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Bringing Your Mastiff Puppy Home-- What You Need to Know

by Sharon Medforth

Preventing disease in your mastiff puppy.

Your new mastiff puppy should have had its first set of vaccinations and have been wormed by the breeder when you get your puppy. The first thing you need to be aware of is that even though your puppy has been vaccinated , your pup is NOT fully protected from diseases, especially PARVO. Your puppy will need to get a booster shot 2 weeks after it s first vaccination and then again at 6 months before it is fully protected. In the mean time to protect your puppy from disease such as parvo follow these steps: Do not bring your puppy to any place where other dogs may have been such as, public parks, trail and paths frequented by other dogs, public streets where others walk their dogs. Do not let the puppy greet or play with strange dogs. Do not let your puppy sniff where other dogs are, or sniff where other dogs have gone to the bathroom. Do not let your puppy eat from a dish that another dog has used. If you are traveling with your puppy and it needs to exercise or go to the bathroom, take it to a spot where it is not likely other dogs have been. Even though your mastiff puppy has been wormed by the breeder you will have to have your puppy wormed again. I suggest when you take the pup to the vets for it booster vaccination you ask the vet to worm the puppy with a BROAD SPECTRUM WORMER. While your puppy was with the breeder it was too young to be wormed against all worms and was probably just wormed for a few types of worms.

Feeding your mastiff puppy.

For the first 14 days, only feed your mastiff puppy the food the breeder recommended, no table scraps for the first 14 days . After 14 days start introducing new foods and snacks. The reason for this is if the puppy you have just bought gets sick you will know it is not from a change in food or diet. Also, your new puppy, even though looking happy, is stressed because it is in a new environment away from its littermates and old home, this in itself can cause stomach upset. After the 14 days your puppy can also start chewing on large cow bones. Never feed pork or chicken bones. For the first two week you can give your pup strong Kong chew toys, and nylon chew bones. Buy bottled water and only give the pup bottled water for the first 5 days. One thing that can really cause upset tummies in puppies is a change in water. Gradually over a few days mix in your tap water with the bottled water to get your pappy used to your water. I live in the country and my dogs drink well water. The chlorine in city water can very much upset a new puppies tummy. REMEMBER, even though your mastiff puppy is large, it is a very young delicate baby.

Exercising your mastiff puppy.

Your mastiff pup will sleep a great deal the first month, and much like human babies, will start to get more energy and be awake for longer periods as they get older. I tell mastiff puppy buyers-- do not take your puppy for a walk any farther then you can carry it back. When your mastiff is tired it will lay down and not move. As your mastiff puppy grows you must not let your mastiff puppy play too hard with other dogs or over exercise. I strongly recommend restricting exercise. There will be periods of growth when your mastiff puppy is gaining up to 5 pounds a week. The muscles and tendons do not grow at the same time as bone structure dose. So some times the muscles and tendons are tight over the bone structure. When this happens, if the puppy is jumping or playing too hard, it is very easy do permanent damage your young dog or pup. Never let your young mastiff jump up or down off of things. Never let your mastiff puppy ride in the back of a truck. Never let your mastiff pup play in a rowdy fashion with other dogs. It is very common when your mastiff pup is 5 to 14 month of age to wake up in the morning acting stiff and sore. Watch your pup carefully. If as the young mastiff walks around a bit the sore and stiffness goes away then do not worry. But ask yourself if the mastiff had an overly active day the day before. You know then that your pup is going through some growing pains and the muscles are taunt over its structure. If the soreness gets worse as the day goes on, you will need to take your pup in to the vet to have it checked out.

What you will need for your new mastiff puppy.

To prepare for your new mastiff puppy you should buy:
An extra large dog crate
Blankets and bedding
Food and water dishes
An adjustable dog collar
Lots of chew toys
Dog food
Bottled water
Drool towels for paws and lips

About the Author:
Sharon Medforth of Island West Mastiff has been breeding for 20 years, and live in BC Canada. More information on mastiffs can be found here and check out Sharon's kennel here.

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