pieces in each area and help the child write the number above. When the children take home the paper be sure to include a small ziplock bag of extra food to share with their favorite doggie.

  11. Debbi submitted the idea below. Thanks!

    My daycare kids made a book with the rhyme of Olde Mother Hubbard and I used an idea from this site that was from Jean (above). She worked in a head-start classroom and wrote more of the poem. However "my" kids and I made a book of this. We asked for a couple of weeks for the parents to bring in labels from their food and showed what Olde Mother Hubbard came back with for her dog.

    For example the part of the poem that we used from Jean: So she went to the store to buy some more

    And when she come home the dog got his ...

    Under this we would glue on a label of Frosted Flakes (picture and name). The next page has the same but a different label all the time. The kids are 2/3/4/5 years old and they are proud of themselves because the can "read" their own book that they made!

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