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Don't Play With Fire!

Submit your Fire Safety ideas!!

Songs, Poems and Fingerplays
Arts and Crafts
Fire Safety Rules and Activities
Other Activities
Fire Safety Books


  1. Ten Brave Firefighters
    Ten brave firefighters sleeping in a row.
    (Fingers curled to make sleeping men)
    Ding, dong, goes the bell
    (Pull down on the bell cord)
    And down the pole they go.
    (With fists together make hands slide down the pole)
    Off on the engine, oh, oh, oh!
    (Pretend you are steering the fire engine very fast)
    Using the big hose, so, so, so.
    (Make a nozzle with fist to use hose)
    When all the fire's out, home so slow.
    Back to bed, all in a row.
    (Curl all fingers again for sleeping men)

  2. Down by the Station
    Down by the station early in the morning
    See the great big fire trucks all in a row.
    Hear the jangly fire bell sound a loud
    alarm now---
    Chug chug, clang clang, off we go!

  3. The Fire Truck
    The big red fire truck rushes down the street.
    "Clang clang clang" goes the bell,
    (Make bell and siren noises)
    The cars move to clear the way.
    The children run and yell.
    (Run and yell)
    The fire fighters roll out the heavy hose.
    (Pretend to roll out hose)
    They put up the ladders with a bang.
    (Pretend to climb ladders)
    They fight the fire and then start back.
    And the bell goes "clang clang clang."
    (Make soft, slow bell noises that fade out)

  4. Action Poem
    Come let us ride the firetruck,
    The firetruck, the firetruck.
    Oh! we can ride the firetruck
    Whoo! ooo! ooo!
    (Children place hands on next one's shoulders
    making a long firetruck and the first one
    is the driver)

    And now we use the fire hose,
    The fire hose, the fire hose.
    And now we use the fire hose,
    Use it so.
    (Children pretend to fasten the hose
    to hydrant and spray water on fire)

    Come let us climb the ladders,
    The ladders, the ladders,
    Come let us climb the ladders,
    Up we go!
    (Children pretend to climb ladders)

    Oh! hear our axes chopping,
    Chopping, chopping,
    Oh! hear our axes chopping,
    Heave! Hi! Ho!
    (Children pretend to chop with axes)

    And now the fire is over,
    Is over, is over.
    And now the fire is over.
    Home we go.
    (Children pretend they are putting fire
    equipment on trucks.)

    Now, home we ride the firetruck,
    The firetruck, the firetruck,
    Now, home we ride the firetruck,
    (Children place hands on next one's shoulders
    making a long firetruck and first one
    is the driver.)

  5. Do You Know What to Do in a Fire?
    (Sung to tune of "Billy Boy")
    Do you know what to do in a fire, in a fire?
    Do you know what to do in a fire?
    Yes, I know what to do;
    We've rehearsed it through and through,
    Yes, I know what to do in case of fire.

    Have you planned your escape in a fire, in a fire?
    Have you planned your escape in a fire?
    Yes, we've planned our escape;
    We know just what routes to take,
    Yes, we've planned our escape in a fire.

    Do you know you should crawl through the smoke, through the smoke?
    Do you know you should crawl through the smoke?
    We'll stay close to the floor
    'Cause there's air all the more,
    When there's smoke we'll stay close to the floor.

    Do you know what to do if your clothes catch on fire?
    Do you know what to do if on fire?
    Yes, I'll stop, drop and roll
    That's the best way I've been told
    To put out clothing if it is on fire.

  6. Old MacDonald
    Old Macdonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O
    And on this farm he had some woods, E-I-E-I-O
    with a chop-chop-here, and a chop-chop-there
    Here a chop, there a chop, everywhere a chop-chop
    Old Macdonald had some woods, E--I--E--I--O....

    Then Old Macdonald lit a match, E-I-E-I-O
    And he was careless burning trash, E-I-E-I-O
    With a spark-spark here, and a spark-spark there
    Here a spark, there a spark, everywhere a spark-spark
    Old Macdonald burned his woods, E--I--E--I--O....

    Through carelessness, he burned his woods, E-I-E-I-O
    Now Old Macdonald has no woods, E--I--E--I--O....

  7. Dramatic Play
    Everything is quiet. The fire truck is ready to go. The fire fighters are asleep at the station.
    (Sound effect: Snores)
    Suddenly the fire alarm rings.
    (Sound effect: briiiiiinnnnnnggggg)
    The fire fighters jump out of bed and run to the truck.
    (Sound effect: stamp, stamp, stamp of feet)
    The truck races away to the fire.
    (Sound effect: vrooooom, vroooom)
    The siren wails all the way.
    (Sound effect: oooooh oooooh oooooh of siren)
    When they reach the fire, the truck screeches to a stop.
    (Sound effect: tires screeching)
    The fire fighters spray water on the fire.
    (Sound effect: hissssssssssss)
    At last the fire is out. The fire fighters are tired.
    (Sound effect: yawns)
    They climb on the truck and drive back to the station.
    (Sound effect: vrooooooom)
    They put away the truck. Everything is quiet. The fire truck and the fire fighters are ready for the next fire.

  8. Forest Fires

    Someone saw a little fire
    As he was passing by.
    He didn't stop to put it out;
    He didn't even try.
    He had not started it, of course;
    He had no time to spare; That it might start a forest fire
    He didn't even care.

    Poem submitted by Tejsi--thanks!

  9. 9-1-1 song
    (Sung to the tune of 'This Old Man')

    9-1-1, 9-1-1,
    Press the buttons, 9-1-1
    If you're hurt and scared and you don't know what to do
    9-1-1 sends help to you.

    I give the kids toy phone to practice on while we sing this song.

    Poem submitted by Lynnie L--thanks!

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  1. Fire Hat

    Print out and color a fire hat by clicking here!

  2. Fire Fighter Finger Puppets

    Teach the poem, Ten Brave Firefighters from above, to the class. Make finger puppets using the method below.

    White paper
    glue or tape
    red construction paper or felt
    black and red markers

    Cut a rectangle measuring 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" out of white paper. To form cylinder, wind the rectangle around your finger. Remove from finger and glue or tape the cylinder together.

    Reproduce the hat pattern below. Cut out and trace on red construction paper or felt. This will be the firefighter's hat. Put scissors through the paper or felt; cut out the arc shape.

    Glue the front of the hat and the back onto the cylinder, the arc extending out. (see illustration)

    Add firefighter's features on the cylinder using a black marker and shade the cheeks with a red marker. Write the fire squad number (1 to 10) on a small white square and glue it to the arc.

    Make a firefighter finger puppet for each finger.

  3. Fire Truck

    Click here to print out fire truck. Follow instructions below to finish.

    Color and cut out patterns. Cut along the dotted lines. Attach the ladder and hose to fire engine and glue in place. The students may use this firetruck to act out the play in number 7.

  4. Crayon Melting

    Have children create a design using waxed crayons on white paper. Place a clean sheet of paper over the picture. Apply a warm iron. Show the children the effect of heat. Close supervision, of course, during this activity.

  5. Donnie Dalmatian

    Reproduce the dalmatian and hat patterns by clicking here.

    Trace onto oaktag several times and cut out. Have children trace the hat pattern onto red construction paper and cut out. Then cut out the arc shape in the center of the hat and fold flap forward, as illustrated below.

    From white construction paper, cut 1" squares and write numeral on each with black marker. Glue square onto the flap of the dalmatian's fire hat.

    Ask children to trace the eye and ear pattern two times onto white construction paper and cut out. Have them trace leg pattern onto white construction paper and cut out.

    With a black marker, draw pupils on dalmatian's eyes, and spots on the ears and legs.

    Next, trace and cut out a tongue from red construction paper.

    Trace and cut out a nose from black construction paper.

    Give each child two 7-oz. white foam cups. Glue nose onto the bottom of one cup. Push a brass fastener through the side of the same cup. Next, children will glue on the eyes, ears, and fire hat, as shown below.

    Ask children to turn other cup upside down and glue on dalmatian's tongue and legs, as shown below.

    To attach the dalmatian's head to body, push the prongs of brass fastener through the bottom of the other cup.

    Cut a thin strip of black paper, about 6" long. Glue a scrap of aluminum foil onto one end of strip to make a nozzle for the hose. Then glue the nozzle onto one of the dalmatian's paws, and glue other end of hose onto the edge of the bottom cup.

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  1. Firehouse Baked Beans

    Buy canned baked beans. Add cut-up hot dogs and extra catsup. Heat and serve.
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  1. Stay Away from Things That Can Hurt

    Print out and color the Rule 1 Worksheet.

    Go on a hunt in the building to find things that are hot (or could be hot) and things that are not hot. Place red dots on hot things and blue dots on not-hot things. Be sure to include electrical outlets and hot water faucets.

  2. Tell a Grown-up When You Find Matches and Lighters

    Print out and color the Rule 2 Worksheet.

    Ask the children what color they would use to paint hot things such as matches and lighters. (red)

    Clip pictures of matches or lighters from magazines and paint a red dot on them. Or paint the international "NO" symbol over the picture.

  3. Stop, Drop and Roll

    Print out and color the Rule 3 Worksheet.

    In the event of a clothing fire:
    STOP- Do not run.
    DROP- Whether you are indoors or out, immediately drop wherever you are.
    ROLL- Roll over and over to smother the flames.

    Demonstrate the Stop, Drop and Roll technique, then do the technique as a class.

  4. Cool a Burn

    Print out and color the Rule 4 Worksheet.

    Tell the children that they are going to pretend that they have burned their hand. Ask each child to state how they got their pretend burn (spilled hot soup, accidentally touched the wood stove). Have each child color one hand with paint to simulate the pretend burn. Have each child cool the "burn" by running cool water over it until the tempera poster paint is washed away.

  5. Crawl Low Under Smoke

    Print out and color the Rule 5 Worksheet.

    Assign four children to hold a sheet or tablecloth about waist-high. Have each child take turns crawling to the door.

    Another idea: Create an obstacle course by lining up two rows of desks. Hang paper strips or other material between the desks as obstacles overhead. Have students race through the course, one at a time, crawling the entire length. Use a stopwatch to time each student to see who can make it through the fastest without knocking down any of the obstacles.

  6. Know the Sound of the Smoke Detector/Alarm

    Print out and color the Rule 6 Worksheet.

    Show the children the smoke detector. Explain that the detector will warn them if there is a fire and smoke. Tell them that when they hear the sound it means that they must get out of whatever building they are in. Press the test button and hold it down long enough so they know how it will sound if it is detecting smoke.

    Have each child make a pretend detector using two small paper plates. Glue plates together. Paint a test button on the pretend detector.

    Have children imitate the sound of the detector while pushing down the test buttons on their pretend detectors.

  7. Practice an Escape Plan

    Print out and color the Rule 7 Worksheet.

    With children in group, sound the smoke detector. Walk quickly with children to the meeting place outside. Be sure the children understand where the meeting place is. Encourage children to talk to parents about escape plan at home.

  8. Recognize the Fire Fighter as a Helper

    Print out and color the Rule 8 Worksheet.

    A visit from a firefighter would be a great culmination for this unit.
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  1. Dramatic play

    Provide firefighting clothes such as hats, boots, coats for dramatic play. A vacuum cleaner hose or piece of water hose could be used to extend play. A firetruck can be made from a refrigerator box and painted. A steering wheel and chairs can be added.

  2. Science Experiment

    Fact: Fire needs air (oxygen)
    Activity: Light a candle; cover with a glass jar to see the candle go out.
    Lesson: Cover small fires with dirt.
    Close doors.
    Roll in blanket or rug if your clothes catch on fire.

  3. Sensory Table

    Place sand in the sensory table. Add fire engines, firefighter dolls and popsicle sticks to make fences and blocks to make buildings or houses.

  4. Firefighter's Workout

    Lead children in a firefighter's workout. Do exercises like jumping jacks, knee bends, leg lifts, and running in place. Ask children why they think firefighters need to be in good physical shape for their jobs.

  5. Field Trip

    Take a trip to a fire station. Observe the clothing worn by firefighters, the building, the vehicles and the tools.

  6. 9-1-1

    Reproduce the phone pattern.

    Use some of the ideas below to help the children learn how to report a fire.

    Encourage students to press the buttons for 9-1-1 while reciting the number. After several practice rounds, invite each child to "dial" the number one last time.

    Pass the phone around the circle until the teacher sounds a signal. The child holding the phone at that time will quickly dial 9-1-1, then report a fire and his personal information to the operator. After the child "hangs up", he will pass the phone around the circle again until the next signal is sounded. Continue the game, giving every child a turn to report a fire.

    Have each child write/dicatate her name and address on back of phone pattern. Review each child's information to help her memorize it. Have her place a pretend call to 911. Playing the operator, ask the child for her personal information, then assure her that help will be on the way. Remind the child to stay on the phone until help arrives or until she is told to hang up. Afterward, pair students to act out the caller/operator roles to give each child additional practice in reporting a fire by phone.

    Parents may consider T-Mobile prepaid phones for their older children that can be used solely for emergencies

  7. Fire Inspection Tour

    Tour the classroom or school building looking for fire extinguishers, emergency fire alarm boxes and exits.

  8. Fire Drill

    Schedule a fire drill. Prior to drill, talk to children about fire drill procedures, fire exits, etc.
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  1. There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight by Robert Quackenbush
    (about the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and Mrs. O'Leary's cow)
  2. Firemouse by Nina Barbaresi
  3. When There's a Fire..Go Outside by Dorothy Chlad
  4. Arthur's Fire Drill by Marc Brown
  5. Stop Drop and Roll by Arthur Howard
  6. Hotshots! by Chris Demarest
  7. Fire Drill Practice at Luv-N-Hugs Day Care by Sherri Koehnen Goehring
  8. "Fire! Fire!" Said Mrs. McGuire by Bill Martin, Jr.
  9. Firefighters from A to Z by Chris Demarest
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