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Alphabet Soup's Easter Egg Hunt

Boris Bunny is painting eggs for the great Alphabet Soup Easter Egg Hunt! But guess what?! He has lost five of his eggs! Help him find the eggs and he will be sooo happy! And you will be too! You will have your name posted on this page as a winner of the hunt! Check out the details below!

Here are pictures of the eggs that are lost! They are hidden on pages of Alphabet Soup! Since Alphabet Soup is sooo huge, I will be giving you clues to use to find them.

Clues for Hunt

1. One egg is lost on a page "all about me".
2. One egg is lost on a page that has lots of questions and quotes.
3. One egg is "planted" on this page.
4. One egg is on the "red, white and blue" page.
5. One egg is on a fun coloring page.

When you find an egg, just click on it and it will bring you back here to play again! After you have found all the eggs for Boris, just fill out the form below with your answers and submit!! Just give me the NAMES OF THE PAGES, not the url. If you are right, you will be listed as a winner below!! Sound like fun??? Well, it is! Try it!!

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Tell me how you liked my contest!!

Please click the button only once!

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Mary Ann

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