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Submit your farm ideas!!


  1. Make butter.
    Team up children for a butter-making contest. Divide into groups of no more than six. Have each group sit on the floor in a small circle. Give each group a pint jar with whipping cream. Show children how to shake the jar while counting to ten and then pass to next child. Start each group at the same time and see which group makes the butter form first. When most of the liquid in the jar is gone, pour the butter into a strainer and rinse with cool water. Add salt to taste. Then let each group enjoy its butter on crackers.

  2. Examine raw eggs. Then poach, scramble, soft-cook, and hard-boil them. Compare.

  3. Examine feathers. Note difference between tail and wing feathers and downy fluffs. See if feathers will float. Talk about why they float. What are feathers for? (to keep birds warm or cool, to help ducks float on water) Use a magnifying glass to examine feathers.

  4. Hatch an egg in an incubator.

  5. Taste goat milk, cheese, cream, skim milk, whole milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, honey-butter, margarine, buttermilk. Smell sour milk.

  6. Paint farm scenes. Fingerpaint with "mud" (chocolate pudding)

  7. Class-made book and class graph: Our Favorite Farm Animals

  8. Field trip to a farm.

  9. Buttermilk Chalk Pictures
    Using hands or brush, cover paper or cardboard with two or three tablespoons of buttermilk. Dry hands and then paint with fat, colored chalk. It dries and does not rub off easily.

  10. Hens, ducks, and turkeys all lay eggs, and eggs are the best way to teach dozens and parts of dozens. Let the children make eggs out of clay or paper. They can buy and sell eggs and then use them to pretend cook.

  11. Sherry sends in this great idea! Thanks, Sherry!

    Read Hattie and the Fox by Mem Fox. Divide the class into 5 groups and assign each group to be an animal. As you read the book again, have the students fill in the animalsí comments. Everyone can be the cow at the end and moo the fox right out of the barnyard.

  12. Susan submitted this great idea! Thanks, Susan!

    What could be more farm related than milking a cow. This hands on activity really builds those muscles in young hands. Take a rubber glove (thicker is better) and pierce 2-3 fingers with a large needle. Fill the glove 1/2 way with watered down tempra paint. Tie off at the wrist and attach to one side of a paint easel. (This becomes the udder of the cow). Next decorate your easel to look like a Holstein cow.

    Read "The Milk Makers" to your children to help them understand how milk is made and processed.

    Be sure to cover the area (& about 2 feet around) under your cow with paper to prevent excess milk being sprayed on the floor. Children should wear smocks made from garbage bags (so they cover the entire child). Let the children milk the cow by pulling down on the fingers of the glove. This creates some interesting "milk" paintings on black paper.

  13. Celina sent in this great idea--Thanks!

    Setup two trays, one decorated with a barn scene and the other which is decorated like a zoo. Use toy animals that come from a farm and a zoo and the children sort them.

  14. Miss Kat sent this great one! Enjoy!

    Take an extra large box, (dishwasher or refrigerator work best & most appliance stores let you have them for free!) and have children "paint a barn". Water down tempera paint and it will go a little farther. Have the children use real painting tools like rollers, wide brushes and paint pans. Have them decide where doors/windows should go and outline with white. Once paint dries have an adult cut slits with an exacto knife.(If you slightly score where the doors are they will bend more easily) Play ideas: Have children pretend they are their favorite animal; Pretend they are the farmer, what will they feed the animals; "Farmer in the Dell"~change to "Farmer in the Barn" Have fun creating!

  15. Miss Myers sent this great idea! Thanks!

    This is something to do if a farm trip is out of the question and your students are begging. The way is a pretend farm trip. Tie apples- (Or red tissue paper) onto something, like the handle of a cupboard, and cut animals out of large pieces of construction paper, and do several things like that. And, if it is possible, put a bit of straw in a wagon for hay rides. I did this, my children loved it, and the principal thought it was very cute!

  16. Melanie sent this great idea--Thanks!!

    Pig Musical Maraccas-
    Take two clear plastic large glasses and fill them with rice and tape them up together. Then take construction paper and cut out pigs ears, eyes, nose amd mouth. Glue these all on to the front of the cup. Then you can play old McDonald had a farm and play the maraccas to the music. Kids love playing with what they make.

  17. Crystal sent in this great one--thanks!

    Mystery Farm- Students will each receive a picture of a barn that they can color and then they will glue down on a piece of white, or any color they choose, paper. Then students will pull back the doors of the barn so that they can draw or cutout animals from magazines that would live in the barn, then close the doors and make those sounds and have classmates guess what you drew behind your doors.

  18. Susan sent in this great one--thanks!

    As a great ice breaker for the first of the year, try having students match up in pairs by the type of farm animal they are. The object of the game is for children to locate the animal that matches their own by making animal sounds. If a child is a cow, she moos until she hears another cow mooing. Then they match up. Play the game until all the animals have been paired up. Have a good list of noisy animals on hand -- sheep, pigs, horses, donkeys, ducks, geese, etc. For non-readers use animal picture cards (such as animal lotto games use) or whisper the name of the animal in the child's ear. Make sure you assign two of every animal so that the children can find their match! This also works well as a Noah's Ark game.

  19. Pigs in the Mud

    Cut out a pig out of construction paper and have children fingerpaint the pig with chocolate pudding.

    Idea submitted by: Virginia. Thanks!

  20. Farmer in the Dell (different lyrics)
    Submitted by Sharon--Thanks!

    The chicken laid an egg..
    The chicken laid an egg..
    Hi-ho the dairy o
    the chicken laid an egg.

    The cow ate some hay..
    The cow ate some hay..
    Hi-ho the dairy o
    The cow ate some hay...

    The sheep said, "baaaaa"
    The sheep said, "baaa"
    Hi-ho the dairy o
    The sheep said, "baaa"

    The pig squealed and oinked
    The pig squealed and oinked
    Hi-ho the dairy o
    The pig squealed and oinked

    The rooster chased the hens
    The rooster chased the hens
    Hi-ho the dairy o
    The rooster chased the hens

    The farmer plowed the field..
    The rabbits jumped and hopped...

    Also the students can dance to the chicken dance song..

  21. Use an overhead projector to make any coloring sheet bigger and better. Copy them onto a transparency. Blow them up on to a piece of cardboard. Cut them out paint them or let the children. When you hang these on the wall, they come to life. This can be done with anyhing. Have fun. Dinosaurs are really cool done this way.

    Idea submitted by: Tammy---Thanks!

  22. Taking Care of Pets

    Kimberly sent in her thoughts on pet care and love:

    Well I think of my idea as a professional way -like when we first got our pets me and my sister they would run away and be scared then after a couple of days later they will get use to you . me and my sister have alot of experiences of animals. We take care of them like my grandpa's says how you treat your pets the same they will treat you back and that's how I learn from my grandpa to treat everyone equal because they will treat you back.

    Thanks, Kimberly for your wonderful thoughts! How I wish everyone felt the same way!

  23. Set up your classroom into a farm using a tablecloth and draw a farm as the backdrop. Cut out a shape of a horses head and tape it to a chair and children can ride the horses backward. Cut out pig noses some children can be pigs. Ducks in the pond- using a hula hoop, get some rubber ducks and set them in the hoop and the children can pretend to feed the ducks with cut out bread. Milk the cow using rubber gloves. Hang the gloves from a cardboard box using a stool and a bucket. Tearing newspaper for the haystack- the children will have a lot fun playing in the hay. The day at the farm will be great.

    Thanks, Arlene, for the wonderful ideas!!

  24. Find a picture of a barn (good size) if not hard glue to a piece of poster board, this is your book cover. Make sure you have cut out the barn so it looks and has the shape of a barn. Then you are going to cut about five construction papers in the shape of your barn. Also cut five pieces of primary story paper. The hard cover goes first then alternate the paper and construction paper. On the primary paper you put different words, one per paper that relates to the farm. Have the children write the word under yours and then draw a picture at the top of the word. On the construction paper you will glue diffrent poems, songs and fingerplays dealing with that word... example- word-FARMER-kids draw a farmer, the poem is FIVE FRIENDLY FARMERS.

    Thanks, Helen, for the great idea!

  25. Muddy Pigs

    Take pink construction paper and predraw a pig shape leaving off the curly tail. Have the child cut out the pink pig shape. Take the pink pig shape and add a curly tail by using a pink pipe-cleaner that has been wound around the child's finger. Attach it to the pig using a hole punch, slipping one end through the hole and twist to secure. Now put the pig shape on a covered table and add brown finger paint. The child is to finger paint "mud" on the pig. You will need a sheet of construction paper for every child. This is really a fun project and then I made a great bulletin board using all the pigs to make a pig pen.

    Idea submitted by Michele--thanks!

  26. Milking the Cow

    Nickie writes, "We got an old saw horse and covered it in black material with white spots and made a cow head out of paper. We then purchased rubber non latex gloves and filled them with milk. We then taped the udders to the bottom of the cow and each child had a turn milking the cow into a bucket. The children loved it." Thanks, Nickie!

  27. Waxpainting of ducks, Sandprinting of horse

    Rajalakshmi sends in this great idea--thanks!!
    In an A4 size construction paper make outlines of few ducks (duck family) papaduck, mama & Babies with white waxcrayon, give them to the child and make them paint the paper with diluted blue paint and sing the following rhyme:
    "Have you seen the baby ducks swimming in the water?
    Father, mother, baby ducks, Grandpapa and grandmama?
    Have you seen them flap their wings swimming in the water?
    Father, mother, baby ducks, grand papa and grandmama?

    Draw the outline of a horse in a piece of construction paper. Sieve the sand to remove the stones. Give the child the glue-- make them apply on the body leaving the eye, let them sprinkle the sand . Make the eye wth black sketch.
    Horsie, horsie don't you stop
    Let your feet go clippity clop
    Your tail goes swish and feet go round
    Gallop, gallop homeword bound

  28. Sorting of the animals

    Hafsah sends in this great idea--thanks Hafsah!!
    Get a some toy animals such as wild and farm animals. Then get 2 shoe boxes each labeled 'Wild' and 'Farm'. Let the children decorate the boxes. Then, encourage the children to sort the toy animals accordingly in the boxes.

  29. Barnyard Collage

    Mary sends in this great idea--thanks!!
    Copy many different graphics of animals, tractors, farm machinery, barns, etc. Provide big paper and allow kindergarten or first grade children to create their own farm. They can orallly describe their farm or write about it.

  30. Farm Animal Acrostic Poem

    Almee sends in this excellent idea--thanks!!
    Think of farm words that go with the letters.
    e.g. Dog, Owl, Goats, Stable



  31. Mother Hen Lays Eggs

    Arlene sends in this great idea--thanks!!
    Get a big basket and shape it like a chicken. Different colorful art materials can be used to make one. Prepare some boiled eggs and then put them inside the chicken (basket) and then cover the basket top with a cloth. Then you can ask each child to get one egg from the chicken basket and tell them to hold the egg with care so they won't break.(Don't tell them that they're boiled eggs!) In this activity, children will learn about obedience and caring.

  32. The Farm of the Future

    Taylour sends in this fun idea--thanks!!
    Make a coloring sheet with 4 farm animals on it. Don't have anything else on the page but the 4 animals. On the 4 animals do noat have anything on them,just draw the outline, DO NOT draw eyes, mouth, nose, ect.Just the outline. Kids will then draw in the backround that they choose. It is going to be crazy, because it is the future. So there could be flying pigs and flowers in the sky. Then, on the animals they could put 3 eyes, 2 mouths, and 4 noses. It can be the FUTURE! My teacher from second grade did this activity with me many years ago. And everybody had a blast with it! It was the funnest thing I ever did in second grade!

  33. Cotton Ball Sheep

    Miss Tara sent in this fun idea--thanks!!
    This works great for my toddlers at daycare! Parents love it too!

    Paint child's hand with fingerpaint or let him press it onto an ink pad. Then press onto a piece of paper to make a handprint.

    When the print is dry, let the kids paste cotton balls onto the palm part of the print. The fingers make the legs and the thumb makes the head!

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