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~New pine trees come from pinecones. The cones are
made of scales that fold over
each other. Under the tiny scales are
tiny seeds.

~The seeds will not come out of the cones
until the cones are brown and dry.

~It takes five or six years for trees to grow
large enough to be used for Christmas trees.

~The seeds are very tiny--about the size
of a period in a sentence. It takes
only one tiny seed to grow up
into a tall, beautiful tree.

~All seeds have a seed cover or seed coat.
When they are put into soil, they will grow.

~Make your own Christmas tree!! Take the seeds
from a dry pine cone. Put them
on a moist blotter to sprout.
Wait 5 years!! :)

~When rain falls on the ground, it gets to the seed.
Rain makes the seed coat soft.
The inside of the seed begins
to get larger. When this happens,
the seed coat splits open.

~Pine needles make food for the pine tree.

~In Hawaii, people decorate live palm trees
for Christmas trees.

~The part of the seed that pushes down
into the ground is the ROOT.
The other part that pushes upward
into the sunlight is the TRUNK
with leaves and branches.

~Pine trees are used to make paper.
Do you think that your Christmas gift
wrap came from a pine tree?

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