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"Handsome" Christmas Wreath

Cut a cardboard ring. Cut green paper shapes of your hands. Write your name on each hand. Have your friends do some, too. Put some hands on the ring to make a wreath. Add some more hands. Add a bow and hang it up!
Watercolor Christmas Lights

Have your child use watercolor paints to paint a white sheet of paper. Use lots of different colors, but don't let them overlap frequently as you paint. Lay the paper in a spot to dry. Cut out a green construction-paper Christmas tree. Cut circles out within the tree outline. Lightly glue the back of the construction paper tree before placing it atop of the painted paper. Trim the painted paper to fit the tree. From the painted paper scraps, cut a star for the top of the tree. These trees are eye-catching displays taped to windows!
Pinecone Trees

Paint a pinecone green using tempera paint. Allow to dry. Use an electric mixer to whip one part water and three parts of Ivory Snow. Sprinkle salt and silver glitter in the mixture; then stir it. Using your fingers, dab the mixture onto the pincone to resemble snow. Press a mound of white clay onto a paper plate and put the pincone into it. Add small plastic animals, if desired, to complete the wintry scene.
Angel Ornament

Draw an outline of an angel on tagboard and cut out. Punch a hole in the top of the angel and tie on a gold-cord loop for hanging. Glue pearls, an assortment of pasta shapes, and different-colored sequins onto the angel shape. Wow! What a beautiful display for your Christmas tree!
Hoop-and-Lace Ornaments

Buy a small embroidery hoop and a square of fabric to fit. Center and trim the material in the hoop, and fasten it to hold the fabric tightly. Glue lace around the rim at the back of the hoop. Provide an assortment of squeeze-bottle fabric paints and let your child decorate the fabric in the hoop. Write your child's name and the year on the side of the hoop. Attach to the Christmas tree using gold cord.

Trace and cut childs foot and both hands on a paper bag. Glue or tape the hands, thumbs at the top, to the back side of the toe end of the footprint. Glue or color in eyes at the wide part of the footprint. Put on a nice big red nose!
Idea submitted by: Michelle. Thanks!
Kissmas Trees

Styrofoam cones (6-8" tall)
Hershey's kisses (wrapped in red, green, & silver foil)
Double-sided tape

Teacher needs to prepare the cone "trees" for decorating by placing strips of tape down length of cones in 6 places. Have children place wrapped kisses on tape strips. Makes a pretty decoration and a nice treat. May also be used for counting down the days til Christmas.
This is so easy even the youngest children can do it.
Idea submitted by: Sherri. Thanks!
Clay Ornament

Use Crayola Magic Model Clay and form any shape or two shapes (if two shapes stick them together. If it doesn't stick use an undone paperclip to stick them together. Just put in the middle of the two pieces). After it has dried (overnight-24 hrs) color it with markers of your choice (we prefer crayola markers.) Use an undone paperclip for the hook-- just stick it in the top of your ornament. Then make a hook on the end so you can hang it on the tree. Next all you have to do is...enjoy!
Idea submitted by: Maddison. Thanks!
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