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Prize: $15.00 gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles!
(One Winner)


1)There is a graphic (see it below) hidden on 10 (ten) pages of Alphabet Soup! The graphic, if clicked, will bring you back to this page to try another clue! Hint: You can copy and paste the urls into notepad so that you will have them to answer here.

2)Your mission is to find the 10 pages, using the clues below!

3)Fill out the submission form below with the answers!

Example: If a graphic is found on my Zoo Animals page, you would enter this url in the submission form.

4)If you have found all the graphics on the ten pages, your name will be listed at the bottom of the page.

5)All CORRECT entries will be placed into a drawing that will be held on December 24th at 10:00 AM EST. No entries will be accepted after that time!

6)All correct entries will be posted as they are completed. The grand prize winner will be posted on December 24 afternoon.

7)Please enter your email address twice and make sure it is correct! You can't win if I can't reach you!

I have listed 10 songs. Use these as clues to go to the pages where the graphic is hidden!!

1.How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

2.The Monster Mash

3.Itsy Bitsy Spider

4.The Farmer and the Dell

5.The Rose

6.The Bear Went Over the Mountain

7.Auld Lang Syne

8.Hail to the Chief

9.Rain, Rain, Go Away

10.Red Red Robin

Your Name:

Your E-Mail Address:

Your E-Mail Address Again:

1) Url 1

2) Url 2

3) Url 3

4) Url 4

5) Url 5

6) Url 6

7) Url 7

8) Url 8

9) Url 9

10) Url 10

Tell me how you liked my contest!!

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