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Veterans Day 2009

Another Veterans Day upon us
And as usual, it's the same
We have thousands in harm's way
In wartime's, deadly, game.

More than five thousand killed
And there seems, no end in sight
As we spend more lives and dollars
More and more ask, "Is it right?"

But, there's one thing is for certain
And, no matter how you may feel
We must Honor those who Serve us
Because, they are, "the real deal!"

They are those Men and Women
From, every corner of our Land
Who will Serve and fight and die
Although, not the life they'd planned.

But like, those millions before them
Who all Swore an Oath to Protect
The Constitution and our Freedoms
All of them deserve, our Respect.

Whether you do/don't support the wars
Or what, your political persuasion
We must stand by these Men and Women
Who will stand tall and Serve our Nation.

So, if you should know a Veteran
Shake their hand and tell them. "Thanks!"
Along with all those wearing Uniforms
In all our Country's, Military Ranks.

And, let's not forget the Families
With all those Stars of Blue and Gold
With recollections of those Heroes
And, all those stories, yet to be told.

Del "Abe" Jones
Semper Fidelis

On the tenth day of November
In Seventeen seventy-five
Two Battalions were formed
And the Marine Corps came alive.

The Continental Congress
Had passed a resolution
For a landing force for the fleet
A new Navy Institution.

Since that day so long ago
Through all conflicts of our Nation
They've fueled stories and folklore
And stirred the imagination.

They're usually the first to go
The "spearhead" of the fight
Some who heard they were coming
Have turned tail and took flight.

They've offered up, gave their All
And that continues to this day
Standing tall, marching forth
To show others, Freedom's way.

Del "Abe" Jones


It's been eight years since that day
When all those people, went away
And just another sad, sad, date
When, all those souls, met their fate.

A day that will live in infamy
In our short, American history
Where we once, lived the life
Without all, these fears and strife.

Way back, when we felt secure
But, nowadays, we can't be sure
What the tomorrow, may bring
That could be, 'most anything.

We spent those days, cared for naught
Never appreciating, all we'd got
As now that peaceful, slips away
We wonder where, we went astray.

There's lots of reasons, we should know
Those places that, we oughtn't go
But, it seems that, we haven't learned
All that knowledge, we have earned.

While we have, this day of sorrow
Wonder what, we'll feel tomorrow
Will our concerns all fade away
As we return, to selfish games we play.

Del "Abe" Jones
(Etched on Ellis County Veterans Memorial in Waxahachie, Texas)

So many fates are left unknown
And so many rumors that abound
So many families ask the question
"When will, the answers be found?"

So many years have come and gone
Sometimes, hope is hard to keep
There's some who feel there's none
And in some, it's buried deep.

The pain, is in not knowing
How, to put loved ones' to rest
When there is no way to prove
They have passed, the final test.

But, no matter what the answers
We can't let this cause alone
Until, each and every one of them
Is found, and brought back home

It's hard to find, the stories
That, they won't talk about
It's hard, to realize the things
That they had, to go, without.

How can they let the feelings
(Even, they don't understand)
Show to, any other people
In this, Freedom's Land.

We can't know, the hardships
Unless, we were there
Especially, when they came back home
To those who didn't, seem, to care.

Unless you had, lived through it
Watching, Comrades that had died
Why should they, talk about it to us
Of, the tears, inside, they've cried?

Even, if they chose to tell us
What difference, would it make
Would it be worth the chance
That they, would have to take.

Why should they bare their soul
That's already been, stripped, clean
Because, even with, a picture of it
We couldn't see, what they have seen.

Sometimes, all we have to do
Is, to look into their eyes
And think that we might see or hear
Their, mournful, pain-filled cries.

That POW who came home
Who lived, through that Hell
Can't tell the stories, of the MIA
Who never had, a chance to tell!

So, we may never, ever, know
Of, the horrors, they have, known
And, if we think about it
It's probably best, that they aren't shown!

But there is, always an end
To every, never-ending story
Although sometimes, they're never told
In, all their Truth and Glory.

So if you ask about it
And if you ever wonder why
They won't talk of that nightmare
Maybe now, you might know, Why?

For as long as we have Wars
And we send our Young to fight
We'll have Those who are Missing
And the POWs plight.
All People of this Nation
Have this Duty to fulfill.
We must keep Them in our thoughts
And, We must have the Will
To bring every One home
And do all we can to find
All those POW/MIAs
And leave NO Souls behind.

Ten years of "BITS 'N' PIECES"
By some People who still care
In a search for clues and answers
About Those We left "over there".

Trying to get the military
And all those politicians
To take actions to find Them
With calls, letters and petitions.

It's a sad State of Affairs
When the families and friends
Must lead the Battle in the Search
In this War that never ends.

All those loved ones still Missing
Who went to War for me and you
Deserve much more from our Country
Than just the efforts of those few.

"The National Alliance of Families"
Carries that Banner for us all
To bring home those Forgotten
Who answered our Nation's Call.

Please visit their pages
And give them a helping hand
For if "One Missing" was "One" close to you Maybe then, you'd understand.

©Copyright 05 September 2004 by Del "Abe" Jones "The National Alliance of Families"
(The third Friday of September)

As time goes on, remains are found
And another finds his way back home
After years spent lost on foreign shores Feeling forgotten and left all alone.

But they will never be forgotten
By the Country they went off to serve
We will search until all are returned
To loved ones, the least they all deserve.

There are new ways to identify
DNA can tell, just who they may be
Those lost in those past conflicts
A Hero home, their final destiny.

War is so terrible and horrific
Worse for the POW and the MIA
All of those unaccounted for
Compounds the price they chose to pay.

Each year, we should all remember
Those we lost in the fog of War
Better yet, take a moment every day
While we appreciate what they fought for.

POW/MIA Recognition Day
Dedicated to honor their memory
For the time or the life they gave
To keep this, "The Land of the Free".

Del "Abe" Jones
POW/MIA Remembrance Day (Third Friday of September)

Thousands are still missing
From those Wars of the past
Slowly, some are coming home
To grieving Families, at last.

Some found in unmarked graves
On foreign lands across the sea
With the science of DNA
To reveal, their true identity.

JPAC was formed to find them
Around fourteen hundred, to date
And for loved ones seeking closure
It surely, never is, too late.

They think, forty thousand left
They might be able to recover
As they follow leads and tips
From, one country to another.

Some remains, may be lost forever
Like those Heroes, resting in the Deep
But, to bring those others home
Is a solemn promise, we must keep.

It's a very noble thing they do
As, they go, and search, and find
Those, who died for our Country
For, we must, leave no one behind.

Every year we have a special day
To, remember those still lost
To, renew that promise to them
No matter what, it may cost.

Del "Abe" Jones
POW/MIA Missing Man Ceremony

There's a table in the front
Raised so that it draws attention
Reserved for all those missing
Still not found or in detention.

Set for six of those missing
One each, for branches Serving
One place for lost Civilians
Whom, are felt just as deserving.

The table is shaped in the round
For the everlasting concern
As all of us, hope and pray
Someday they all, will return.

The tablecloth is bright white
To symbolize the purity
Of those, answering the call
Of their Country, doing their Duty.

The single rose, in a vase
For the lifeblood of those lost
And for those awaiting answers
A sad part of Wartime's cost.

The vase, tied with red ribbon
A symbol of determination
To account for those still missing
In the Service of our Nation.

A slice of lemon on the bread plate
For missing/captured in a foreign land
The bitter fate of some Heroes
Who chose to make a valiant stand.

A pinch of salt for all those tears
Shed, by missing and their Families
Seeking answers to their questions
From all those faraway countries.

The Bible represents the strength
Gained through Faith, to sustain
Those missing on foreign shores
Where, far too many, still remain!

Each of their glasses are inverted
Because, they can't share the toast
That, one day we can account for them
What we want, first and foremost.

The candle is a light of Hope
To illuminate the way back home
To the loved ones who are waiting
Across the sea to Homeland's loam.

The chair just sits there empty
A place saved for just the one
Who has yet, to come home
And one each, for their brethren.

An Honor Guard places covers
On each empty dinner plate
For the Services and Civilian
Who have met, this terrible fate.

"Taps" is played, and "Some Gave All"
With a spotlight on their table
With a toast, for their accounting, sworn For, as long as we all are able.

This solemn Honors Ceremony
Symbolizes they are here with us
Hoping someday, they will be back
This wish, the most, in God we trust.

This can be done for six or one
For, the meaning is the same
That all, will be returned one day
This, we pray, in Heaven's Name.

Del "Abe" Jones

The real mainstay of our Nation
Was our old Red, White and Blue
But then our Country was divided
And seems we won't admit it's true.

Now there's red states and the blue states Reminds me about the "blue and gray"
When our Country was so divided
Each went to War to get their way.

Maybe it's a different kind of War
And is being fought without the guns
It seems that anymore they fight
With dirty ads and lies and puns.

The Republicans and Democrats
Who play this American game
Say, their beliefs are different
But they are really all the same.

We have a "two party system"
With each saying, "Vote for me!"
"I want to serve the People!"
"I have a foolproof strategy!"

They say they'll lower taxes
They will give us all heath care
They will leave no child behind
And keep the terrorists over there.

They will secure our borders
And stop our oil addiction
But the lies from politicians
Seems an incurable affliction.

Maybe it's not a "civil" War
(Isn't that an oxymoron?)
Both sides want to be the best
At this greatest American con.

For some it's simple greed
Just to see what they can steal
While some obsess for the power
Over the common folk, they feel.

There seems to be no right or wrong
Or pride in truth and honesty
Seem all means are fair to the end
Of where these folks long to be.

The public has been blinded
Even, brainwashed, in a way
Who don't think and will believe
Most anything those people say.

We travel on a dangerous road
And if we don't make a detour
When we end up where we're headed
We won't like it, that's for sure.

The status quo or same ol' same
Will only survive for so long
Just look at our World's history
To see where all the right went wrong.

Like, "East is East and West is West
And never the twain shall meet."
If that is true and if we don't
We may go down in defeat.

The "red states" and the "blue states"
Need to reunite and work with all
For you know, if, "Divided, we stand!"
Surely then, "United, we will fall!"

Del "Abe" Jones
Section Sixty
The Saddest Acre In America

Men and Women buried here
Who gave their all for you and me
In Iraq and Afghanistan
So that, others, might be Free.

Row after row of headstones
Where friends and families grieve
They pay respects and say a prayer
Theres some, dont want to leave.

Some will place a memento
For their Hero, neath the ground
And far too often, during the day
Hearing "Taps", a mournful sound.

The white stones bear their Name
Rank and Branch and conflict Served
The dates of Birth and Death
And the Citations, they deserved.

Maybe, a symbol for their Faith
Something, etched above their name
But no matter what, their beliefs
Theyre all treated just the same.

Once, Comrades in Battle
And now, resting neath that stone
Forever with, those other Heroes
So, they will never be alone.

Section Sixty, just a small part
Of this sacred, hallowed ground
But, each plot a special place
Where, a Hero may be found.

They all are in good company
Two hundred sixty thousand souls
Buried here at Arlington
Some young, with unfulfilled life goals.

All Served our Country selflessly
And they all deserve our praise
We should, remember them and thank them
Not just, only on, these holidays.

Del "Abe" Jones
The Death Of Innocence

Fourteen more young wasted lives
And one teacher who gave all
And once more the questions
Why, no one heard the call.

Why, two young minds and hearts
Were filled with so much hate
Why, they took it on themselves
To seal, all those others fate.

There is no answer, that makes sense
No way to sort it out
And we should all, ask just what
We, really are about.

Why, the future is no more
For all of those young souls
Why, no more hopes and dreams
No chance to reach their goals.

Why, with all our expertise
And, our technology
Why, we can't stop the madness
In our "great" (?) society.

There is no answer, that makes sense
No way to sort it out
And we should all, ask just what
We, really are about.

Why, our children can get guns
Make bombs to kill and maim
Why, parents think, "No, not mine!
(Don't play, that deadly game.)

Why, we say every time
"It shouldn't happen here!"
Why, we don't take it serious
And shudder with fear.

There is no answer, that makes sense
No way to sort it out
And we should all, ask just what
We, really are about.


Del "Abe" Jones


One Hundred And Sixty-Eight Seconds

One second for each victim -
On this anniversary -
But a lifetime of sorrow
For surviving friends and family.

A small tribute to them -
'Midst the sadness and the tears -
Remembering happy times -
Of all those by-gone years.

We have all learned a lesson -
From the people of that city -
To go on and persevere -
But, isn't it a pity?

That we must learn such lessons -
With such a price to pay -
With sadness in heart and mind -
On this observance day.

Just want to send condolences -
To all of those concerned -
And hope those responsible -
Will in Hell, be burned.


~Del "Abe" Jones~


Terror In The Heartland

It's come to the heartland
The terror and the dread
In one explosive moment
Our innocence has fled
Oh yes, it has come home!

There isno understanding
There's only disbelief
Was it our own countrymen
Who brought down all this grief?
Oh yes, it has come home!

Our voices cry for justice
Our hearts cry out in pain
For family, friends, and loved ones
Never to be, seen or held again
Oh yes, it has come home!

Then, there are the children
Withouttheir lives to live
Now the world will surely miss
The gifts they had to give
Oh yes, it has come home!

The images of heroes
Burned deep into our mind
People helping people
Shows we are a special kind
Oh yes, it has come home!

In the twisted steel and concrete
Through the day and dark of night
We watch the tireless effort
Of the rescuers fight.
Oh yes, it can come home!

How can a human being
Harbor such demented hate
To bring upon their own kind
Such a cruel fate
Oh yes, it has come home

Though most of us view from afar
It could have been mine or yours
But we must grieve and then go on
Not hide behind locked doors
Even though, it has come home!

There are no easy answers
When our hearts are torn
But from healing words of promise
Each new hope is born.
Oh yes, it can come home!
Oh yes, it will come home!
It has come home!

Del "Abe" Jones



We still have all those people
Who say, our Earth is not in trouble
Who want to burn the fossil fuels
So their profits, more than double.

The oil and the coal companies
Dont care about the rest of us
They just care about their bottom line
Say, Theres no need for all this fuss!

Those in some other foreign nations
Who burn their coal and cut their trees
Dont care at all, about whats right
And they do exactly, as they please.

And, we arent too much better
With all our great technology
We could have some alternatives
To make some things, pollution free.

Yet, we try bad things like Ethanol
Raise the price of corn, sky high
Pay more subsidies to farmers
While Earths people, starve and die.

We were/are the Industrial Nation
Who brought us here, to this brink
Too many times, we didnt care
And many more, we didnt think!

Already too late for some species
Like, Polar Bears and many more
While we waste all our resources
On things like, the illegal, Iraq War.

The ice melts as the Oceans rise
And Land will quickly go away
To crowd our populations more
And more Wars, the price, well pay!

We cant provide for those we have
Theres almost seven billion, now
With seven million more, each month
How to feed them? Who knows how?

Our Children and their Children
Will have a very dire future
If we, the stewards of this World
Dont step up and try to find a cure.

We must admit, theres a problem
And try to use some common sense
Believe, all of us are in real danger
And must wage, a common defense.

So, this Earth Day, do something
To make this Earth a better place
If we would all do, our fair share
We just might save, the Human Race!

Del "Abe" Jones



We have An Inconvenient Truth
 And Cheryl Crow traveling the land
With so many more celebrities
Who are choosing to make a stand.

There are scientists and politicians
And governments and some countries
But far too many of Earth's people
Who still do just as they please.

It seems all the worst offenders
Are those who have the most to lose
And all those poorest of this World
Do not have the choice to choose.

Our Nation's people and leaders
Those, who seem to talk the talk
For one lame excuse or another
Are those who won't walk the walk.

We can't count on our Government
It will take the individual one
To just do our own little part
If we hope for anything to get done.

Most believe in global warming
Some think it some conspiracy
But to continue the way we are
Is dumb and complete lunacy.

Americans are so wasteful
And we should all be ashamed
Of how we've treated Mother Earth
Since our wilderness was tamed.

With just some very simple things
And small changes in our life
We could make a huge difference
And help to ease the eco strife.

So this Earth Day make an effort
To make this World a better place
For our children and their children
Lest we destroy Mankind's birthplace.

Del "Abe" Jones



Once there was a paradise
Both wild and so pristine
Apart from the rest the World
With Oceans in between.

There were People, one with Life
Who were Keepers of the Land
Revering all around them
Just as the Great Spirit planned.

Their lives were good and simple
And those Native Nations knew
If they took care of Mother Earth
That, Shed take care of them, too.

Only taking what they needed
And using everything they took
Although theyd never read it
Seemed to live by some, Good Book.

But, then the Europeans
Learned the World wasnt flat
Set sail, landed on these shores
That, brings us to where were at.

They brought the white mans greed
And began a sad Time in Space
That just may be the downfall
Of all of our Human Race.

We, of these new United States
With all our technology
And our quest of the Good Life
Will leave a horrible legacy.

The ice of the World is melting
As all the Seas begin to rise
Warm Weather wreaking havoc
With destruction from the Skies.

We pollute our Air and Water
Cut/burn Forests to the ground
Bury ourselves in our Garbage
And drill where any oil might be found.

Species are becoming extinct
And not by any Natural ways
Were killing our Environment
As we all number our days.

Not to mention Nukes and War
And the lies and corruption
Health care, poverty and homeless
And all the moral destruction.

Hungry People in our Nation
The richest place on Earth
Kids education and safekeeping
Not what they once were worth.

Were five percent of the People
A Land of haste and waste
Who lost the vision of a leader
With a pride which is misplaced.

We want the cheap and easy way
Dont care about the consequence
As long as we get what we want
We ignore what was our Conscience.

Our Government doesnt care
And it seems, neither do we
About our Earth in its Death throes
And our fossil fuel dependency.

Oh, we all say, Its a shame!
Weve got to change our way!
But, when it comes down to it
We all want someone else to Pay.

We use a quarter of the energy
Cause most of the Earths pollution
And as long as Corporations rule
There will be no resolution.

Theres no doubt we could change it
If we would be so inclined
But, well leave it for our Children
And pass the buck down the line.

If we dont begin to care about
This Planet all of us live on
The Human being and most life
Will most all be Dead and gone.

Americans must take the lead
Since we are the worst offenders
Try to turn these things around
Before Old Mother Earth surrenders.

Del "Abe" Jones



A Senator thought, Earth Day
 That a President empowered
It was the germ of the idea
That ultimately flowered.

An idea by Gaylord Nelson
Back in Nineteen sixty-two
Who asked the Kennedys about it
And the Brothers liked it too.

The President began a tour
In Nineteen sixty-three
To put it on the agenda
But, it wasnt meant to be.

Nelson didnt let it die
With the assassination
He knew that people cared
All across this Great Nation.

There were demonstrations
Against the War and other things
So at a conference in Seattle
Nelson said, hed pull some strings.

Springing up from the Grassroots
In the Spring of Seventy
A demonstration for Nature
And Nationwide Conservancy.

Our Earths Environment
Was finally placed on the table
And People everywhere
Began to do what they were able.

Now celebrated round the World
As more People learn and see
If we dont take care of it
Our World will someday cease to be.

Del "Abe" Jones


April Fool's Day

Although the origin is uncertain
It's thought, in Fifteen eighty-two
In France, a reformed calendar
Changed, when the year was new.

It used to start on April First
When it was, the old Julian
But, it was changed to January
With the new Gregorian.

Back in those days of yore
The news travelled so slow
For some, it would be years
Before, they would even know.

Some people didn't like it
And to change it, they'd refuse
They liked that old calendar
So, that's the one they'd use.

All the rest of the people
Used them for the butt of jokes
And it became a pastime
To, play pranks on those folks.

They called them "April fish"
For, a young fish is easily caught
And sometimes a paper fish
Stuck on their back and they knew not.

April First became the day
To play those jokes and pranks
And it spread around the World
For this, we owe the French, our thanks.

In Scotland, known as "Taily Day"
It brought the first,"Kick Me" sign
With butts of jokes known as "Gowks"
That brought, the "Cuckoo Bird" to mind.

In England, no pranks, after Noon
That was thought to be unlucky
Played on someone called a "Noodle"
Or on a "Gob" or "Gobby".

In Rome, on March Twenty-fifth
It's known as "Roman Laughing Day"
But, to most all of the World
It's just known as, "April Fools Day".

At the expense of one another
It's just a time to have some fun
And to celebrate the springtime
Here on this day of, April One.

Del "Abe" Jones


The Bunny Tale

I thought it was a kitty cat
But saw it was a rabbit
He was hopping down the trail
And then he stopped to sit.

He looked back at me
And wiggled his nose
Seems he wanted me to follow
So, I quickly arose.

I started down that trail
Amongst the forest's trees
As that rabbit scurried off
As quickly as you'd please.

He stopped at the next bend
He once more looked at me
And as I moved nearer
He turned once more to flee.

I moved deeper in the forest
It was dark and kinda silent
I looked around the trail's curve
To see where that rabbit went.

He sat in an open clearing
Of clover covered ground
Amidst a group of creatures
That had gathered around.

They all watched me warily
But, they didn't turn to run
The rabbit said, "Come join us.
Come join in our fun."

I asked, "How do you speak?
Am I losing my mind?
If I close my eyes and look again,
I wonder what I'll find?"

He said, "You're in our world now,
And if you'll truly believe,
You will be amazed at things
Your heart and mind perceive."

"You will see life as it should be,
If you'll take the time to look.
You'll find all those stories true,
As told in the fairytale book."

"You'll see we live in peace,
And nearly perfect harmony.
You'll learn what it really means
To be happy, safe and free."

I sat down with legs crossed
And said, "Please tell me more.
This sounds like the very place
That I have been searching for."

"I'm tired of all the hassle
Of this world in which I live
Where they all think, I want to take,
When I only want to give."

"It's a plastic/cardboard place
Where nothing's really real.
Where so many things are only said,
Without the will to feel."

"So, if I like it here with you
Will I be able to stay?
Or will you force me to return
To where they play those games they play?"

He said, "Humans are so foolish!
They are filled with hate and greed
They rip the life from the Earth
After they've planted it's seed."

You say you want to stay with us
But, that can not be allowed,
For if we welcome one of you
Before long, there'll be a crowd."

"We will let you stay for awhile
Try to teach you what we know
That this World can live in Peace
And then, you'll have to go."

But then I awakened
And realized, I'd dreamed
But I can't get over how real
That Easter Bunny seemed!

Del "Abe" Jones


The 101st Airborne Division

There was a promise made in Forty-two
By the first commander, General Lee
He told his raw, brand-new Recruits
They had a, "Rendezvous with destiny."

He said, like the Eagle on their badge
They would swoop down from the skies
Come crashing, like a Thunderbolt
Amongst the enemy's, fearful cries.

And ever since that fateful day
(Especially, for our enemies)
The One Hundred First was a part
Of, so many Battle's histories.

They had led the way on D-Day
With a night drop before invasion
And ever since, they've bravely fought
For a very proud, and grateful Nation.

When surrounded at Bastogne
"Nuts!" was McAuliffe's reply
When a surrender was demanded
Although, all knew it was, do or die.

Those brave Soldiers fought the fight
Until the siege was finally lifted
They showed that in the art of War
The Division, was truly, gifted.

They earned four Campaign Streamers
For their valiant deeds, during the War
Along with, two Presidential Citations
Just, the first of their Honors, galore.

After the War, they moved around
De-activated, and then reborn again
In Fifty-six, at Fort Campbell
As a permanent, Combat Division.

The mid-sixties saw the 1st Brigade
And then in, Sixty-seven, all the rest
Deployed, to the War in Vietnam
To try to straighten out, that mess.

In almost seven years in Nam
And in campaign after campaign
Fifteen fought in, to be exact
They added honors, to their proud name.

In Sixty-eight, they changed again
To the Airmobile Force, we now see
The World's only air assault outfit
With, its unparalleled, mobility.

In Ninety-one, another, "Rendezvous"
In the first War, deep in Iraq
Just one hundred hours to win that one
And every one, lived to, come back.

They've supported relief efforts
Over in Rwanda, and Somalia
They've supplied the peacekeepers
There, in Haiti, and in Bosnia.

Then, shortly, after Nine Eleven
They shipped off to, Afghanistan
The 3rd Brigade "Rakkassans"
Swiftly brought down, the Taliban.

Into the other War against Saddam
To help, to quickly bring him down
Then, the humanitarian mission
To help the folks, in Mosul town.

They've come Home, gone back again
To Serve and do, their very best
It seems no matter where they serve
Those "Screaming Eagles" pass the test.

A TV series made about them
Brings all of us, some insight
Enough to know, in any War
We surely need them, in the fight.

This day, is just a chance
To, thank them, one and all
Those Soldiers, and their Families
Who, answer, our Nation's Call.

Del "Abe" Jones


"The Longest Day"
June 6, 1944

On those shores of Normandy
Those sixty-five years ago
There was an amphibious landing
The largest, this World would know.

Many thousands stormed those beaches
Although many, never reached the land
Washed upon, foreign sands by waves
Where, all those Heroes took their stand.

Named, Omaha, Sword and Juno
Gold and Utah, where they died
It was our foothold there in Europe
Which would not, could not, be denied.

To liberate those Countries occupied
By that terrible, Nazi war machine
Where People sought their Freedom
From the tyranny they had seen.

It made Hitler change his plans
To invade the English countryside
There's no doubt it dashed his hopes
To, spread his rule, worldwide.

It began the march through France
Towards the Battle of Berlin
To the end of such an evilness
We hope, to never see again.

Today we Honor those who Served
All those dead and those alive
Although their numbers are dwindling
Our memories of them, will survive.

Four hundred twenty-five thousand souls
Both sides lost, before it was all done
In the Battle of Normandy
That began, that day, the "longest" one.

Del "Abe" Jones



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