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Birds Lay Easter Eggs

Birds were decorating eggs long before Easter Bunnies began to do it. They don't work with paints and brushes or color dye. Some parts of the body, called pigment glands, color shells with stripes, spots, or solid colors. Those colorful patterns help to keep the eggs hidden from the enemy.

Some birds who build safe nests lay white eggs. You can learn to name birds by the size, shape, and color of the eggs.

Never disturb a nest. For if you do, you might frighten the mother and father birds away. If this happens, the eggs will not hatch.


Bird's eggs are colored by the ________________ _________________.

Some shells have ______________ or __________________ on them.

Color keeps the eggs safe from the ______________________.

Some birds with safe nests lay ____________ ______________.

If you disturb a nest, what will happen? _______________________________________________________

Name some of the things that birds use in building their nests. ___________________________________________

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